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  1. Not one bad game for me, the Bradford game as well as Walsall, he was miles off it and if Martin had played like that, imagine some of the stick he would have received on here. I am a big fan of Jones and he will play an important part througout the season but for me for around a month he has been struggling.
  2. Jones' confidence is completely shot at the moment, not sure playing him right wing back would help him.
  3. No idea what team we will play but for me something like this; Stone Gibbo Smith Legge Johnson Benning Conlon Walker Burgess Politic Rodney 7 changes that from Saturday but still a strong team, maybe Gibbo for 45 miutes and then Worrall at half-time providing no injuries.
  4. It was clear he was rushed back, yeah he probably got injured which wasnt connected to the previous inury but he looked off the pace completely before then. There is no way if Wilson or Lloyd had been fit that he would have been on the bench. For me we should not have been taking any chances with such an important player when so many matches between now and the New Year.
  5. I agree about the 5 in midfield, however the worry is who up front plays as Rodney is completely out of form and is no central striker, Amoo is a winger and Lloyd injured as well.
  6. Not sure I would be playing Proctor, yes we have very little up front but we have to go very easy on him, we have so many matches in the coming weeks and we can't risk him breaking down. I know there was no service to him but he looked like someone coming back from an injury and off it like everyone else.
  7. Well that was awful tonight, people on here moaning about the referee, it wasnt him who was responsible for passing the ball to Walsall players and kicking it out of play every 30 seconds. We were second to every ball, they wanted it more than we did. That was the worst performance I have seen for a long time, equally as bad as anything under Askey. As bad as we were tonight, what annoyed me the most was our awful support, 4700 home fans when 3rd in the league against local rivals. I keep hearing from our fans on here what a big club we are but our home support is shocking, yes we take great numbers away but at home after one bad result they all stay away. When we needed the supporters behind us, they were no where to be seen. If that was Crewe and they had that support at home, we would have been laughing like anything.
  8. I take it you never saw Chris Slater, Joe Davis,Calvin Macintosh, Jermaine Holwyn or Richard Walker play for us then.
  9. Completely agree, 2 goals scored in those 4 games as well. I know Legge is a defender and not his job to be scoring but we look far better better when in possession when he is not in the team and for me Cass and Jones are the 2 of the reasons why on the whole we keep the better, build up play, go through midfield and not panicking and launching it long. We have our 2 main forwards both out injured, if you play Smith and Legge in a 2, think they will end up panicking and taking the easy option and we will end up giving the ball away all the time.
  10. Can't believe we got so many wanting to ditch the formation that has served us so well this season. We have had two games in Bradford and Oldham where for me we have played some really good stuff and it has been basic errors that have cost us, nothing to do with the formation. If Smith kicks the ball into the Railway Paddock last week, we win the game, yesterday, all 3 goals came from us not clearing set pieces, nothing to do with the formation. I never felt any danger yesterday at all from open play and we created a lot going forward, better finishing and we win that game no problem. You would not see Klopp or Guardioala going away from what has worked for them if they suffer a small blip. We used 3 at the back virtually all the way through that run last season and this season and people want to change and go 4 at the back.
  11. Gutted about today as we were by far the better team all over the pitch. I know a few want us go back to 4 at the back and I was not a fan of 3 at the back at the beginning but we are playing some great stuff, some of the best I have seen in years and that is down to the system and the players playing it. We could easily go 3-5-2 as we have been or 3-4-3. We are creating a lot and was us keep either of these 2 systems and go for it, we are best when on the front foot and not trying to defend. My team would be; Lucas Cass Smith Jones Worralll Pett Conlon Gibbons Amoo Rodney Politic I thought Garrity was decent today and maybe deserves keep his place but a lot of games coming up and feel we need to find a way to accommodate Politic.
