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  1. He’d put glue on the back of his hand. Drop 10p in and bring it out coated in £10ers
  2. Just goes to prove the saying there’s lies damn lies and statistics brilliant to see we are doing so well in the new era. KTF.
  3. It’s the emblem of the Heads Up Campaign. FA mental health initiative it’s on the front centre of the shirt as well.
  4. Rather goes against the reason to include premier u23s in the EFL Trophy being to give them competitive experience.
  5. Record attendance: 54,693 (Manchester City vs Leicester City, 6 February 2016) not far off matching it. If we’d been given more seats I’m sure we’d of took enough.
  6. Everyone relax. Labour and the Lib Dem party have just said this general election was only advisory and are calling for a second general election.
  7. It’s amazing how the profile of the club has increased since the ownership has changed to being eloquent and approachable, instead of the previous arrogant, self centred, attention seeking Cretin.
  8. Game to be played week commencing 6th January. Two cup game in a few days.
  9. I fully agree but do you think they really care?
  10. Didn’t we have a young player once that was castigated for his aggression and picking up yellow cards. Ended up leaving the club after being called a coward by Micky Adams. Wonder what happened to him. Must have dropped down the leagues and into obscurity. Oh no, that would have been Sam Morsy. Who on here wouldn’t have liked him in our team over the last few seasons. They’re young lads and need to focus their aggression and use it in a sensible way. They just need time to mature and guidance by senior pro’s
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