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  1. Any idea what time the turnstiles are open? Thanks in advance.
  2. Win, lose or draw get behind the lads tonight. We're in a play off semi final. And remember, it's only Swindon Town. Come on Vale. KTF.
  3. I think who ever comes out on top tomorrow will go up. Mansfield look poor, yet it looks like Wembley for them.
  4. Really nice bloke, who was absolutely cut up about losing the Vale job. His last interview he was fighting back tears after the game. All the best John.
  5. "Capacity set to around 13,500" according to CG, and 11,500 sold so far (inc Swindon) Still another 2,000 up for grabs then.
  6. Yeah it's a strange one for a "life long fan" I understand he may of been mistreated or not given the opportunity he thinks he deserved, but he must still have mates in this team, so why would you not want anything but success for them and also the team you "support" I loved Popey as a player, but he's not half got a gob on him. Get behind your club.
  7. I thought that myself, little shìthouse. Someone needs to stand on him, literally. And get in his ear aswell. Just put the little rat off his game.
  8. Really looking forward to Thursday, and genuinely believe we'll do it. KTF
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