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  1. According to DC he has earned it, it is now up to him to build on it,
  2. Important that we did not lose, they could be in contention with us in April.
  3. Unbeaten, Mom curse. Analyse and onto the next game
  4. Lloyd for Wilson, DC taking a chance with no subs.
  5. Let the opposition worry about that.
  6. Voters want to reverse Brexit amid shortages and EU clashes, polls show WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK
  7. Ah only read the Guardian one. That's remarkable for the quality of players we've recruited, though you could argue that most were either unproven or had a point to prove. And even then I wouldn't be surprised if it's only Conlon and Worrall on that high a wage. To think what we were reportedly paying the likes of Pope and Robinson as well! Perhaps times have changed with Covid etc, clubs have cut their numbers and their cloth, players filter down the leagues. Choosing a club and manager with stability is also important, we are also within commuting distance of a lot of clubs. What we want are cup runs and improving gates.
  8. Part of building the club, the sort of games we will have to take in our stride every week if we are going anywhere. All part of the learning process, in DC we trust.
  9. How do you know that? According to DC`s interview in the Times
  10. DC has convinced the players they are good enough, convincing the fans takes longer. 3-1
  11. Corruption is the use of public office for private gain. Get the police digging into the Covid contracts. Also the number of peerages awarded to donors in the last 10 years. We need a second chamber of independent experts to keep the scoundrels in check not another bunch of sycophants. Only country in the world where you can buy a seat, use the 1925 act to stop it, that is the point of it.
  12. They seem to forget that they are Public Servants and should not expect to be paid a massive amount, nor have second jobs as serving the public should be their main concern. At present it appears that being a MP is a finishing school for cushy jobs and earnings. Maybe limited to 2 terms as a MP instead of a job for life in a donkey seat.
  13. The MP that claims £22,000 housing allowance for a London flat and rents out his London property
  14. Eddie Howe is only 43 as well, but he did start at 31 with Bournemouth at the bottom of League 2. What a dream that would be for DC to take us to the Prem?
  15. Any of the top Northern teams except Bolton. Thus Carlisle, Tranmere, Crewe, Rotherham, Sunderland, Accrington, Sheffield Wed. Crewe is closest and easiest.
  16. Surely Covolan and Stone will be given penalties to take if we ever have any.
  17. Performing when the pressure is on consistently is built on experience, we have a few players with promotion experience, a few who came through must win games. DC has done it in the past and knows what it takes to build team spirit. Football is a funny old game, but this game is not a crunch game, however I still want to win every game well.
  18. DC's job to make sure he is pushing for a place and is part of rotation, we need at least 6 strikers.
  19. Vale have won their last 7 home games, DC will continue to plan our progress, quite a few games now since we scored less than 3.
  20. Banbury v Barrow was also shown on ITV4
  21. What's the reasons behind this? Don't get how it benefits anybody Looks better when negotiating with sponsors/advertisers etc
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