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  1. I don't think you were foolish Rob at all , we have to have the questions. Personally I feel you stick by a main number one. People wanted him dropped after Northampton. You can't be having either keeper on pins about one mistake and you are out. Say Lucas plays 15, Stone 8, Lucas 7, Stone 12 etc .. that is not the way forward. Defence would be uncertain as they need to strike up a bond. I agree totally with the article and Lucas is the main man but not immune to scrutiny. However as a specialist position he's under far more scrutiny than outfield players who couldn't pass the ball to a white shirt the other night
  2. Because Cass is showing to be a footballing centre half who roams and makes great passes in a five I'm not convinced of him in a flat back four . I'd personally go Smith and Martin if we go 4-3-3 .
  3. Midfield like a sieve yesterday. It certainly was . Couldn't keep possession. But I think we can give them a bit of leeway. Pett has been a steadily improving player, Garrity an unexpected bonus has been excellent and hopefully Conlon can now find his form. I'm sure that the more physical attributes of Walker will see him get plenty of minutes and the last two aways he'd of been perfect. Certainly wouldn't like to be making the choice of which one of Pett and Garrity makes way , I'm assuming as Conlon is captain he's number one midfielder.
  4. Given the debate on here about our two keepers ( I'm firmly in the Lucas camp ) I thought this was an interesting article from one of the greatest ever goalkeepers. I'm in firm agreement with Schmeichel that you have a number one. Yes they aren't undroppable that is ludicrous but to chop, change and give uncertainty is asking for trouble. Lucas all the way for me . Schmeichel slams Ole Gunnar Solskjaer over Man Utd duo: 'It's not rocket science' WWW.FOOTBALL365.COM
  5. Basically you can't sell all your prize possessions like they did and expect the production line to have a ready made replacement. Football tends to go in cycles in the lower leagues and every dog will have its day. I do enjoy the games against them but no tears shed by me if they go down. Cannot abide Artell and the fact that the Morse character still has a job on RS is staggering given the fact he is an absolute denier and critical of people like Woodward and Walters.
  6. I can see people's points of views and a keeping error is more high profile and noticeable. Nobody surely wanted Conlon dropped after his nice pass to the Orient player for their second goal . I'm for sticking with Cov but if Clarke feels it's time for Stone then fair enough. PS My Conlon quip is tongue in cheek
  7. 12-15 quid admission. Try get half decent crowd .
  8. Could of been far worse Bonus if we win. If not concentrate on the league.
  9. He should of done better than he did but it didn't cost us luckily. Hopefully a blip . Concerns have been about his kicking when out of goal not his shot stopping so let's give him leeway. Loved Brown but last year he definitely cost us points against Walsall and Cheltenham , so far I'd argue Lucas cost us maybe the opportunity of a point at Northampton and that's it. Personally it was such a melee and scrap of bodies I don't hold him responsible for the Sutton winner . Yes I get he's not exempt from criticism but I think the words from Clarke will suffice surely . He's had some good games and when people are even questioning had he even made a save of note it's ridiculous. He's sponsored by us give the guy a break. He'll learn and move on.
  10. I also had a gander on their forum. Seemed a pretty fair bunch and a couple of them also felt My little pony should of received a straight red instead of a yellow. Must be honest I'll go all Arsene Wenger here and say I didn't see it properly. Think he retaliated against Conlon. Another site I use there is now an anti Vale creeping in by a few Orient fans. Bless .
  11. He made an absolute worldie away at Stevenage tipping it on the post. Anyone who saw that save will agree it was exceptional.
  12. Speedy looked completely baffled by this new thing at Port Vale , up to date technology .
  13. The fact that we kicked off today suggests Barrow swapped ends ?
  14. Tuesday the other 6 in Promotion and play off places play each other. 3 draws please and a Vale win 🤔
  15. There's absolutely no advantage it's purely psychology. Like Liverpool kicking towards the Kop 2nd half is their tradition. As a Bycars fan I must admit it always does my head in . But in reality it makes no odds .
  16. What pleases me is a few players have yet to find the X factor yet. I don't mean that in a critical way. Pett is okay I think there's way more to come. Controversial this bit now ? I think Conlon is way off the Conlon of last season, miles off. So add to that Walker who hasn't got started properly yet to be 3rd is excellent. Special mention to Garrity again his energy Is unbelievable. And nice to see Wilson really really run his conkers off today at both ends of the pitch .
  17. Excellent character shown after a very mediocre first half. Tuesdays fixtures are brilliant for us. Lots of the top teams play each other. Come on Vale make your mark by beating Mansfield. Very content tonight. Slightly concerned about Proctor as that niggle might be more serious. Hopefully precautionary .
  18. Gibbons having a shocking game . Poor control. Challenge on Proctor when Proctor was trying flick it on to him. Really out of sorts . Come on Gibbo lad up your game second half. These are very very average at best.
  19. If that's the case it coincided with his ban. He was banned for Harrogate Scunthorpe and Orient but was available last week at Sutton where he was in the crowd. Of course I'm not taking into account Paint pot games
  20. But he's not on leave. Can't be that surely. He was on the pitch after Orient and was also in the stand at Sutton sat with Walker and Hurst .
  21. Bizarrely selected for the next game at Swindon and what do you know he had a belting game Time flies, because of his ban it's 5 weeks since he played a game. As bad as he was against Rochdale he's definitely a go to sub for me.
  22. Bang on the money. Had no idea what he actually was .
  23. I don't think anything went wrong. He was one of many signings who have bitten the dust in the summer. Just didn't work out. Good luck to him at Altrincham.
  24. Bailey ? He's nowhere near the squad mate as good a prospect as he may well turn out.
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