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  1. The guy is an absolute loon, even as a player. Beating women up literally doesn't surprise me. Bin him off.
  2. We do love a good moan, i think we should all gather at the ground today and get the black & gold until it's sold banners back out. Seriously though, it is **** poor but i doubt we'll even sell the full allocation anyway.
  3. He'd still hit 10+ next season for us if.. 1) he got the game time.. 2) we actually got crosses into the box. Every time he came on last season we would take our crossing threat ie Worrall off. But hey, we move on.
  4. The best team on the night won, no complaints. The racial abuse Saka recieved on twitter was absolutely sickening.
  5. Hope so, he can have moments that scream super league, quickly followed by moments of howling sunday league.
  6. I'm quite happy to take her off his hands if she likes SOT so much.
  7. I was annoyed at not signing Aguero, but missing out on Garcia aswell it's getting a joke now. He does have a 400m buyout clause though.... dig deep Cazza.
  8. Brisley has done well, but it can only suggest we want better which is encouraging.
  9. Blessing in disguise that today, justifies a big clear out. Onwards & Upwards.
  10. F*** Wrexham, they can rot where they are.
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