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  1. He'd become our centre back cover and save us bringing someone in
  2. I think we could also do with some form of back up at right back. If anything happens to Gibbo we have no real replacement.
  3. I'd like to see a left back, winger and Taylor. After that I guess it's a case of movements out, for example if Kennedy goes permenantly we will need a better back up cb.
  4. With Christmas upon us and the upcoming transfer window nearly here, who would you like to see the club bring in and send out?
  5. Please close this thread instead of giving him more oxygen
  6. I can't see how vale fans can feel entitled to priority tickets. We are merely a venue. I've never heard of man city fans or Leeds fans having priority when a gig is played at the etihad or Elland Road.
  7. Yes it was hopefully that's the last we hear from him. Well untill he opens his latest account under a new email
  8. Trust me, I agree with your point. We are two/three missing players plus a real left back away from days like today and we need to rectify it in January. But on our day when ou first 11s out we are alot more than OK.
  9. I feel that our starting 11 is more than OK, you only have to look at our league position, cup runs etc.
  10. If everyone was fit and avaliable Amoo Evans Atkinson and maybe Conlon wouldn't be playing. It's just one of those things at this stage of the season but we need to strengthen in January if funds allow as we're a few injuries/suspension away from this. On to next week.
  11. Kick off confirmed as 5.30. Apparently we have been chosen by a number of overseas TV platforms so extra money flowing in
  12. The best loan player we've had in a long time. We should move heaven and earth to get him in for the rest of the season and signed up in the summer
  13. Might be Evans, I think that's his natural position.
  14. We've got to do everything in our power to keep Taylor past Xmas. Browne is also a real asset and I hope he takes his 1st team opportunities like he has tonight
  15. Fantastic win, the coffers must be filling up like never before
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