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  1. Strong rumours of Gibbo signing for Wigan. Really hope it's not true.
  2. Have Morecambe suddenly come into a load of money? Normally they're after waifs and strays, supposedly offering us money for Taylor, now in for L2 top scorer
  3. It's one of those "easy to say in hindsight" situations. But looking at Walcot and where mount and Grealish are. They will achieve a lot more.
  4. I guess it is subjective dependant on age. But in my life time from the people you're talking about, to compare Grealish, Sterling, Saka, Mount to Crouch and Walcott. I'm not sure it's even a contest. Owen fantastic but injured for 85% of his career. Rooney a bona-fide legend.
  5. No because the Hungary game wasn't Southgate first game? Its not even close to the same. Southgate has got the best attackers in England's history constricted into a 7 at the back formation
  6. No cause Alf Ramsey did win a major trophy. The World Cup. He also won a first div title. Southgate got Middlesbrough relegated.
  7. Agreed, there's a few players who will be lost to time in years to come but have played a big part in us surviving the Smurf era. Players like Amoo, Whitfield and Rodney won't go down as legends, but without them we'd be playing torquay next year.
  8. Second highest win ratio for a nation that's won one major trophy. Not a huge achievement in my eyes really. If we went into club football I reckon he'd get a top half championship job.
  9. Hiram Boateng signs got Mansfield, very good player at that level.
  10. Weren't we linked with him before? Feel like I recognise the name. He's certainly had a interesting career to date, more clubs that tiger woods.
  11. The Neil aspin of international management. Can't wait till he's out the door, might be worth watching England again
  12. Hopefully Southgate is the next on the merry go round
  13. Conor lemonheigh-evans has signed for Stockport,think he was mentioned earlier in the thread as one to look at.
  14. I would say 80% of people have said he's a good player and would prefer to keep him
  15. I do agree, but I'm sure I read somewhere he's a bit younger than Bailey (15/16 maybe?). He got moved up due to injuries and took his chances. Maybe he's got a few more years to develop, whereas Bailey was already in his final year when he came into the fold. I don't hold out much hope given our track record with youth players, but you never know.
  16. I'm sure this was raised on the ale and the vale podcast and they asked the stadium manager about it. It's being repaired and will be back up for the new season.
  17. Ahh sounds good. Maybe he can be the second back up for Garrity (after Charsley)
  18. Think whatever way this pans out vale win. If its not true, vale keep a good player ahead of the new season. If it is, we only accept a offer that we can turn down and invest it in the league 1 recruitment drive. Everyone's a winner.
  19. Yeah, don't think there can be any real arguments with any of them. Anyone know what position McDermott plays for the youth? Wonder if he's in next year's plans
  20. Player of the Year Awards 2021/22 | The Winners | News | Port Vale WWW.PORT-VALE.CO.UK
  21. If the money is right for Taylor, I'd cash in. He's good but very hot and cold. In his permanent time with vale he's had more bad games that good. That being said if we keep him I foresee him starting the season/being genuine competition for Conlon when he's fit. I like him, and if Wembley Jake turns up next year we are in for a good season. If brizzle Jake turns up more often than not, we will soon be regretting not taking the Morecambe money.
  22. Because he would never get a game in a million years and wanted to play?
  23. Cass is a fantastic player. He's a younger Hall with a right foot. Buzzing with that signing
  24. We were a much better team with Cass than without him. Gibbo - Cass - Smith - Hall - Benning Garrity - conlon - walker Wilson - proctor. We will hold our own next year
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