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  1. An utter flogging and should have been 5 or 6. I was listening to the Not the top twenty podcast this morning and they tipped us to win, saying "I'm not sure who the second best team in league two is yet, Its probably Swindon but it could be vale" well I hope this weekend clarifies the point for them [emoji16]
  2. Liked the look of Jones. Shame for him were so good in midfield, if he'd come through in the Tounge/Pugh season he'd probably get a start this weekend!
  3. I just don't understand how anyone can not love this team and DC at the moment. Haven't felt this way about a vale team since our promotion year. Up the bloody Vale!
  4. You don't come through at Utd and score for them in the premier league without having something about you. He's had a few years of injury trouble, and a few years under managers that didn't particularly want him in there team (Van Gaal, Mourinho). However he's back home, starting regular and gaining fitness for a manager who made he his prime target last year and is known for man management. He's also only 25 so plenty of time to kick on from here.
  5. Loft is also out injured https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/19587446.scunthorpe-united-no2-fired-trip-carlisle-united/
  6. 5-0 Vale, go for the jugular. Wilson hatrick, One for Proctor, one for Conlon
  7. I have to say I was one of the doubters after his first few games, he absolutely terrified me. However, he seems to have settle since those earlier setbacks/jitters, and is impressing me more and more every game. I think a lot of people will be won round, we just arent used to have a goalkeeper that does the things he does, but 4 clean sheets in 8 is not to be sniffed at. That coupled with the tv interview Saturday, I can feel a serious man-crush developing!
  8. if we could get one of him in a vale shirt, i'd happily contribute to a big version of this for Hartlepool away/over some seats in the bycars
  9. Covolan is really beginning to looks solid and dependable, his ability to come and claim from crosses and corners is a breath of fresh air compared to prior years. The back 3 looked immense, would be moving heaven and earth to sign Cass up permenantly in January. Smith is really growing into his role as leader at the back, doesn't need his hand held by Legge anymore. Jones one of the signings of the season so far. Gibbo being back is huge for us, even on his less favoured side he was a big upgrade on Benning. Worrall absolutely immense with one of the best vale goals I've seen live. The middle three did well without playing spectacular. Pett particularly had an off day but overall they had enough to keep on top of the Harrogate midfield. Taylor looked bright when he came on. Really happy for Wilson. Hopefully this will kick him on, Proctor could have had at least one towards the end too and will probably be kicking himself. Lloyd looked impressive too when he came on, another one I'd be making enquiries about for a January bid. Overall a professional, controlled performance heading into a decent run of games, UTV!
  10. I must be watching a different game, I think we've played some pretty good football at times.
  11. Definitely not, can't write any player off after 7 games
  12. Didn't see any pre season games but from what i've seen so far this year he is way off the pace. I'd consider loaning him out if he doesn't show some signs of improvement before xmas. Martin came in with a lot of good reports from Exeter fans, but he's a few years older and has been playing in a relegated scottish team, he probably needs time to get used to being a L2 footballer again. Benning, I don't know what the script is with him. Maybe he is unfit, but i do find that difficult to understand given he joined at the end of June so had a fair chunk of pre season with us. None of our other signings appear as lethargic (with the exception of maybe Wilson after 60 mins).
  13. Would agree with Bez, 2 signings that have disappointed so far but i would go Benning and Johnson rather than Martin. Don't think Martin has really done too much wrong yet, not pulling up any trees but he's done his job ok in most games. Benning and Johnson look miles off it.
  14. Tom used the podcast to compare the players that have left to ones that are their now, why can't fans do the same.
  15. Great game, great result. As others have said you're not going to get complete domination for 90 mins but we were on top for 60-70 minutes, only really faltered for a while after they scored. If someone told me at the start of the season that Garrity would be one of my favourite players 7 games in, I'd have told them they were mad. He was magic again today with two fantastic goals. DC's masterplan is really beginning to take shape.
  16. I was just thinking the same, really get the vibe that he doesn't like him.
  17. Really need to keep the pressure up on their goalie, he looks abysmal.
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