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  1. 1. The mystery knocking over of our ex owner on Hamil Road 2. The mystery attack on our ex owner by 3 people wearing Vale tops 3. The newspaper links with Mario Balotelli 4. Coach punch up with Horsfield and Gannon, was it Aldershot away ? 5. The inability of numerous managers to see a left back is vital to the team. By the time others have posted there is a best selling book here for Jeff Kent
  2. I can't see for the life of me Amoo playing but surely not just because of his goal but because of his enthusiastic performance Montano has to start in the team even if Amoo was fully fit.
  3. Only the slight dig at Smith VFIA but a positive post nonetheless.
  4. indeed Tony. But football is like nothing else. Not every sacking sees clubs in turbulent times. And by the way i'm a keep Askey person.
  5. No . He's a bit of a tool. Let's face it if he can't get Sunderland up he won't cut it here
  6. What is with these reincarnations ? VFIA has had 3 aliases in no time. At least I'm consistent with my drivel from the one username
  7. Feel like I'm in a surreal universe reading that Enjoy your cigarette Sting
  8. Very valid point Phil though he possibly had more leeway as new to the job . However expectations their are huge
  9. Doyle suddenly hitting form. The laughing stock of the division a month ago now above us in the table. We aren't getting murdered , sadly don't see anything here 2-1 .
  10. If Gibbo fit yes but had Gibbo not got injured we wouldn't of signed Clark
  11. Here's one for anybody interested Question Who is the number one / first choice left back. Answers on a postcard please as I'm bewildered.
  12. Yes I also said it 18 months ago with the alleged trio of Miller, Whitfield and Hannant. Is anyone telling me that Pope or Legge for example hasn't had that person by the scruff of the neck and given them a bit of what for ? Also Brown is an experienced pro who must of encountered all sorts. If I personally worked with a disruptive influence they'd soon be taken to task and it wouldn't affect my daily output. Seems to be an inference that possibility of someone like Mckirdy Is upsetting the applecart. Again he's an easy target because he's new and somewhat of a maverick.
  13. VFIA is right that Smith has dropped his standards recently but so has pretty much the entire squad. Stevenage he played a huge part in their first goal and I thought he was terrible for Orients 3rd, stretching for a header and then ended up on the floor. However Nathan Smith is only part of a team and squad and it is unfair to continue to chastise him seemingly based on being a Lardie. Legge has also dropped off and let's face it as well as a different striker every game we seem to have a different left back every game too. That is not good for defensive cohesion. I'm not mak
  14. Totally agree, possible 8500-10'000 v Crewe, others on Saturdays could of maybe been 6500 plus big away followings. We were on a crest of a wave then, just feel in the current climate so many people are out of the habit ( not just football ) that to be enticed back there has to be something at the end of the rainbow. If it's all one big faff which will be understandable only the diehards will go. For Vale to prosper we also have to have the product on the pitch as well as off it.
  15. At lot of people are out of the habit of going to the game. Take a lot to encourage some from their armchair to watch Stevenage when we are 16th.
  16. I'm not buying it. We have had this ' excuse ' before with Miller and Hannant, the latter doing well at Cambridge with no issues. Just seems an easy cop out for an horrific run of form.
  17. Don't talk about Sam Kelly and JJ Hooper like that 😂
  18. To be fair Jacko you could argue why Southend didn't want Theo ?
  19. You make good points but the consensus was that we were very very unlucky that the season was curtailed. A lot was made of the impact of covid on squads being decimated ( Colchester mentioned umpteen times ) . We kept our squad and added what looked reasonable additions. Inexplicably Robinson and Mckirdy for whatever reason with about 25 goals between them last season aren't even in the squad as of 1-00 PM today. The optimism was not without good reason. I was hoping for automatic, and expecting play offs. It's all gone belly up
  20. According to the BBC the 2 worst records in the entire history of football are QPR away at Liverpool Orient away at Vale No reason to doubt Clem. Records are there to be broken !!
  21. Sadly yes, he's almost got a free pass hasn't he because of past form.
  22. I really don't have a clue what I want Vale to do. But one thing that is perplexing and yes I know that both were pants at Stevenage but how do you legislate for Mckirdy going from starting to not in the 16 and Robinson jettisoned completely from the squad particularly at home. You could of dropped the whole team after Tuesday. No continuity or consistently making numerous changes isn't working but as I said I don't know what I'm thinking it's all so mental. This time 2 week ago we were cruising against Tranmere .
  23. Time moves on. He has other things now and will probably never manage again.
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