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  1. Agree he took some stick maybe undeserved but Vale fans will put up with a lot but if you put the effort in, our fans tend to stay with them. He just looks completely off the pace, uninterested and sadly for me there was a lack of effort there and looks like he has put some weight on from last season. At times today reminded of a quicker JJ Hooper. I thought Clarke got his decisions completely wrong today, big fan of the manager but dropping Walker was a mistake and then unless we had injuries, there should have been 1 change at half time. WIth 30 minutes plus to play, to make all 3 changes left us up against it. We had a few knocks and could not bring anyone else on. I would like to have seen Politic come on, speaking to a few Bolton fans on Tuesday night, they were raving about him and said too good for our league, I know he's trying to be careful after a long injury but feel the time has come for him to have some minutes. Early days but we really need to get that first home win to keep the crowd coming along, great gate today, but fans want to see winning football matches and 4 matches (1 in cup) and still no wins. I am keeping the faith but Swindon and Harrogate next up does not get any easier.
  2. Underwhelmed by the signing but then again same where I saw that we signed Garrity. For me I expected a young player from a Premier League team or Championship, not 4th choice forward from Cheltenham. For me there is so much talent at Under 23 level in the Premier League that we as a club never seem to go for. I guess that is where we are at currently that we are signing reserves from a club like Cheltenham. Anyway good luck to the lad and happy to be proved wrong and hope to see him get some minutes tomorrow night.
  3. Just seen the highlights and I didnt realise that Rodney took the ball cleanly and it was a good challenge and not even a free kick. I think I might need a trip to Specsavers as I thought at the time it was a poor challenge but their players got him booked but overall I thought he was one of the better referees.
  4. Lots of changes for this whilst still been able to keep a strong starting 11. For me something like this; Stone Gibbons Cass Smith Johnson Benning Conlon Taylor (if fit) Garrity Rodney Bailey 8 changes from Saturday, Smith is one of those players that could play 3 times a week no problem throughout the season and also always seems to play in this competition as well. Benning has been in and out so another start would not do him any harm to try and get up to full match fitness, looked good yesterday I thought. Garrity looks like he could run all day, great fitness levels shown. I wanted to get Amoo into the team but playing with 3 or 5 at the back find it hard to see how he breaks in unless Clarke sees him going up top.
  5. Afternoon started off badly after stewards refusing us access to go in their supporters club. I have been in there a few times before, always seemed friendly and no problem and with no other pubs nearby, it meant a trip to the local convenience store to grab a couple of cans, first time resulted in having to do this since Canvey Island. Today was a thoroughtly professional performance and throughout the team there was no weak link at all. I could make a case for anyone getting man of the match but special mention to Garrity and Proctor who were superb. I have to admit I was underwhelmed when hearing of Garrity's signing but happy to be proved wrong, he was excellent and what energy levels he has. Proctor led the line superbly and him and Wilson proved what a good partnership they can be. Myself I still would like to see that further forward brought in despite today's result, I still feel you need 4 recognised forwards incase of injuries and then having Bailey as back up.
  6. Still keeping the faith and maintain that we have better players all over the pitch but the first 45 minutes today was really awful. For me that looked like 5-3-2 formation, with Worrall looking like he was playing in the midfield 3 until the second half. Not seen a replay of the goal but the wall didn't look right and 5 minutes later the same happened again and we got away with it, surely the keeper should be positioning them better, maybe I'm being harsh on him. Second half much better but still lacking that bit of quality. I don't buy that we had a really tough stuff as made out, Carlisle and Stevenage are 2 bang average mid-table sides, they will not be challenging at the end of the season and Northampton and Tranmere beaten at home. I agree very early days but for me these next 3 games are tougher than the 3 games we just had.
  7. I have to say that if everyone was fit, I go along with Breadwinner team. We have a slight problem although looking decent at the back, this 5 at the back is not working for us and is restricting us going the other way. With all the signings in the summer of centre backs, we now have 6 with Legge, Smith, Johnson, Martin, Jones and Cass, I know Cass and Jones can play full back but their main positions are in the middle. For me this was 1 centre half too many and will mean that Clarke will stick with this 5 at the back for as long as possible. I genuinely believe that we have far better players than last year all over the pitch and for me we are a striker away from having a challenging team. The team reminds me of the LDV season when we struggled up until Christmas and then when Brooker came we went on that great run.
  8. Covolan Cass Smith Martin Benning Pett Walker Conlon Worrall Proctor Rodney
  9. Just wondered where further forward in our current formation he could play, he is currently the wing back which involves him having to do the defensive work as well as providing the attacking play down the right. For me Worrall is a winger in a 4 or the wide player in a front 3. He has played a couple of games in central midfield but don't think that is his position so whilst playing this 352 or 532 whatever it is , where he is now is the only position I see him playing. I completely agree he has to be played further forward but think this will have to be a change of shape by the manager and not sure he will do it yet.
