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  1. Probably not, although some games particularly at home i want to see us start more front foot. The wing backs as often commented can see Worrall very deep at times. It's always about the players on the day not a formation. Either way we need to be at it and get an early goal for confidence. Start on the front foot, get the crowd behind them. Ponderous plodding and zero oomph will make it a flat occasion. The season won't be defined by Scunthorpe but this is a game we have to win in my book.
  2. It is a fair way mate, last time we got a taxi to the game from Victoria, cost about a tenner. As it was a nice August day we walked back, maybe 45 minutes walk. Won't be doing that in February. Looked like regular buses but they were all rammed hence we had a stroll back into Manchester.
  3. i think he means if ever there is a game not to have 5 at the back then an horrific bottom of the league team at home is the game to go 4-4-3 or 4-4-2 we shouldn't be stacked with 5 at the back against Scunthorpe, however you dress up the formation.
  4. What has training methods got to do with for example a broken foot or a collision with the Walsall keeper ?
  5. Spot on. We are all frustrated. I now think we have to be patient. There's no doubt we are on an upward curve. We may have to wait until August with a clean slate now. What has happened has been freakish, disastrous and unprecedented. Nobody could of forseen the horrendous luck we have had. Get the feeling if we don't make the top 7 the Clarke out brigade and Flitcroft is a fraud merchants will be pretty high profile on here. Nobody can be certain of anything in football, but even with Proctor out up to early November it looked to me like a very good chance of top 3 . Now it's a huge effort to keep in touch with the top 7. I'll be very disappointed of course but won't be pointing fingers at anyone, it's just been unbelievable. Somebody has ran over a Black cat or stirred a gypsy curse.
  6. Well a complete non event , both keepers could of lit a big Cuban and sat on a deckchair. In the grand scheme of things it was a very good point against a team who are good at home. I did think they were poor but our second string didn't have the guile to beat them unfortunately. 5 of the team that lined up at home v Orient were missing and only 3 of the 7 subs from that day were in yesterdays squad. so in effect 9 of the 18 from the home game were missing for various reasons. We've been absolutely decimated and it's on the verge of killing any hopes. Anything now for me is a bonus because i don't see in current circumstances how we get back on the horse and turn this around. Plus points were a gritty display where everybody gave their all. Hall was outstanding and Martin and Smith also played admirably. We just lacked a final ball or any semblance of a cutting edge. Our away support was fantastic 644 on the back of 4 succesive defeats is nearly 300 more than they brought to us when they were top 3. Surely 5.00 pm Saturday things will look slightly better after a Calvin Andrew style goal off someone's butt beats Scunthorpe.
  7. Catching the 7-53 that goes London but don't think tickets are valid direct so change at Stafford. Have a look at train times Stoke to Stafford 8-08 isn't on the timetable. What a pain. Good job you and Rodge contacted me. I'll try to get a lift to Stafford See you tomorrow mate Meeting Clint and Kyle at Euston
  8. I had an email saying the 8-08 isn't stopping at Stoke.now.We booked that train & change at Stafford. So what you doing instead Stu ? I've had nothing from Trainline
  9. 8-08 from Stoke for myself. Love a London or Manchester away game .
  10. Might possibly be another Burton. Initial panic followed by not selling out. I sense people's appetite waning slightly. I'll be there, can't beat a Manc day out, Oldham, Bury, Salford. Joke club and cesspit of a ground. Bring it on.
  11. So as we couldn't fill our bench I assume he's injured but I don't know if it's me missing snippets of information but what the heck is his injury?
  12. The Rodney situation is really strange I think I'm right in saying he hobbled off in the driving rain at Bristol Rovers on December 7th and hasn't featured since ? . Six and a half weeks ago and not really any information on his whereabouts.
  13. The supercomputer has us playing Sutton in the play off semi final Where Mansfield Town - and every other League Two team will finish - according to the Supercomputer predictions | Mansfield and Ashfield Chad WWW.CHAD.CO.UK
  14. It's clear to see in the cold light of day that injuries have crippled our season. I'm struggling to see how we dig ourselves out at the moment. I don't think I'm being negative, merely realistic.
  15. Rather than don't work I'd prefer to say its a hell of a lot to expect two rookies aged 19 to lead the line in the harsh world of league 2.
  16. Wow you've marked high . Stone 5 Worrall 4 Smith 3 Hall 6 Gibbo 6 Hussey 6 Garrity 7 Pett 6 Walker 5 Harritt 6 Edmonson 5 Martin 3 Wilson 5 Amoo 5
  17. He wasn't worth breaking our wage structure for that's correct But you don't know why everyone wanted him to stay ? Really ? I'd of thought last nights feeble attempts to equalise are as good as any. He made things happen.
  18. Proctor is the main one. Rodney is the forgotten man and Conlon only last night we found out. If Proctor is a March job I'm afraid my expectation will plunge .
  19. Home form a big concern. Lost 3 of the last 4. League Two - home and away tables WWW.SOCCERSTATS.COM
  20. If he's the one who played at Kidsgrove he is tiny for a keeper and looked about 14. Even so surely as an absolute last resort he could of been on the bench.
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