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  1. A legend on the pitch, an absolute embarrassment off it.
  2. Couldn't tell you the exact minute, but either late on during half time or early second half.
  3. Birchall said on the radio that we were stubbing over "a few hundred quid". If that's right we are mad to haggle with a player of his quality
  4. I think he absolutely has championship potential, he's outstanding for us most games and never drops below 7/10. We should be moving heaven and earth to sign him up for as long as possible. Just give him what he deserves.
  5. Ahh I see where you are coming from
  6. If its only a "little" higher given the money we've made this year then I'd be seriously disappointed. It's not every year we will have these kinds of funds at our disposal, we need to give it a go next year b
  7. Didn't they have Wilfred Bony in on trial in the summer?
  8. No one yet and I really hope it stays that way, I saw the Smith rumours just after I saw this post.
  9. I'd be happy with two or three loan player and save the rest of the money till summer. If Ollie Palmer for 100k is the going rate over January then we should sit this out and wait for some value over summer.
  10. The amount of player that 100k could get you in this league is surely better spent elsewhere, Palmer's record doesn't exactly scream out 6 figure transfer fee.
  11. Linked with Ollie Palmer of Crawley on twitter.
  12. That kid from Blyth is 22, Angus is 26. Fair play to him if he kicks on and gets back into a starting L2 position, but he didn't look like doing it here. In saying that, I don't know which I would rather, Angus and Danny Elliot on the bench or Cullen and Bennett?
  13. This sums up my feelings perfectly. No doubt that Askey is a fantastic coach for this level, but most of his signings have been below par. If that's not his strength then that's fine by me, he can't be good at everything and he's certainly a good enough coach/man manager to get a tune out of players. But we need some help if we are going to be spending our cup/Robbie money in the summer.
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