  12. For me Legge and Smith just doesn't work in a 3. We were a shambles at Mansfield when Smith was asked to play in that position, when you play 3 at the back your right sided and left sided players need to be comfortable on the ball and with Smith you don't have that. I might be on my own but I thought Cass was decent and the kind of player I would love to see try and get on a permanent deal. The problem was giving away 2 stupid free kicks. If you bring on Legge you have to see that game out.
  13. Not sure I agree, Smith has to come back in, I felt a bag of nerves when Leon came on, stupid free kick that he gave away for their winning goal. If we bring Legge in as well as Smith, we have to ditch our 3 at the back, Smith can't play on the right or left of a back 3.
  14. Don't think we will need much but I have no doubt that the funds will be made available to help maintain this promotion push. We have not had many successful seasons since I started going in 88 but most of those good seasons, we recruited well in the New Year. 88/89 season Glover and Jeffers both joined us in February of that year, the Autoglass season of 93 saw Slaven join us in the March. The following year when we went up remember David Lowe joining late in the season and scoring some crucial goals to help us go up. The LDV season, it all changed when Brooker joined us and while results were not great towards the end of the season of 2012/2013, Lee Hughes' goals definitely helped us get up.
  15. Looking forward to a few drinks in Manchester before the game, anyone recommend the best way of getting to the ground from Manchester and where the nearest station is.
  16. You call them Tinpot but for me a very well run club who I hope we can have achieve some of their success that they have managed in recent years. They are not a club like Salford, Mansfield or those in the National League who are trying to buy their way to success. Yes the stadium is small and their gates are awful but they deserve their place in league 1. Looking forward to the game and a good day out in Burton.
  17. How can you bring on a player who wasn't on the bench.
  18. Just read the Vale programme and shocked to see that Dave Hibbert had been in hospital after suffering a heart attack recently, hope he makes a quick recovery, no age to be having something like this happening to him.
  19. Don't think we will agree on this one and fair enough your entitled to your opinion. I agree with everything Clarke usually does but for me maybe got this one wrong today. Politic can play anywhere across the front 3 and while defensively probably offers nothing, neither does Rodney, think their defence would have been more troubled by the trickery of Politic. Anyway despite not been at our best today, was important not to lose and I am sure Bradford will be up there towards the end of season and 3 big games coming up where if we play to how we can, I have no doubt we can be getting be getting 7 or 9 points.
  20. In 256 minutes for us he has scored 2 goals assisted one and had a number of other decent efforts that have foced the keeper into decent saves and you say he didnt deserve to come on and Rodney who after coming on every time this season has been awful. So what your saying after one poor slightly off game you deserve dropping completely.
  21. Disagree, Politic will play a role between now and the beginning of January I am sure. We have 10 matches and playing a number of Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday matches. For me he should have been on instead of Rodney. Even if no chance of signing him in January, Clarke will want as many points as possible.
  22. Cant believe we got people criticising Cass on here, he has been excellent and him and Jones maybe not at their best today but they are both part of the reason why we done so well this season. I have no doubt if had a back 3 of Smith, Martin and Legge, we would have no where near created as much and scored as many goals as we have. When you play the system we do, you need your right sided and left sided centre half comfortable on the ball. The Mansfield game when Smith had play there, we were all over the place.
  23. Surely going be taking more than that, if over a thousand sold and, reckon we will sell the initial allocation and then people been able pay on the day, can see 2000 Vale fans there.
  24. Anyone any idea when the draw is for the next round, I take it we can only play a winner of the Northern Section apart from Bolton, which means one of Crewe, Sunderland, Accrington, Tranmere, Sheffield Wednesday, Tranmere or Carlisle away.
  25. Surely must be a good chance of the game being televised if BBC and ITV showing 6 matches again. Not a good set of fixtures for them to choose from, can see Gateshead or Altrincham v Charlton, Buxton v Morecambe, Notts County if they win v Sheffield or Plymouth all getting televised. After that very little to choose from, they don't tend to pick 2 non league teams who are drawn against each other and of the all football league fixtures, a Staffordshire Derby and us going really well, reckon we might be on.
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