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  1. Salford have just flogged Adam Rooney to Solihull, some serious money in non league these days
  2. I absolutely wasn't suggesting that, maybe trying reading the post. I was suggesting that there is going to be little point holding on to a 28 year old who isn't in the managers plans, as hes got little to no scope to develop and become a player that challenges the 1st team. If JA doesn't like Richie now, i cant see that changing much in a years time, he'll be 29/30 and released on a free after weve paid his wages for another year
  3. But instead of paying wages for another year when Askey doesn't fancy him, we've been paid a fee, however nominal it is. If he's on 1k a week we've just saved the best part of 60k, plus his fee, I'd say that's as good as large transfer fee...
  4. Yeah, but who's going to come in and offer money for a 34 year old with a pending long ban for anti-semitism? At least the opportunity was there to cash in on Richie.
  5. I think Jacko has hit the nail on the head, he's got a two year deal, probably good enough for the squad and is 28 so we aren't talking about a player who has potential. Maybe Askey thinks he's made a mistake giving him two years and would have released, this makes this decision an easy one. I quiet liked Ritchie and wish him well, but he would have been 30 by time his contract ended.
  6. Let down by individual mistakes throughout the game. Wasn't our day, on to next week
  7. I think Gibbons should be brought back in, as well as Smith did Saturday its not his natural position. Its a shame for Smith, really hope we get him signed up. Legge isn't getting any younger and Smith with Brisley as the heir apparent to the older CB role, we would look pretty strong in that position going forward.
  8. Walsall (a), Scunny (h), Chelt (a), Crawley (h), Bradford (h), Oldham (a), Crewe (h), Carlisle (a), Grimsby (h), Cambridge (a), Newport (h), Plymouth (a) 4 games against top 10 teams left, some difficult away trips but we have every chance. How important could that Plymouth game be at the end of the season!
  9. Totally dominated that game, perfectly positioned in the play offs going into the last few games of the season. Come on Vale!!
  10. We're gonna do it aren't we [emoji28] Another battling performance, we seem to turn it on against teams above us. Bodes well for the next few weeks!
  11. Confirmed on the vale twitter that he's signed a new two year deal. Great player with bags of potential, very pleased with that!
  12. I think it's very telling that even in games where Pope is playing, Legge now has the captains armband. One is a charity ambassador and writes a blog highlighting epilepsy and the struggles he's gone through. The other is up till all hours abusing 14 year old Crewe fans on twitter. Tom, you are and always will be a vale legend for your actions on the pitch. But in a season of such positives off the pitch, you've been the one big let down.
  13. You do realise you can donate to charities and the club? The two aren't mutually exclusive.
  14. Didn't realise he coached the u13s too, great news for the club!
  15. I thought he was pretty good, was disappointed we didn't take him on. He looked good v Kidsgrove!
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