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  1. Comprehension of relative scale not guilty of, unlike parties that spend Billions on Test and Trace
  2. True, not possible in lots of jobs, but an evening meeting with a meal if just a glass maybe.
  3. He may not have spoken to the club but his agent has done all the negotiating resulting in no agreement, same conclusion resulting in us bringing in a replacement.
  4. Partying in the garden and elsewhere was illegal at the time. Having a dinner indoors during work was not illegal. Like with Johnson recognising the difference between work and partying is not too difficult for most people
  5. Sunak guilty too, failed to report illegal outdoor parties in neighbours garden, shouting "Keep the noise down" just a personal inconvenience. Who will pay for the replacement kiddies swing?
  6. Time to step up a gear, shake off the rustiness, back to winning form. Can it be done? Return of formation, tactics, players to regain match fitness. New players to gel, key players considering a move, suspended goalkeeper? Lots of factors, DC up to the challenge at a key point of the season? Salford not making waves at present, so avoiding a 3rd successive league defeat should not be beyond us, a goal from Wilson against his old club would be most welcome.
  7. Need to win both games in hand to get back to 3rd place, assuming the new boys can gel and the goalie situation is sorted.
  8. McKirdy certainly took the boos to heart with that deflection.
  9. 6 pointer, lots of tight games coming up.
  10. Do you know how Gibbons feels? How fit he is? Capable of 2 games full throttle close together.
  11. Part of a hand picked nodding cabinet.
  12. Some must have escaped the Johnson Purge
  13. State funded parties and no lobbying, all contracts controlled by public servants, would tighten things up. End building regulations and tax regulations being written by private companies.
  14. Apparently there is a Coop and Tesco handy for suitcase trips.
  15. Also ease Politic back to fitness after his long injury. Will be in a great position to judge him medically if signing him is an option.
  16. More parties in Downing St emerge today. When will it end?
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