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  1. I will make it 3-1 then, I don`t like nail-biting finishes.
  2. It is a Governments job to deal with modern slavery, not mither with statues that should be in a museum.
  3. Seems competition has boosted his performance. Duff GlouLive Post Match What's the situation with Chris Hussey? Do you expect him to stay? I genuinely don't know. I had a conversation, which will remain between us. The way he performed today looked like he wanted to stay, but there is no point in me trying to second guess what he's going to do. We brought Ben Williams in as competition, not to replace him. But if he decides that he wants to leave, it's a different case. If he decides he wants to leave and there is no bid in, it's a no. That's a more difficult situation, but the two clubs have agreed and it's up to Huss now.
  4. Big games always cause problems, it is bound to take longer for a larger crowd to pass through turnstiles built to deal with coins. Games would then be made all-ticket and sold in the weeks before not on the day. So roll-on swipe/contactless scanners and wider entrances.
  5. I do not think so, as anyone tried to claim damages or imprison any of their descendants?
  6. Apparently there is such a thing as "Legal Damage" which can occur for instance during protests, Suffragettes damaging post boxes etc. that cleared them of that. The Guardian quotes the jury had accepted the argument put forward by the protesters’ lawyers – that they had a lawful excuse to remove the statue because continued veneration of a slave trader responsible for the brutal transportation of thousands of enslaved African people in the centre of Bristol amounted to a hate crime. I have always assumed the jury, I was once a foreman, decide on the facts before them, points of law are explained by the judge. Slavery becomes a racial issue when it is practiced on other races.
  7. Return to the League routine? Covid permitting, a tough game against an inform Swindon seeking revenge for a home defeat earlier in the season. New faces expected on the bench and even as starters. An encouraging display against Brentford will hopefully be carried through to collect league points. Harratt to start? Covolan between the sticks? Vale 2-0
  8. Attendance normally based on turnstiles etc ,But in the case of cup ties it is tickets sold as the money is split which will include unused tickets
  9. Not all deals cross the line, is it better not to know? Or be aware of our ambition, even though it failed.
  10. The main thing is a good work-out, a game of 2 halves in our favour would be great.
  11. They pleaded guilty to the damage, they could not do otherwise it was filmed. The statue was the basis of the case. There is a summary of the trial in the Guardian or the Independent.
  12. That is what they decided, it was a local Bristol decision. I find it hard to believe the statue was still standing. A slave trader, major share holder and CEO of a company responsible for transporting slaves from Africa to the Americas, 80,000 in total, incl 12, 000 children, with deaths in transit 15,000. A major topic in Bristol for years, the reason for the protest, the context of the trial. Without protests where would we be?
  13. Sorry if misinterpreted.
  14. Not a juries concern, only the case put before them, the judge advises on legal aspects the jury decides on relative merits, laws can be broken for the greater good in an individual case without setting a general precedent. Political interference in a jury decision is more of a concern.
  15. All juries are different, in this case they were convinced that the statue should not be on a public pedestal, since then most references to the Slave Trader have been removed from public buildings in Bristol.
  16. You do not believe in trial by Jury?
  17. Trial by Jury is the democratic way, accidental damage during a protest found not criminal.. Apparently the statue value has increased 50 times so enhanced not damaged.
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