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  1. Sussex University's Centre for the Study of Corruption
  2. Corruption experts warn Boris Johnson’s government is worst since WWII WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK
  3. Concerted whitewash or are the Met now aware of more serious crimes like destroying evidence
  4. Does Blair make Johnson less of a liar?
  5. Until we have a Saudi or Russian with unlimited money willing to invest in Burslem we have to take it steady. Your unlimited investment ends up with just a handful of clubs winning everything.
  6. Obviously mid 50s were the best, 20,000 plus for 2 seasons boosted by 40 000 plus cup gates.
  7. Not since the early 60s, there was concern by the directors that gates of 12,000 were needed to build a promotion team. It makes me think when we are accused of no ambition, where is the money coming from. Steady and sure is the only way.
  8. Sometimes? Try all the time. Their assumptions are the sort you would expect a six year old to make. They're quite frankly dangerous and should never have been used as the basis of policy making. I don't blame the modellers per se, I blame the people that never challenged them and their assumptions until it's too late. An explanation of the process, whether politicians don`t understand or misrepresent is a bigger problem. The projections themselves cause reactions positive or negative. The alternative is to do nothing.
  9. Why mathematicians sometimes get Covid projections wrong | Kit Yates | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM
  10. What would Vale Park have been like without the Rudge era? Mainly terraced, old Bycars stand, no cover Hamil end, no Lorne St stand. At least we now have a ground to cope with a spell in the Championship even if it takes a few seasons to get there, we are starting with better conditions.
  11. Why should Rodney be off? He has a contract until 6/2023
  12. One promotion place left assuming Tranmere or Mansfield burn up. So the lottery of the POs left. How much do we need to spend to change that? What were the expectations at the beginning of the season, the lottery or top 3?
  13. I am expecting the people to judge, the law is based on morals too.
  14. I assume they do pay their better/experienced players more, just have a limit.
  15. Rodney is a gamble, there is something there, easy enough to put a few of his goals, assists etc together for his CV
  16. Indeed, trusting an inveterate liar to run the country. Go Now
  17. League position, quality players want European football next season.
  18. 51% think it will be a police stitch-up. Vital evidence already released, it was a M&S cake.
  19. No bodies going to war, even if Russia did cross the border, the US would just increase trade sanctions and is already preparing to increase gas supplies to Europe.
  20. Difficult with the corruption going on.
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