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  1. I am expecting a win using the new server.
  2. Concentrate on having enough in the squad to play in L1 having got us there.
  3. What sort of crowds are you expecting?
  4. There was one before then on the wall to the left of the 2 mounds.
  5. Let’s start another run against an in-form Barrow, just in the top half of the table but only 2 pts less than us. MOTM hoodoo out of the way, lessons from Sutton to be absorbed, and a few changes in tactics and players to consider. 3 points are expected with the options available on our bench
  6. Little traffic appeared to be going onto the M25 from M1 Friday afternoon.
  7. Have our chances of signing Cass improved with the influx of Saudi cash into Newcastle United?
  8. If he's not able to get up to speed in 13 games he was available for, I can't see him improving that much IMHO Benning will only get up to speed by playing league games.
  9. A new ground for us in London. The L2 Form teams, both have won 4 out of their last 5 league games. Either may have September Manager of the Month. Sutton having just won by 2 at the Cobblers and thumped Carlisle 4-0 at their last home game. Garrity a fitness doubt, will Taylor make a claim to start given the chance? Amoo in the running also? DC saw plenty of options in the storm last night to set him thinking. An unknown team for us, but I am sure the analysis will have been done. If it must be an injury time win, so be it, but I would prefer it to be settled to our advantage earlier than that.
  10. Spent many a half time trying to crack that code, can't recall it being at the Hamil end of the Lorne st terrace - can remember it at the top of the old Hamil end. Remember it being mounted on a wall, you are right I think, that corner is a bit vague in my mind.
  11. What happened to the alphabetical scoreboard at the Hamil end of the Lorne Street Terrace? Without a programme you could not crack the code.
  12. 1 year plus an option, could put him in a stronger position.
  13. Play another 10 games together, then really click with Wilson
  14. Of course promotion is essential, but "We are the Champions" ringing out at Vale Park? Game at a time though, let's see what happens.
  15. Promotion is possible, qualifying for Europe is a bit harder.
  16. After Saturday's heroics an anti-climax, but money is at stake and a win will keep us in the running for the KO stage. A useful competition to give the squad match fitness, the chance of Wembley not so important in a promotion season. But time to put Rochdale in their place with some cracking goals from our aspiring youngsters, 2 each from Politic and Taylor please.
  17. 2 points per game will promote us, we are 2 short at present, FGR have 3 in hand. Check at Xmas.
  18. Are Sutton a better side? They have just won at Northampton 2-0, time for a visit and lesson?
  19. Great subs - Amos assist - Politic goal, what a manager!
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