  10. Completely agree, last night was shocking and the ref had a word with their keeper and he then proceeded to take even longer and no booking for him. Like you say we do it as well, Brown was a master at it but it is ruining the game. The one that gets to me is when a keeper makes a simple catch and collapses to the floor when a goal up with a few minutes to go. They know that refs will not add this time on at the end. Does the 6 second rule exist anymore?
  11. I thought she was dreadful, struggled to keep up with play, a number of offsides in the first half she got wrong. In the second half, a couple of occasions she was waiting for the ref make the decision rather than flag herself. I don't like to have a go at officials but all 3 were awful tonight. Tonight for me proved that we are far better with 4 at the back and Worrall has to play further forward, we looked really dangerous once the subs were made and thought we deserved a penalty shoot out.
  12. Can't believe we got people already wanting Legge back in the side, he's 36 and we have moved on, yes he will do a job if needs be with injuries and suspensions but we have to look to the future. For me we have 3 decent centre backs in Martin, Johnson and Smith, good potential in Cass and Legge is 5th choice now. I think we have far more worries than the defence and that is a lack of creativity, I hope I am wrong and very early but don't see this side creating enough.
  13. There is no way that is a foul by their player, if that is a foul you might as well give up challenging for a ball and there would be 60+ fouls in every game.
  14. Thought myself he clipped him and it was a sending off but shocking from Northampton players right up against the ref calling for the red card, just let refs get on with the game, he might well have given the red card but their players definitely made sure it was happening.
  15. I might be the only one disappointed at just over 1000 tickets been sold but really expected these tickets to go quickly. This is the first game in 18 months, an hour and half away. Even Walsall that small team down the road sold over 1250 to Tranmere which is further than us to get to Northampton. Our away support usually great and I'm sure be a lot of noise generated but still does not feel like the season is less than 48 hours away.
  16. Any idea where fans can park, last time I went by car, I managed park next to TGI Friday's, was planning on phoning Northampton tomorrow to see what is available.
  17. 800 wasn't too bad for a match on a Sunday lunchtime that was on tele.
  18. I think I must be on my own for thinking that Wilson looked decent, did not have much service but felt he held the ball up well, linked the play and yes he snatched at the one chance he had but for me he did well and thought he had a better game than Rodney.
  19. I know people will think I am a bit of moaner and apologies if it had been advertised but why was it not common knowledge that tickets were going on sale today. Surely there could have been something posted yesterday to indicate this was happening and for people to make arrangements. I had a phone call from a friend just after 12.00 to say they had been on sale. I got at the Vale just after 1.00pm and then queued up maybe just over an hour before getting my tickets. I managed to get 3 tickets, all season ticket holders, they were asking for their name and addresses at the ticket office. I think people will be surprised and this will be a sell-out, people have been starved of football for a long time and these tickets will be gone this week.
  20. Undecided whether to go on coach or drive, am I right in thinking if someone was to test positive having been on the coach, everyone who been on that coach would have to isolate or just those within a couple of metres.
  21. Just think it be a big ask for a 17 year old up against seasoned pro centre halves, not very often you get players of that age making a mark in league 2, happy to be proved wrong though. I have not seen him play yet so should not judge but feel better if we can get that 4th striker in. Clarke likes to play 2 up top, 2 strikers needed on the bench. It's one thing Man City playing with no recognised striker, League 2 is completely different, you have to have someone up there.
  22. We definitely need another striker, Robinson is not wanted by the manager and I don't blame him, not good enough for me. We have 3 strikers and an unproven youngster, Bailey might be great but I suspect he might go out on loan for experience, he is just 17. We could have one injury for one of the 3 strikers and then left with a 17 year old on the bench.
  23. I don't think anyone on here posted that the match was going to be easy and a walkover for us. What we had was a great opportunity that might not come along again for such a long time, I have confidence it will but it may not be as easy in future tournaments. We had so many things in our favour with the home advantage, weather conditions, we all know we struggle in the heat. I just felt that instead of giving it a go, we were passive and allowed Italy to control the vast majority of the game and he was slow to make his changes. I look at our team and Italy and for me apart from the keeper and a couple in midfield, I would choose our team and our squad.
  24. Completely agree with everything you said there, this was an unbelieavle chance, everything fell into place for us, will we ever all matches at home again, not sure we will, don't see us getting a World Cup and Euros probably wont come back for another 20+ years. So many big teams knocked out early. Going into the tournament all our main players fit apart from Alexander-Arnold and right back we have so much depth so was not a miss. I said last night that was exactly the same as Croatia and for me at half-time it needed changing, last 25 mins of first half Italy were getting on top and we could not get the ball. Southgate said he had learned from the Croatia game but he clearly hadn't. You can't expect to win many games against quality teams with 30% possession. We have Man City/Liverpool standard players but Burnley/Crystal Palace mentality with the coaching set up. A great Euros though and one of the better recent tournaments and for me this Euros proved that there should be a minimum 16 European countries at the World Cup instead of the riculous 13 that there is, so much more quality from Europe than in the World Cup when so many bad matches with the lesser nations.
  25. For me if we had Mancini managing our set of players we would have won that tonight.
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