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  1. Glad he's found a home, but he was never a league manager. His recruitment was horrific. Kieran Kennedy, Callum Evans, Ryan Lloyd, Adam Crooks, Rhys Browne, Johnny Maddison, Jordan Archer, Richie Bennett, Zak Mills, Danny whitehead, David Fitzpatrick, Guthrie, the theo Robinson vs Jamile matt farce. I think Amoo and Hurst are the only signings of his left.
  2. Glad you feel comfortable to come back mate, football is for everyone. I think an LGBTQ group would be a fantastic idea, a number of clubs have similar groups. Carol would be well up for it I reckon!
  3. I worry that If you put Garrity on Mckirdy, he'll get dragged out wide constantly and you'll lose a body in midfield. Johnny Williams will have a field day against a two man midfield.
  4. Bit before my time (I probably saw him but don't remember) but yes you're right. Still an abysmal return. Hopefully we see some of the current crop come through, Eden Bailey and Ellis Jones look the most likely candidates
  5. Jake Daniels: Blackpool forward becomes UK's first active male professional footballer to come out publicly as gay WWW.SKYSPORTS.COM Fair play to him, takes some bottle to come out.
  6. I agree, but you have to think about it from the point of view of the floating fan. The person who picks and choses his games. Weve had two "sell outs" recently, where a number of floating fans came back and we were resoundly beaten in both. That's 40+ quid chucked away for someone who doesn't come a lot. Theres a hard core of fans, many of them on this forum, who will go to every game regardless of league position etc. Unfortunately that's not representative of the additional 4/5k that turned up against brizzle and Newport, and its those people you need on side for a sell out.
  7. Joel Ndala, but I think he was under 12 when he left.
  8. While I agree, two extra games and a trip to London might be more than some people can fork out at the minute
  9. People maybe be holding out for Wembley. Money's tight for a lot of people these days, if its a choice between the Swindon game or a trip to Wembley should we make it, people may be saving there cash for that.
  10. From memory, the academy has produced four decent established first team players in my time (Smith, Gibbons, Paynter and Birchall). Charlie Raglan, Morsy and Prosser have had decent careers since leaving us. If ever an academy needed a shake up, it's ours.
  11. They are, it's been talked about at numerous supporters club meetings and Mark porter talked about it on the Ale and Vale podcast. Testimonial to be played one Sunday near to or just after the start of the season.
  12. He's really beginning to tarnish his reputation. He's a legend, he's made himself look ridiculous with his comments on the podcast earlier in the year, and he's continuing to do so.
  13. Not supporting vale isn't really a choice, it's in the blood. My grandad did his YTS with vale and went all his life, my dad's taken me since I was 3. You all seem to misconstrue my anger at the last 5 performance as an ambition to support man City. As I've said above, your allowed to be pissed off with the last month of performances without being decried, people have differing opinions that's a forum. I'll still be there Thursday praying like hell I can take my lads to Wembley
  14. Under 30. Apart from the admin/promotion season, very little to go on in my time.
  15. So apart from Adam Murray, what's changed in that time, we had a worse injury list and were a manager less at that time.
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