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  1. I hope they do . Be rubbing my hands about Rodney tearing Mills or Fitzpatrick a new one or Whitehead puffing and panting as Conlon ghosts past him Very few if any of the rabble are likely to come back to haunt us
  2. From the word go Clarke has said it how it is . He's been accused of being rude, prickly, umpteen other things . What is he meant to say when in the heat of the moment a journalist doing their job asks questions such as the Pope playing his last game for the club . He doesn't suffer fools gladly whether it be the press, opposition managers or his own players. Some of the players have hoodwinked him today with a truly terrible performance. No wonder he was prickly. I want more of the same, sick of the nicey nicey tickle your belly Port Vale. Clarke is a winner an
  3. Alternatively you end up with the old pals club of Ryan Lloyd, Fitzpatrick, Whitehead etc . Oh yes come and play for Port Vale it's lovely, like one big reunion from our Macc days
  4. Joyce struggled today blowing out of his backside at times . Pope to be fair had no service but he looked like he'd been sat with me every weekend, a few bottles and a takeaway after the game. I have every faith in Mr Clarke
  5. Brainless Brian. Bloody hope not.
  6. Think you can count on maybe one finger the amount of contracts offered .
  7. Two players I identify with were here for one season only and the other one a season and a bit Bobby Newton and Gareth Ainsworth. Both winners , both wholehearted players who gave their all. And a winning mentality. That's what I want to identify with.
  8. The only surprise to me will be if any are retained 👌
  9. I think this rule has been in for years where they all play at the same time. Recall in the 80's Coventry beating Everton 4-1 who had already been crowned Champions. It's all about integrity , also was it that infamous Germany Austria game in the World cup that was basically a fix. Obvious extenuating circumstances today but had results gone their way this late kick off would of stank to high heaven
  10. Any re-evaluation ? I was for a mass clear out as my previous posts will back up. Brisley has been decent with Legge and Smith but was awful without Legge. That doesn't bode well. Maybe a complete reset ? Release the lot and settle up on a few others ? Problem then is gelling a whole new team together but we have to trust the powers that be to do so.
  11. Wasn't Hart replaced purely on passing out from the back ability by Pep rather than pure goalkeeping skills ?
  12. Could of come 11th, one more goal against and we'll be 14th. Dire effort today, and again proof that anything other than 9 of our strongest team starting and we are crap. The back up boys are abysmal.
  13. This is Walsall-esque without fans . Was it 0-5 that day ?
  14. Oh dear we've all regressed , have they been to a seance . Dreadful from Brown
  15. The EFL given them dispensation so if results go for them then they will know exactly what they need to do 🤣🤣
  16. These last two games in hindsight are probably exactly what was needed. Can't knock that run we had it was incredible but Clarke Is nobodies fool and I reckon possibly 5 of these are playing their last game for the club.
  17. Mckirdy Olagunju Pope and Joyce are either A , Garbage or B, anonymous
  18. Grimsby and Southend are challenging their relegation https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57022942 Unfair they say !!!
  19. Well seeing as Henderson also won the player of the month somebody must have footage of Salford scoring a Calvin Andrew type goal to complete the hat-trick ? https://www.efl.com/news/2021/may/april-player-of-the-month-winners-announced/#:~:text=Sky Bet League Two%3A Ian,he began it – in form. Plucky little Salford.
  20. Really excellent letter Jacko let us see what standard drivel they reply with.
  21. To be fair it's no great deal but I don't understand the criteria for winning it. Some wag off Skybet Ivor Davies is quoted ' Salford were the in form team in league 2 last month ' Bizarre
  22. A certain Mr Stelling revelled in that result. To all intents and purposes it was as close to match fixing as you could get .
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