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  1. anyone else lost the commentary on Ifollow?
  2. McKirdy apparently on the verge of signing for FC Cincinnati. Great move for him if true as I imagine no English league club would touch him with a 10 foot barge pole.
  3. I didn't go, but I followed on twitter and had friends at the game who were impressed. I'm struggling to understand the negativity when we have just held our own against a recently relegated championship team, who fielded a strong team, restricting them to two set piece goals. If we play to the same level in the league there's no telling where it could take us.
  4. They are absolutely gutted about him aren't they!
  5. Seems like it would be a decent pick up but surely we have enough resources at the back. Unless this guys that good they don't think they can turn down the opportunity but 3 Lbs seems mental.
  6. Probably the only real Vale legend I have, as I was a bit young to enjoy the Foyle/Naylor era. Good luck Tom, what you've done for Vale will never be forgotten. A real Port Vale Legend.
  7. I think I follow what you're saying but if our highest profile players from last year have gone to Exeter as a coach, Fylde and Congleton, I think it vindicates our decision to release the lot. Not sure if McKirdy has signed or if he's on trial.
  8. Who would of thought the only player we released that would get a proper league squad berth would be Zak Mills. Madness. I guess it vindicates DC's slash and burn approach this summer, looking forward to the new season and wish Popey all the best at Congleton. Popey, Griff, Duffy and Gary Roberts... its gonna be some Christmas party!
  9. Yeah i think Clarke still has the skin head so not him
  10. Think DC's interview pretty much sums it up perfectly. Not good enough, lots of work to do and the team looked shattered. But that's what pre seasons is all about, getting these performances out the way. Positive is that we should here some news on the trialist Dyer, Solanke, Griffiths and Lennon in the coming days.
  11. This Walker, Pett, Conlon midfield is going to be unreal this year.
  12. Feel slightly sorry for Garrity there, you can tell he's not a natural full back. Getting big Callum Evans vibes
  13. it would be pretty strange for him to go to an established Championship team, after being released by a newly promoted one. League ones probably a good bet.
  14. When's the next one lads? Lots to discuss 😁
  15. Certainly looks like we are stepping up in terms of coaching, we used to carry coaches out of sentiment...now there seems to be a well through out recruitment process. In a world where squad caps and wages restrictions are making building a competitive team more difficult, the back room is where we can really gain an edge that could see us promoted.
  16. Seemed to get rave reviews from those in attendance on Saturday, hopefully hes done enough to impress.
  17. Anyone figure out who our trialist was from today?
  18. Good signing for them but I think we're sorted at cb now
  19. Pett, Benning, Walker and Martin are absolute Rolls Royce signings. I've gone from pessimistic to optimistic over night. Add into the above Covolan if he takes the step up with ease, Taylor if he comes back in first year form and Wilson if back up and running. Add to that Conlon, Worrall, Gibbo, Jones, Smith, Rodney. Were looking like a serious force next year.
  20. Why do people continue to take RZ's bait, just put him on the ignore list.
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