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  1. It's an interesting one. He'd have to be lucky with injuries and longevity, he'd likely need to be playing for us untill he is at least 37 to beat Sproson. Hope he gives it a good go!
  2. Amazed and delighted in equal measure, thank you for having faith in Vale Smithy!
  3. It's going to go down to the wire, lose to Birmingham this weekend and it's all back on again. Hull have Luton and Wigan next week. Ideally beat Luton lose to Wigan!
  4. Certainly shouldn't be worried about getting out muscled!
  5. With Cullen, them both being from the North East it could be a coincidence?
  6. Worall for player of the year, his contribution to our season after being shut out under Aspin wins it for me. I went Joyce for goal of the season, I can't imagine he's ever going to get chance to win it again!
  7. Really enjoying the pod lads, thanks again for starting this up!
  8. Carvalho was signed to vale aswell. He was part of Smurf development squad that was put together in his first year of ownership. Gary O'Neil, Cheyne Alexander, Ben Jefford, Louis Tambini and Dominic Bell were some of the others, I think Carvalho and Hugill were the only ones to make it in league football I think.
  9. I think we are talking about the same thing, we need someone who can challenge Cullen/be a different starting option.
  10. For sure. I think the next striker needs to be someone who can challenge Cullen this season for the starting berth. At present we have Pope who is still doing a job, but is in the twilight of his career and Rodney who is an unknown quantity. Cullen struggled with his fitness last year and we did have to rely on Pope and Bennett quite a lot, the next signing up top could be integral to a successful season.
  11. Another rumour, Pett apparently joining Swindon
  12. I don't think I've ever seen Vale give out a three year deal, Askey must see something! Welcome Devonte
  13. I think this is spot on, a young, cheap player with the potential to kick on. Covers a two spots in the team should we need him. If he takes his opportunity, like Burgess, it will turn out to be a great signing and we will probably be extending his contract in Jan. If he turns out to be another Jordan Archer or Kennedy, he goes out on loan and out the door at the end of the season. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
  14. Really don't think Wigan will have much of an effect on Stoke. They effectively need two more wins than Stoke over the next 6 games. Should be easy enough based on last night's showing
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