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  1. Top of the league vs one of the worst vale teams in memory, what could possibly go wrong. 2-0 Cambridge
  2. Two abysmal teams fighting it out. Utter dross. We are very much in the relegation scrap despite the points gap. Our next few games are very very tough. Back 3 looked very good however, Crookes looked the best I've seen him.
  3. Our definition of bad must be very different. He's not football league standard
  4. A lot of poor individuals today. Gibbo, Conlon, Muzzy, Crooks, Guthrie were bad. A let off today but a point is a point.
  5. Reading the transcript of his interview, my first thoughts were "what a cocky so-and-so" Listening to him, I'm buying into him. Comes across like he actually has a bit of personality!
  6. You boys starting this podcast has been the best thing to come out of this season.
  7. Experienced appointment, thought his Walsall team were hopeless every time I've seen them but if we're getting the Bristol Rovers then it can be a masterstroke. Paying compo (if we have) and handing out a 3 year deal for him seems very strange in current times especially given he isn't really ripping it up with his current team. All the best Darrell!
  8. I'd agree with the previous comments on here, I'd be very happy with Carsley. My only concern is the move from working with elite level youngsters to work with Danny Whitehead. Hopefully he can get a tune out of our useless team till the end of the season then begin to mould a good young team from there.
  9. Love the idea of Lee Carsley, he will have contacts coming out of his ears and a proven record of developing youth. Don't think he could fit any better with what the club are trying to achieve
  10. Now that the efl have canned the salary cap, I think this move is even more important than ever to give us a competitive edge over the big spenders
  11. We do have utter morons supporting out club. Well on board Dave, the antiquated prats who've nearly run Frank Sinclair out of the club are all ready out for you.
  12. Paul Jewell is Swindon's, Jez George is Lincoln's. I can't really be bothered to trawl back through the pages of the other clubs again but I can if you'd really like
  13. So your just going to ignore the two prime examples of recent successes at league 2 clubs? If you want a really successful example what about your favourite team? Michael Edwards at Liverpool is the sporting director who identified players and heads a committee where they chose who to sign.
  14. I feel like a club did do that once, I read an article about it the other week but I'm struggling to remember who it was
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