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  1. Great review! I wouldn't mind giving it a try myself. Love a traditional Sunday lunch but not really been very often since hubby passed away. Don't think I like sitting in a pub on my own...just seems off lol. Been with the family of course but sometimes it can be a last minute thing and obviously the family have work commitments and it isn't always possible for them to be able to do a Sunday out for lunch.
  2. Oh that's naughty... I'll be singing it all night now 😂
  3. Hahaha....you beat me to it! That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title .... and now, I'm singing it in my head! 😂
  4. I'll have a look for you. If I do have it you're welcome to it. Pretty sure I have the white one, not so sure about the blue but, as I say, I'll look for you.
  5. Wow! That's amazing. To be shortlisted is an achievement... fingers crossed then 🙂
  6. He's not the only one though is he? I think that we need to give him a chance. The other players have improved under Clarke, Brown could very well do the same.
  7. Donated and shared on Facebook Darren. £1,495 now.... wonderful.
  8. I'm sure you're not condoning violence towards Crewe fans. I'd have to remove your post of course if I thought you were 😉
  9. Brill! I was sorting out all my old programmes etc yesterday and came across a few copies of the early ones. Ended up reading them and leaving the programmes for another day lol. I'll definitely be getting this one. Thanks Phil.
  10. I have to admit that, after watching the game last night, I feel confident that we can grab another 3 points on Saturday! Last night proved that the lads CAN do it and hopefully last nights win can gives them some much needed confidence in their own abilities.
  11. That's it! There'll be no stopping us now. I'm thinking play offs now . Oh ok, perhaps not but what a relief tonight. Feels like I've won the lottery! 😄 Well done to all concerned . 3 much needed points. 👍⚽
  12. Welcome to OVF Swifty and thank you for your considered thoughts on our new Manager 😄 Good luck for the rest of the season and, like yourself, hope we meet up next season still in the Football League.
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