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  1. Probably get slated for saying but I thought that was an awful game of football between two clubs who looked like they are going nowhere other than midtable. A fantastic advert for league 2 earlier in the season when we played them, for any neutral watching today, it would have been a shocker and if you had 2 stewards in either goal would have remained goalless. I get we have injuries but Conlon, Gibbons and Worrall have been playing regularly in the 9 games before where we have been really poor. I just wanted something to get me out of my seat but there was nothing there at all. I don't get why we have the keeper in injury time acting like we are nil nil at Man City, they were dreadful and I think any of the other top teams would have won there today. The only positives were yet another good showing from Hall and Walker who were excellent but we desperately need another midfielder bringing in before next week. If the manager wants to persist with that formation, it has to be Cass, Hall and Jones as the back 3. Smith and Martin has the wide centre backs offer nothing going forward which you need if playing this way and if we are going to play with no wingers and 2 up front, it means Amoo should not be out there, he will never ever be a striker. Sorry for the moan but I just don't see how we are going to turn this around and what looked like a great season is turning looks like it is going horribly wrong. I hope I am proved wrong but unless we get some creativity into that team this season will turn in a damp squib.
  2. Was poor on Satrday but for me against Brentford he was our best player.
  3. Most saying that we ditched the 532 formation, I thought last night it was the same, maybe after having a birthday drink prior to the game I couldn't see properly what was going on. It looked like Gibbo Hall and Smith in the middle with Worrall and Hussey the wing backs, maybe I am wrong but that is how I saw it. After giving it time to think about the performance, whilst definitely an improvement on Saturday's disaster, I am really worried that this season is going to turn into a missed opportunity. We have players that look miles off what they were earlier in the season namely Pett, Smith and Worrall and I know he was injured last night but Conlon too. There is something lacking from midfield and has been for the last 7/8 games, even before the enforced break and I think we need something different brining in. I look at the table and while we still look in a decent position, the next couple of weeks are massive, we are now the same points off 3rd as we are ahead of 20th, just don't want to see us sliding down the table and end up with a season in midtable.
  4. Not sure it has to be 352 again, for me Worrall and Amoo either side of Harratt and lets start on the front foot instead of sitting back.
  5. The last time we played well for me was Colchester at home in October, I thought we were bang average at Bristol Rovers and thankfully they had 10 men nearly the whole game. Tonight is a big game and not just 3 points, I would like us to see play well again having gone around 9/10 games since a decent performance.
  6. Stone Gibbons Smith Hall Hussey Walker Conon Garrity Worrall Harratt Politic
  7. Shocking performance today, yet another moment of madness from Covolan, I called it straight away that he would be gone, why the need to jump up like that I have no idea. The first 45 minutes we got battered and other than the goal we offered nothing. I thought other than Hall and Harratt, the rest were woeful. The worry for me is that this performance has been coming for a while in the league, since Crawley away we have got 7 points from 7 games, in that time we haven't play well in the league at all, Walsall, Newport and Swindon we were a massive second best in all these games. Something has to change because the midfield 3 have been off their game during this time and getting overrun. Massive game on Tuesday as we could easily be half way down the league in a few weeks and Carol hasnt spent all this money to be there. For me changes needed and a change of formation, the beginning of the season we were in people's faces, on the front foot, creating chances and now look a long way from that team. My team going forward Stone Gibbons Smith Hall Hussey Walker Conlon Garrity Worrall Harratt Politic
  8. Assuming the match is on, anyone any idea on where to park nearby, looking on the Football League Guide, very little in the way of parking available.
  9. I might be wrong but don't think there is any testing in National League and North and South whereas in EFL, testing a couple of times a week.
  10. Don't think he is, thought it was a one match ban for 5 yellows in the first 19 games, after that you have to get 10 yellows before you get banned.
  11. You might be right and in a few weeks we could be in a similar situation but for me the integrity of the league is gone with how things are likely to be going, surely you can't enforce teams to play with 7 missing for COVID. I would be annoyed if the likes of Northampton and Newport get an easy run against weakened teams when at full strength and we are forced to play with only 15 fit players. I know we had lots of injured players but this is completely different.
  12. Would have just made sense to have a 2 or 3 week break, you could have a team with 6 or 7 cases, maybe have 14 players able play and they are forced to play against a team with no cases.
  13. Utter joke, already five matches in League 2 off, lot of the top teams not going to be playing, Sutton, Harrogate, Exeter, Swindon, Newport, Forest Green and Northampton all not playing.
  14. VAR is not the problem, it's the clowns that we have operating it that is the problem. Looking back on the last 2 major tournaments in the World Cup in 2018 and the Euro's we never had the issues we see every week in the premier league. I did not think the officiating could get worse but in the last 2 weeks seen some awful decisions and no they don't even themselves out over a season.
  15. If you think Klopp moans a lot you should watch Arsenal, never seen a sides manager, bench and players moan and in the refs faces since Fergie's side of the 90s.
  16. Well done to Carol for cutting the prices for this one, such an expensive time of year with Christmas, so many matches for all the fans and a sensible decision to try and get as many fans as possible to the game.
  17. Well I hope that we have absoutely no cases at all, this is an awful disease that may well give the majority some very light symptoms, however I really hope as few if any get this and we are at the Vale on Saturday. I am sure Clarke would be thinking the same as me.
  18. Very disappointing today, I get we are depleted in the forward areas but I did not think the midfield would get completely overrun which is what happened. I thought all 3 midfielders were really poor and never in the game and regardless of who was up front the service was awful. For me I thought with Worrall injured it was the perfect chance to get Gibbo on the right and bring Benning back in on the left. I thought taking Legge off was a mistake, should have put him up front, we were just kicking it long and Legge one of the few good headers of a ball we have, 10 minutes to go would have been an option. Not seen a replay of the red card yet, thought it was a good tackle at the time myself, however a couple said looked dangerous.
  19. Neither would I but they will definitely be on before us. I think it will be a good thing not been on and hopefully means a much bigger gate.
  20. Millwall v Palace, very tasty London Derby, West Ham v Leeds, Forest v Arsenal, all will be on before our game.
  21. Replays are in place up to and including the 4th round.
  22. Could do with Brentford beating Chelsea in the last 8 of the Carabao Cup in a couple of weeks, that way they would have a 2 legged semi final either side of playing us, sure they would be concentrating on that.
  23. After refelecting for half an hour, I think this is a decent draw, regardless of what people think of Brentford, they are a Premier League team and we haven't seen one down at the Vale for over 20 years in the FA Cup, maybe I am wrong on that. I hope we can get 9000+, be disappointed if we don't, if we get over 7000 against Bradford at 12.00 on a Saturday on TV surely we should be looking at pushing 10k. With Stoke also at home, not sure what day we will be playing. Looking at the draw, there is no chance of this being on, United v Villa, West Ham v Leeds, Millwall v Palace, Hull v Everton, Forest v Arsenal, Swindon v Man City all will be on before ours, maybe one of those Sunday matches where so many on for foreign channels.
  24. Half a day off work tomorrow to go to Bristol, forecast looks awful with heavy rain, £20.00 to stand in an open terrace is shocking. Despite booking the afternoon off, I would be happy to see the game called off as long as early enough and get it arranged for the New Year when we will have a few forward players return from injury.
  25. Got a feeling that it will be Harrogate away and with no one having been before, we will end up going consecutive weekends.
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