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  1. Our first half performance absolutely deserved that. Rode our luck big time second half but thank god we have broken our away day duck.
  2. Vale conceding just before half time? A dodgy ref? This season is one big groundhog day.
  3. The issue is that the defence has gone to the dogs this season. Our fullbacks are consistently letting us down and concentration across the whole back four is awful. Mitch Clarke needed? I'm very disappointed with yesterday, the four games starting with Orient and ending next week should have been 12 points for any half decent team. Concentration let us down in London, yesterday was just a pathetic performance all round. Beat stevenage next week and 7 points won't be an awful return from those four games, but really felt we could have capitalised on the poor form of these teams and build on our decent start.
  4. A little bit late here, but Tool's new album that came out at the end of August is fantastic. Pneuma in particular is a masterclass in drumming by Danny Carey.
  5. I really feel (hope?) that Atkinson might have a big impact on the rest of our season. We've been overrun to many times in midfield without Manny. He may just be the man to solidify the middle for us
  6. Browne is a player I am really hoping to see more of, the bits we've seen of him he looks a real threat.
  7. After the Morecombe game, we are more or less 25% of the way through the season. Personally, we are way up on where I thought we would be. 10th in the league, two lapses in concentrations (Salford and Orient) away from 6th. Amoo, Bennett and Taylor have been my stand out summer business. Others have been hit and miss but we haven't really needed them as we have enough quality in last year's team and with a bit of stability they have moved on from last year How does everyone think we're doing? Are we up or down on your expectations?
  8. Genuinely the stupidest thing I've ever seen on this website. Wow.
  9. Yeah, I think that will be how we set up. Given the two teams form going into the game and Macc's off the pitch problems, it should be the perfect time to record our first away win.
  10. Definition of a game of two halves. Terrible first half. Second fantastic Really like the look of Atkinson. I think when he's fully fit and in the middle we will have a real player there. Joyce Taylor the CBs and Pope having fantastic games too. My stand outs have to be Bennett who's introduction freed up pope to make a nuisance of himself and his closing for the third was fantastic. However my MOTM has to go to Worrall. Run himself into the ground again, I don't think any other player in either team would have got to that ball for the second goal assist, but he made it his! Great game, onwards and upwards.
  11. I get that, but I feel like we would be shoehorning him in if he did play there. I've not been Kennedy's biggest fan so far, but at least he is naturally a defender. I'd rather play Atkinson in his actual position in the middle if he's coming in. There's been times this year when weve been over run in the middle without Manny. Hopefully, this is what solves it.
  12. No it's not your facitlities, the player himself said he used to play there but as he has gotten older he's morphed into a holding mid that can cover at right back
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