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  1. Am I right in thinking that any signings made after midday today would not be eligible for the Fleetwood game?
  2. Interesting, seems to have been very highly thought of at one stage. I think they said on Ale and Vale that Swansea were keen to look at him too
  3. Stoke also after Mawson. Think whoever wrote that article needs to stop drinking in the week. Talking of powerful budgets, Pompey bringing in Dane Scarlett is a very good and probably expensive loan. It's gonna be tough next year
  4. Perfect move for him, close to home at a good level.
  5. McAtee from Grimsby is another one i'd be looking at. He looked very good in the play-offs last year.
  6. Think you need another Red striker box under willo. I still have the feeling Forrester is coming here to start.
  7. Pretty sure i saw a picture of him playing a friendly for Oldham over the weekend, good luck to him!
  8. Its a difficult one to predict, there is a lot of thing that could affect our chances either way. How will players who we're important last year cope with the step up in quality (Garrity being case in point)? We have a small squad, we have an injury crisis like we had at Xmas last year and we'll be in trouble. How will the new signings settle and are they any good? The one major thing we have working in our favour is the manager. I would rather have DC in charge than any of the mangers in this league currently. Think he has the ability get every bit of the squad, even if they aren't as strong on paper as the next team. Hopefully the new training zone will also help us with injuries.
  9. The Not The Top 20 podcast also had us second bottom for much the same reason. Although they did say that they had no reason to think any team would go down as they could all conceivably stay up, but 4 teams have to go down and vale have done no business of note.
  10. Great game to watch, tempo of the game is incredible
  11. I think we'll see more, at least 2 strikers, a goalie, holden/lowery/another midfielder. Thats before any outward movement of potential fringe players.
  12. Right club, wrong player😅. Thierry Small, welcome!
  13. Sam Bellis also rumoured to be close to signing. Southampton U23s player probably on loan
  14. Tommy McDermott signing a 3 year deal with an option. He must have really impressed in Spain.
  15. Seems like we are back filling our youth ranks while awaiting the second coming of the academy under Will Ryder. Signings like Derek and Robinson, to sit on the bench and make the odd appearance while they develop up. As a side note, anyone got any ideas on the pronunciation of the new lads second name 😅?
  16. Fair enough, anyway back to the actual point. Interesting to see who plays Saturday
  17. Jones i agree but i'm pretty sure Robinson is a RWB?
  18. Yeah maybe, but he's got a RWB and a (sometimes) LWB next to Forrester, threw me off!
  19. I guess you're right, but he's left Stoke due to lack of game time. If the three current CBs hit the ground running, he's gonna have the same problem here. I would imagine they have made him some assurances about how much he's going to play.
  20. So are you saying they will play Forrester as a def mid? Be a bit random to slot him in somewhere he's never played.
  21. I've also heard through the grapevine that the process are pretty keen on the Dutch trialist we had, could be one of the next through the door. Good move as a back up for Hall. I think we will look to bring in another LWB and potentially move Hussey on.
  22. Does make me wonder what the make up of our defence will be Saturday. I would suggests its our strongest phase of the pitch and I had Cass-Smith-Hall nailed on for the back three, but is Forrester going to drop down a league without assurances around his game time? He's right footed so suggests Cass may drop to the bench. Certainly not going to be concerned if we get any injuries in that area, Dan Jones is probably the weakest centre back now and even he could hold his own in league one.
  23. I can kind of get not wanting Stoke loan players, wouldn't sit very comfortably with me. But this guy is openly sticking two fingers up at Stoke and would rather be with us. A good number of their fans have gone into meltdown over it, and we get a very good player (by all accounts) in return. The guy is a legend before he's kicked a ball.
  24. I think the team we have right now would have enough to beat Fleetwood. Unfortunately the odds for players to score haven't been released yet on SkyBet, but if nothing changes this week with players in, i'll be having a few quid on Vale 2-0 McDermott anytime.
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