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  1. Could even see Andoh back at Vale Park with Stratford currently winning against the Shrews.
  2. Possibly our most likely route to Wembley, since a FA Cup SF has not been done by a Tier 4 team, nor do I wish for a Play-off. A useful money source and match practice option. Our goal scoring form likely to be too much for a U21 team, only a win is expected although avoiding a defeat in normal time is sufficient for a place in the KO draw. Can we expect a new face or two from Paynter`s squad?
  3. The story of the camel and straw comes to mind, also the pot and water.
  4. They have managed to put on 16 games before us, takes a while to load all the goals, so Halifax may take until tomorrow.
  5. BBC2 Sunday 19.15 Match of the Day., maybe at HT in the game before at 17.00 ?
  6. Norwich win first Prem game of season and sack their manager.
  7. BBC Sport website are showing some game highlights now, I assume we will be added.
  8. I am currently watching ITV4 Banbury v Barrow with our fav ref I think. So hoping to see us shortly.
  9. I think I am pretty sure never in a season have all our loan players scored.
  10. Monday evening ITV4 Cup Special After the Salford Game KO 19.45
  11. Make the extra man count, bring on a fast forward.
  12. Taking away Independent scrutiny of MPs is very important to the current apology for a government, especially Bunter. Paterson's part-time £100k tip of the iceberg in the Covid contract bonanza. How anyone can think melting icebergs is a good thing when hosting a global warming conference beats me.
  13. A constitution was not the problem in Germany, most countries have them. As with Japan their voting system was changed to prevent Fascist dictators happening again.
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