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  1. Never even noticed that but yeah, I thought he was a huge miss from the start last week. This week he doesn't even make the bench. Baffling.
  2. Huge call to drop Wilson for Rodney. Hope he doesn't come to regret it. Also what's Benning got to do to get dropped?
  3. I'm on my phone. Can't quiet figure out how too. But it's on the vale twitter
  4. And now David Flitcroft. Incredibly brave. Admin. Please can we change the title
  5. Can I just say. What an immense amount of bravery that video today took from Colin, I certainly chocked up watching it. I'm so sorry for his loss, and so touched by that video the club put out today. Thank you Colin for everything you do for Port Vale. Ps. If anyone, and I mean anyone is struggling, please dm me
  6. Positives - Proctor. Negatives - everyone else. On to next week.
  7. Walking through us at times now, worrying.
  8. Jesus, we're coming seriously close here.
  9. Looks a positive signing to me, we look strong all over the pitch now and every player on the bench look as though they would slot in comfortably (maybe Johnson aside up to this point). This has been the best window we've had in a long time.
  10. You literally called Bradford a better club than us. What kind of vale fan does something like that?
  11. If you ever wanted to show yourself up to be a Stoke fan in disguise, a comment like this will do it.
  12. One things for sure, with this or any signing. To go on to twitter or facebook and openly deride and abuse a player who has come to sign for our club is a disgrace and those "fans" who do it are nothing short of pathetic. The lad was tagged into posts with people laughing at his goalscoring record and calling it a sh!t signing. What is that going to do to his confidence?
  13. I can see both sides of this coin to be honest. He's a coming in to be our fourth choice striker, he's young, out of contract so probably eager to impress and learn from older pros. In that sense what does his goalscoring record matter, it only matters what he does for Vale, and if he gets a run of games in a month or twos time and hits the ground running, we will all be saying what a great coup this was. On the other hand, DC has already said he's missed a couple of his first choice signings, and this strikes as a rushed "anyone will do" sort of signing. Seems hard to believe that is the case given "the process" but the manager has openly admitted this guy wasn't top of his list so where on that list is he. As someone said above, if we want a player with good energy who's gonna run around a lot, we should be using Eden Bailey and saving the cash. Wish you all the best George, come and prove the doubters wrong.
  14. Really feels like the new players are beginning to settle after watching that performance. You can tell Covalan has had a sit down, looked a lot more settled and less of a fright when the ball came back to him. His distribution still needs a lot of work, but positives are that he is really good at coming out and claiming the ball. Martin came in and did the Legge roll well, didn't put a foot wrong. Feels like it had a calming affect on the rest of the back line, Smith's best game this season too. Front two were quality, just need a goal for Wilson and it feels like they could really kick on as a partnership. Special shout out to Garrity, he's had his critics for his quality, but there's no doubting his ability to harry and affect the performance of the FGR midfielders and defenders. We've got three L2 Rolls Royce midfielders in Walker, Pett and Conlon...maybe what they need is a jack russell like Garrity to complement them?
  15. This has been one of the strangest 90 minutes of commentary i've heard from Bowers. Not particularly bad, but strange at times.
  16. What a long throw, and what a save from the Garrity chance!
  17. Who was the last vale player to get a hat trick...feels like it must have been a while?
  18. The Goalkeepers a bombscare who can't pass to a vale shirt, midfield and upfront completely ineffective. Utterly dominated for most of that half, worst we have played so far this season. Something has to change.
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