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  1. I know i keep saying it but Rodney is awful. First touch is shockingly bad, and his shooting isn't much better. Very frustrating to watch.
  2. Zero excuses. Time to go John, you're out of your depth.
  3. 4 shots to their 14. One of the worst performances I've seen, and I've seen some stinkers. Time to go John, absolutely embarrassing all over, AGAIN.
  4. Really poor first half. Mckirdy is way to lightweight. Burgess has been missing the whole half. Absolutely nothing upfront. Embarrassing.
  5. I've not got a dog, so give yours a kick from me will ya.
  6. 1-0 loss. 103rd minute goal bundled in off some sods backside. We dust ourselves off and we go again though ey.
  7. Rodney is **** ... glad we've only got him for 3 years
  8. How anyone knocks Pope is unbelievable. He's a Vale legend (literally) .. put the ball in the box and 9/10 he will put it away. EVERY single team in this league wished they'd got him, fact.
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