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  1. Now there's a name I'd forgotten. He was decent .
  2. Yes true but then was it Shrewsbury ? We ought to of been in like a shot. Since then we've had Lawrie Wilson and Zak Mills !!
  3. I'll never ever know why we never signed Grimmer permanently.
  4. Crewes sub for years has been Dave Richards he's 27
  5. Incredibly worrying. Now i'm sure Danny Pugh knows far far more than myself about football. But that is a staggering assertion. They were both way off their game on Saturday , if that is doing extremely well then somebody is going to pan us 5 or 6 nil when they have a bad game.
  6. Not even got a Wiki page. Terrible signing !!! In all seriousness i've not seen Visser as i don't bother with the Kebab Pizza Burger trophy but by all accounts he has done okay. However he never struck me as the heir to Brown. Sad that Visser is injured obviously but let us hope we have stumbled upon a good one here. Welcome Tom lad.
  7. I thought given the time possible fuelled by a few sherbets 🤣
  8. Yet you had an incredible rant yourself about John Rudge , and Carol making sandwiches !!
  9. Our 4 away games after Scunthorpe are Orient Salford Cheltenham Colchester Ouch
  10. Apparently he has an appearance clause that if he plays so many games he gets a 12 month extension and we don't want him next year talking up a large chunk of the budget. Good management decision if you ask me. Leon has been a great servant to the club but no where near good enough this year That's fair enough mate and I agree he possibly may of been released but he deserves better than internet hearsay . The club need to clarify the situation properly. Not only has he been a decent player but he's also a good ambassador . He was doing a music night at the club last March t
  11. Incredible Almost like he's on gardening leave
  12. With regards to Legge , might just be mischief but he liked a tweet suggesting he may be going to Oldham
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