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  1. Great result! Well done lads and of course not forgetting our 'appy Manager
  2. I'm pretty sure that most folk on here either know or know of Jimmy Doherty...Jimmy The Dog. We some very sad news from him on Monday. Freida, or Freida Bear to those who knew her, passed away early on Monday morning. Freida was Jimmys partner for 28 years and he's understandably devastated. Jimmy asked if I'd put something here on OVF to left folk who knew Jimmy and Freida know. We knew Freida well and she was a lovely, caring and generous person. We've been on holiday with them both when they lived in Tenerife and both myself and Phil can only say good of Freida. Lovely lady. There are no funeral details yet as because the death was sudden there will need to be an autopsy. Of course when there are any final details Jimmy will let us know. Jimmy has said that there will only be family flowers and that there will be donations accepted for Tracy Chevins efforts in raising money for the Cancer ward at the UHNS. As I say, all details will be made public when they've been finalised. Rest Well Matey xxxx
  3. I definitely wouldn't mind giving Gareth a chance. Not sure he's got the right temperament to put up with Smurfs interference though. I'd give him the job, should he want it, rather than some of the names that are being thrown about.
  4. Right now I'm thinking Page cab go off to Cardiff and take the whole team with him! What a waste of money! I can't remember when we last let 5 in and scored 0 and home. Disgraceful!
  5. :censored: Daren't say what I think. Let us down bigtime. Should have known really...good weather, decent crowd..pity about the team!
  6. Caz or caz123


  7. Well done lads and in particular Doddsy for his goals and JJ for his late goal! :clap: See, you can do it when you really want to
  8. Not much I can say really. Wasn't there so I can't really comment on the game. Disappointed by the result though. Seems like we did everything but score!! :(
  9. Fedupandangry.com Very very disappointing to say the least. The fans turned up...why didn't the team? Ok then
  10. A bit strange really but all morning and for no apparent reason I've been singing...."The Vale are going to Wombly...the Vale are going to Wombley na na na naaa etc etc etc. At one point Phil, my hubby , thought I'd lost it and was asking me why I was singing that completely out of the blue. Could it be that I had an premonition? Hope so!
  11. A brilliant comeback! Well done to all concerned. Pity about Inniss, have we heard anything on the injury?
  12. A great result for us today. Another 3 points AND a clean sheet. Well done lads.
  13. Not too bad. Win at home and draw away .... I'll take the point.
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