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  1. Still got a few days to go, and as pubs etc magic up coaches people may still jump on. Hoping we hit 18k
  2. When we needed more tickets they wouldn't open the blocks. Now sales have dried up they've opened loads [emoji848]
  3. I wonder if we'll have a pre season tour this year. Last one I remember was Ireland under Adams
  4. The "Wonder" of Port Vale | Facebook WWW.FACEBOOK.COM
  5. He's joined stevenage this afternoon, probably his level
  6. I've seen at least two advertised on wonder of vale today, maybe have a look on there
  7. I think if we get over 18k from here it would be a surprise. Everyone who wants one surely has one by now, not sure where another 4.5k fans would come from
  8. Bahamboula, Piergiani, Kelor-Dunn and Missilou amongst those released by Oldham [emoji102] 2022 Retained & Released List - News - Oldham Athletic WWW.OLDHAMATHLETIC.CO.UK
  9. There can't be more that 50 tickets left now, still not opened any new blocks
  10. Need to open a few more blocks, isn't many tickets left to buy
  11. Surely given then theres no colour clash we'd be allowed to wear the home kit. Less of a clash with home than away
  12. Not many tickets left in that corner where the latest batch has been released
  13. So it wouldn't show the full allocation from the vale site?
  14. Either ticket master having a wobbler or we're not far off sold out
  15. I've rewatched Mckirdy's peno about 80 times today. How do you hit it that high from that short a run up. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke [emoji12][emoji12][emoji12][emoji12][emoji12][emoji379][emoji379][emoji379][emoji379]
  16. I think you'll struggle to stop pitch invasions all together, but something has to change. The issues is the club place reliance on stewards who couldn't really care less what goes on. The police weren't much better.
  17. I'd add hall to that list, you'd think he was playing in the park with his mates last night. So cool calm and collected, never looked phased and that tackle late on where there lad looked sure to score.
  18. I have never, ever experienced an atmosphere like that. Incredible
  19. 100% it should be a permanent move. Logistical it makes so much sense as you can keep exiting fans away from each other and not cause the hamil road bottleneck. Facilities better and more chance of filling it and creating atmospheres like last night
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