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  1. I expect higher standards from public servants, as do the people who can judge on morals as well.
  2. Up to the people to keep the pot boiling until the May elections, opinion polls and the Conga campaign to come.
  3. Depends what they are investigating, Misconduct in Public Office would be quite wide ranging.
  4. The critical factor I believe is if a surge is on the same level, as with the Railway Paddock, or where steps or a slope is involved and people lose their footing.
  5. Just jumped on the bandwagon when he thought it would help him.
  6. Surprised his Russian mates and sponsors did not send him one.
  7. Because the enquiry offered would not have got anywhere like bullying etc. Johnson just throws them out or they get lost.
  8. Can kicking, who employs the Met, who picks the head?
  9. Don't need to, how do property owners get rich?
  10. He only gives out pizza when his teams win.
  11. Only the people can do that, they will not bring legal action on themselves. Whitewash coming up.
  12. He will try anything to distract from what he is doing, or kick a can down the road. His inquiry findings just gather dust.
  13. Maybe Bristol Rovers will answer the question on Tuesday or make the 4s into 5s
  14. Not off Sue Gray, ask Grenfell how far you will get.
  15. Not good at all, a recurring hamstring injury, he must now await for a specialist report on the possibilities, whilst Conlon weighs up his own options.
  16. Chance of 2 doubles on the horizon, 2 teams in widely different positions, 2 teams who failed to score against the Vale on their home grounds. Leaving FGR for a week Scunthorpe in 23rd place look the easier chance of 3 points. Goalless in their last 4 games and with a home game against Bristol Rovers on Tuesday should favour the Vale with a free week to prepare, although Injuries continue to hamper us. Worrall`s Covid and Conlon`s Achilles are unknowns at present, Gibbon`s hamstring is likely to be lengthy, Jones just a knock? Any new faces on the bench or pitch? A front foot plan as against Salford must surely produce a home win. 3-0 for me.
  17. First away clean sheet since September, Scunthorpe. Only other one FGR in August. Next 2 games at Vale Park to set us on our way?
  18. 0-0, in our usual game of 2 halves, was that our good half?
  19. The concern is that we do not know the extent of the information and who has access to the information. I can't see the US having much interest in a driving licence.
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