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  1. Can only assume if its true its a trial to see what he's like. I've lived between Australia and Stoke for the last 5 years, Marconi stallions who are listed as his youth team are one of the bigger second tier teams (semi-pro).
  2. 22 year old midfield currently playing for UD Llanera in the Spanish 4th div. Looking at his youth career he's probably Australian?
  3. I think it was probably a bit late to change for this season given that season tickets have already been sold for the Bycars. If I was Carol, I'd be making the call now for 23/24 season. Fans who disagree have got a season to get over themselves and everyone can enjoy the Hamil from then on.
  4. Probably be the same as the retro shirt fans competition that was announced but no winner ever given. They likely forgot to hand out or announce the awards. Hopefully the next "director of communications" gets the media team to communicate a bit better.
  5. A few clubs have raced off with there business but the majority have made one or no signings. Maybe DF is on his hols too, if he's not in the country to knock up a PowerPoint what change have we got.
  6. Think they folded around the start of the Smurf era
  7. By the way, I'm extremely concern for the wellbeing of Burslem academicals.
  8. Great pod lads. Very harsh on Benning though!
  9. Interesting, think we're pretty stacked in midfield. He's young though so maybe a look to the future
  10. That was my thinking. If a league 1 clubs gets him I'd be absolutely baffled, let alone Stags.
  11. He's very highly rated for forest, tends to get the last 20 mins for them, but rarely starts. Very much in the Harratt mold, fast as f... Tore us a new one when we played that preseason friendly at the beginning of last year.
  12. Completely un-vale related again, but i've just read Mansfield are in for Alex Mighten on loan. Absolutely crazy if that comes off
  13. Decent signing if true. I'd rather have Sam Hutchinson if we're in for released Sheff Weds players.
  14. Aaron Wildig signs for Newport. Great signing at that level.
  15. As a 22 year old impact sub who has been proven, in our system and with our players, to come on and make a difference and be within our budget. Yeah Politic.
  16. If we want to replace Amoo as "game changer off the bench" I can't see many better candidates than Politic if he's available
  17. Anyone seen when it goes on sale?
  18. Brilliant shirt, brilliant launch.
  19. One of my worst memories as a vale fan is a game we played against Macc away. I think we won 2-0. We had Kevin Gall, Scott Brown and Adnan Ahmed in the squad that day. Adnan scored. I remember thinking "I could really get a game over some of these".
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