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  1. 13/14 season possibly ? Brentford 7500 Bradford 6500 Wolves 12600
  2. Him and Benning give that perception don't they . Strange really as both had full pre season with us. Certainly when we watching the game that's the perception we are getting but surely they must be fit or Clarke wouldn't select them .
  3. Agree totally GR , he could easily be sat on 4 with Proctor ( yes I know he isn't ) . He is working hard , always seems to be hooked after 65 minute mark, is that a fitness issue, surely not at his age , only him and Clarke will know. He's been the subject of a lot of criticism for me unwarranted. His general play has been good My opinion is because of the type of player he is it's easy to read his body language as half hearted when actually he's running his conkers off . Also possible with the odd exception maybe Worrall and Conlon , his football brain and touch is ahead of the others so not always on the same wavelength. It'll come .
  4. That's not true . He played 32 league games. He didn't play at the end of the season because there was a mutual agreement he was seeking pastures new .
  5. As per Swindon not somewhere we travel in numbers yet I've driven it in 2 hours 15 minutes without flooring it. First game I'll miss due to an operation on Thursday but all being well I'll be out and download the foreign VPN on Saturday. A real banana skin but we have to go there confident from the off . Set us up for Orient if we can come away with something.
  6. Don't like raking up the past but i will 😂 What on earth went on between him and Aspin god only knows. The fact he was ditched considering we were so awful was staggering. Anyway back to positivity, he's superb. His workrate and commitment in any game is never in question. Absolutely runs his socks off and from the outside seems the sort of pro who would play in goal if Clarke asked him. We've all been frustrated at times that the wing back system doesn't suit him but again yesterday popped up all over adding a goal to last weeks assist. Great player.
  7. Very short thread so far . Be page 15 by now if we'd lost. I know we have to be patient but this horrible pathetic bunch of cloggers are one of many reasons to get out of this league. Unbeaten, second in the league, first ever visit to Vale park and they brought 123 fans. Utterly pathetic Mickey Mouse outfit. They came to spoil again and got their just desserts. With regards to the concussion business I'm not making light of it because the bloke had head bandaged and was down a while. But from where I was sat the second time he went down he was holding his left shin so I'm not overly convinced it was concussion. A professional performance and comfortable victory against a side who are clearly not concerned about airs and graces about how they get a result.
  8. Is there a thread on here that he isn't mentioned on ? Tedious, boring, What has he got to do with last week's game at Swindon ? Anyone got a clue please.
  9. Aside from the fact I'm biased towards Vale I genuinely didn't know that there was retrospective punishment in the lower leagues. If none of the 4 officials saw it how has this come about ? The twonk he clonked was Mr Powderpuff went down if you dared so much as to breathe on him .
  10. At Swindon we queued maybe 30 feet away from home fans. All Away fans frisked and patted whether 18 or 83. Ladies had their bags searched. Strangely home fans just strolled into the ground with no search .
  11. How are Livingston in a higher league than Vale. Pure conjecture. Based on Celtic and Rangers I assume. The rest are garbage and full of league one and two cast offs . You can't compare Scotland and England leagues , chalk and cheese . Umpteen free transfers at our level end up in Scotland. It's an abysmal league in as much as it's meant to be the cream of the crop .
  12. Have a job it was behind closed doors ! They parked the bus and got what they came for. You'd hope that given their league position they'll come to play the game rather than shut up shop
  13. This ' squad ' Clarke criticised . Here's an update on their achievements so far. Mills lost his place after costing a goal against Walsall. Perennial sub Cullen. Sub every game, played about 20 minutes all season. Brisley. Not even on the bench at moneybags Wrexham. Pope , scored a few at level 9 , well done to Tom there . Mckirdy . Odd flash of skill, rumoured to have thrown a tantrum and no longer in the Swindon squad Can't even be bothered to Google the rest And folk can't accept that the criticism was warranted . Bizarre.
  14. I was talking to one of their fans Jacko before kick off and they told me he'd stormed off in a strop. But also Garner claimed him and another lad were injured. Certainly carries baggage wherever he goes and these sort of stories aren't uncommon in his career.
  15. Given stuff like the high profile Eriksen and Muamba incidents cretins like PVFC Brandon should be up before the courts for posting stuff like that. Disgraceful.
  16. Was sad to hear Clarke mention Scapegoat in his interview after the game. Absolutely no need . We all know an average show against Harrogate and some will boo at the end. Crazy.
  17. Yes I think on the transfer thread on here before deadline day somebody wanted a keeper signed 😳
  18. The Covolan haters need to get a grip. He's the type of keeper liable for an error in the sweeper keeper role. However he's crucified on here based on his bonkers week at Chesterfield and Northampton. FGR away he was immense, claimed everything. Rochdale he was blamed for a couple on here , extremely harsh in my opinion. Yesterday a couple of rash decisions, particularly in injury time with lack of communication with Jones but he also made the superb save you mentioned to keep it at 1-1 and on a couple of occasions did the sweeper keeper job excellently with great anticipation of a long ball. He's a good keeper and I really hope the fans can take to him . Probably some people on here voted for him to be sponsored by OVF as he's a character are also now sticking the knife in. We have spluttered and stalled at times but 7 games in and with a great bench we are going to steadily be involved at the business end. I'm confident of that. Super Cov
  19. No sympathy from me for the guy who got walloped by Rodney. He seems to be the type who fancies he is wonderful. Went down on numerous occasions and one time made a dramatic Lazarus like recovery after rolling around on the half way line. Much amusement and boos from us at his CHEATING
  20. Can't believe I've witnessed a win at Swindon. Unbelievable. The passion of Clarke at the end was absolutely brilliant to see. Talk about pumped up. Can people get off his back and leave it to him . 2 fantastic away wins. Yes we were all disappointing last week at how we unravelled. Clarke is steadily righting a ship which had been sinking since 2017 bar a few good months in the covid curtailed season.
  21. Both changes Cass and Rodney were poor last week. Redemption today I hope.
  22. According to Swindon fan I just been talking to Mckirdy has left the ground. From that I assume not in the squad. Pity .
  23. Just home from China crisis at Leek. Nobody wants my free ticket either tomorrow. Keep the faith we'll get a result.
  24. My son is unable to go tomorrow due to illness . He's got an 18-21 ticket. Free to first person who posts that they want it. Can swap numbers and I'll meet you outside the turnstile. Free to a good home SVA
  25. How on earth was he responsible for the first? I sit about 10 rows back to the right of the goal in the Bycars . Was almost slow motion. I had a perfect view . It was a quality placed header , as you say he wasn't responsible. He had little chance.
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