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  1. Everyone does not want to come, usually people with relatives here or who can speak English. How many Asylum seekers can speak French? Immigrants coming for jobs require visas and are different from people fleeing from danger.
  2. Any major re-building of the Railway would entail people moving, as happened with the Bycars and Lorne St in the past. Should we have safe standing, where should it go?
  3. There are far more settling in Europe than in the UK, if there are jobs let them work and pay taxes as the Germans do.
  4. Next Saturday hundreds or thousands will come from Stoke on Trent on the train to Euston. Then by tube to Wembley. I don't expect the match commentator to say look at all the Vale fans from Euston. Asylum seekers have a right to enter any civilised country. .
  5. The source is not in France but in the wars in progress, and in the famines to come.
  6. Att: 72,332 today at Wembley Sunderland v Wycombe
  7. 50% of the Net Gate Receipts are divided between the 2 finalists, so 25%. What the expenses of playing at Wembley I don`t know.
  8. The choice of country to claim asylum is made by the applicant. They will try to reach that country. How many French people seek asylum?
  9. For big games use it as a drop off point for coaches, rustle up a few containers and thus have a box city for away fans.
  10. Teams win matches not groups of players, it is all on the day hopefully not a woeful referee decision.
  11. I think we need to know what League we are in first, will need to discuss the options with the Police and Stadium Safety, take soundings with fans. Set up system of change for STs. Option to take similar seat in Hamil or alternative elsewhere without cost of change. Further trials needed? Clarification from Carol soonest after Wembley.
  12. Fans’ ugly behaviour is not just about football – it’s about society | Football violence | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM I had forgotten the Sunderland invasion at one of their previous PO seasons, and where are Oldham now?
  13. Contactless cheapest but dont miss tapping on the way out or using a different card.
  14. Another plus for the Hamil, the Lorne St new seats when used for the Family Area would be in a more friendly situation.
  15. But there are 20,000 corporate and members seats etc.
  16. Indeed the Hamil was our Kop in 53/54 when the Cup holders Blackpool were beaten, but my standing days are over. May it live again.
  17. BBC West Midlands announced that Swindon had won the shoot-out, then changed their minds a couple of mins later
  18. Bit of a close thing? 3 ex-Stags could play at Wembley together with DC also an ex- Stag.
  19. Time of the season for pitch invasions due to promotions, all the POs and Everton last night. Not a problem if not during the game like Brissle, but the idiots spoil it with threatening behaviour and violence. Doesn`t help when arrogant clubs spout off prior to the game either.
  20. Can you have a word about her thoughts for Wembley please.
  21. I think DC will sit in the Royal Box or a convenient seat, AC will patrol the Technical Area.
  22. Special thread for the great occasion, not long to get them on sale.
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