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  1. What is it about Vale losing that you get off on ? You came out with bile after Rochdale and barely posted since You are either a lardie on a wind up or just love to have a moan. What exactly are you sick of ? Northampton lost , absolute nothing match, probably 0-0 was fair result. Rochdale lost played some exhilarating stuff . Yes we messed it up but also promising signs which were followed by 4 successive league wins . Sutton. Played some tremendous stuff , awful defending and a combination of bad luck bad ref and bad defending. I repeat , what exactly are you sick of ? It's a joke isn't it that we aren't 11-0-0 on 33 points .
  2. Not sure if you can view a posters history on here. I remember said poster coming out with utter drivel after Rochdale I'm sure ( again might be wrong) that on that occasion he accused Carol of ' falling for the waffle ' It's staggering we have so called supporters who revel in defeat and can't wait to spout their bitter diatribe
  3. First post as my battery was dying on the train home. Wow it's knicker wetting season I see. Lloyd getting pelters , conveniently forgetting his superb closing down got us the winner at Swindon. Love how he's just written off as tripe. We murdered them football wise with some cracking fast play. Obviously you can't let a 2-0 and 3-2 lead slip like we did. Just seems to be one of those days sadly. Huge deflection spawning their way back in just before half time. The second I was the opposite side to the none throw in incident but people in the seats would have had a better view. Looked clear that Jones flicked the ball into their player . That said we still have to defend the situation. And the winner well it looked to me ( might be wrong ) that the ref reversed his initial decision and decided to book Lloyd. Again dreadful defending though despite awful refereeing. The subs were baffling but Proctor is playing with a niggle hanging over him by the sounds of it. Wilson hasn't lasted beyond about 65th minute all season which is strange. I thought we played some lovely stuff at times but ultimately got Wimbledoned by a rough and ready team. Clarke himself pretty much said Legge or Martin on and we win the game. It's gone. Again more pages when we lose because that's the Vale way isn't it. I believe some of our fans were fighting amongst themselves afterwards and one of the fun bus drunkards disgraced himself prior to kick off and somehow managed to get himself arrested at such an innocuous cesspit as Sutton . Everyone calm down we are a decent team.
  4. Patel and Johnson seemed unimpressed with them the other day. Just drive over their toes , ouch.
  5. Brilliant news . Forget the kiss of death we'll get something tomorrow. RZ be congratulating soon I imagine.
  6. Olaofe is back there missed last Saturday but has been playing. They also have Donovan Wilson who played a few on loan for us
  7. Their defeat was Oldham who did a Vale v Orient. Two very late goals .
  8. Agree completely. People got feathers ruffled early doors when we couldn't score and yes I was at Stevenage for that abysmal first half display. But we were playing better than our results suggested at the time I don't think the mindset of the players is fragile and weak any more , seem more backbone about the whole place. What happened after Kings Lynn and Tranmere will remain a mystery but I agree with you that this squad has more bouncebackability !
  9. darren1810

    the 3

    Having looked at the voting and people keeping Amos after one appearance ( nothing against the lad ) I think the question has got folk confused I had to read it 3 times. 😂
  10. But they didn't start in the game you predicted !! Sorry just messing. Proctor is currently undroppable. In fact that applies to all the team. If they have the shirt and keep the same standard up why change for change sake .
  11. Hope reciprocated and sent express or they'll be stale if normal snail mail. Seriously well done to Vale and well done to you, nice gesture. As for Olly seemingly surprised we sold out, 500 for a brand new ground and flying at the moment I expected nothing less surely ?
  12. Fair journey from Cornwall for a night match
  13. Garrity will be a big loss but this is now an opportunity for Jake Taylor. He's not a bad replacement is he . Certainly an upgrade on the likes of Callum Evans in recent times. I hope we are respectful to Bennett. I personally didn't think he was Harry Kane but neither was he as bad as some made out on here . He was ok nothing more nothing less , some couldn't accept he kept you know who out of the team but at the time it was on merit. Looking forward to ticking off a new ground and hopefully continue our good run of form.
  14. I agree Rodders has to wait his turn now however let's not forget in his last game ( Swindon) he absolutely terrorised them and had a cracking game. PS I thought our come back was good, this one last night was berserk. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58715439
  15. Sure Hurst is fit , he was on the video running on the pitch with Rodney at the final whistle on Saturday. Legge was injured at Stevenage August 21st. Said 3 months job so be amazed to see him back before December .
  16. Completely forgot about Lloyd. He plays in my book. Need to rest as many as possible tonight whilst giving squad players minutes to put their case forward. As already seen Walker out and I've seen no news yet on Garrity , the squad is going to play huge part this season.
  17. Stone Gibbo Johnson Martin Benning Taylor Conlon Walker ( unlikely to be fit ) Amoo Rodney Politic I'd do 4-3-3 due to personnel. Sub Gibbo after 45, likewise Conlon. I'm starting Conlon as don't think he's yet been his brilliant self so another 45 under his belt won't hurt . If as expected Garrity is out and realistically Walker won't be fit enough then Pett might have to play.
  18. Rain knocked a fair few off the attendance. Not many more than Harrogate unfortunately the curse of typical match day weather struck
  19. Brilliant. And I'll also say fair play to Pratley who looked humble and sporting at the end in comparison to his Muppet team mate Harold Smith .
  20. I agree. Think we have a chance with Politic but get a feeling that Newcastle are giving Cass an opportunity to get men's football and possibly won't sell yet. Wouldn't surprise me next season to see him at a higher level ( hopefully with us ) A ball playing centre half , I mean that cross for Proctor was inch perfect. He clearly is relishing game time and has licence to roam . There's no harm Vale enquiring. If you don't ask you don't get.
  21. Interesting looking back at threads on here Yesterday 415 posts and still going after an incredible game . Scunny 366 Harrogate 253 Rochdale 411 I wonder why the Rochdale thread was so popular !! No coincidence Is it ?
  22. Nicking this off a mate but very valid points he made , aside from the odd loan where sometimes it's difficult to settle or get game time he has spent most of his career at a higher level. This run in the team is doing him the world of good. He's missed some sitters for sure but his contribution has been top drawer . Jamie Proctor - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  23. Worrall is right wing back. Jones is left sided centre half.
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