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  1. I think the notable thing about summer last year, Jan and now this summer, is the lack of solid rumours. Usually we'd all know a week in advance who was being targeted and would have a leaked picture of the new kit. The club has done a great job of plugging the leaks.
  2. In terms of games I attended: 1)Mansfield at Wembley 2) Swindon at home in the semis 3) Huddersfield 3-4 vale. The most remarkable comeback I've seen at a vale game. 4) Vale 7-1 Burton
  3. His dad seems like an absolute legend. What a man
  4. Hopefully Kian has a good season, so do we and Huddersfield go up. He gets released next summer and we get him on a free. Lovely jubbly.
  5. Harratt is a good player with a good future, but before Swindon at home I feel he'd had a very questionable time with us. Would I have liked him back? Yes, but I'm confident we can find someone else. Maybe when his Huddersfield contract runs out we can make a move.
  6. Surely that's what a rumours thread is for? The posting of rumours?
  7. Port Vale FC 2021/22 retained list | News | Port Vale WWW.PORT-VALE.CO.UK Amoo released, Smith extended due to an option along with Stone
  8. I've just gone back and looked at the announcement when Proctor signed. Doesn't give a lot away but the words used are "initial one year deal", which would suggest we have an option to extend him. Unless this retained list is a lot more ruthless that expected, I can't see Proc going anywhere.
  9. I'd never heard of anyone other than Wilson, Pett and Benning.
  10. The Telford link seems a bit to obvious for the Process. Was expecting DF and the analysts to pull some off the wall striker that no one had heard of.
  11. Even if they did, I'm sure any due diligence done on them would stretch further than a dodgy agent and some YouTube videos
  12. First confirmed departure. Looks like it will be today then.
  13. There's a cautionary tale in there if our persuit of Telford is true
  14. To be honest I'd forgot all about Jones. I agree. Just needs to get fit
  15. In my eyes we need, as of right now : A new right sided CB (either to start or back up gibbo) A new left sided CB (to back up hall) A back up "stopper" middle CB (to cover smithy and look to move Martin on) A back up LWB (cover for Benning and look to move Hussey on) At least two new strikers. That's at least 5 ins before we know the retained list. If Woz is let go a back up RWB would be needed. If smith and/or Gibbo go we will really need to start shopping.
  16. According to transfermarkt, Cheltenham brought in at least 10 new signings. Cambridge at least 9. Bolton 8. This not including loan signings.
  17. Bolton, MK have spent a fortune and are a very good side, Charlton, Barnsley, Wycombe while not big are always there or there abouts. My point isn't about size of club, it's about the strength of club we're going to be up against. To say it isn't a step up is wrong IMO. That being said if I had to predict now, with the right additions I'd like to think we'd be comfortably mid table.
  18. Is Edmundson out of contract? A lot of Huddersfield fans are keen to get Harratt in their own team
  19. Interesting that Crewe have released Jaaskelainen, always thought he was quiet highly rated.
  20. That was what I was told a while back, supposedly offered him 5k a week
  21. Heard the same, but will L1 football change his mind?
  22. This is a pretty harsh assessment, think nearly all of the players mentioned above have proven themselves to be good enough this year, maybe excluding Taylor as he's only just back but even over that small sample size he's been very good. Barring Pett they are also all young and have time to mature.
  23. I'd agree, CM is probably our strongest position. No reason to waste any budget there.
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