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  1. Brisley has done well, but it can only suggest we want better which is encouraging.
  2. Blessing in disguise that today, justifies a big clear out. Onwards & Upwards.
  3. F*** Wrexham, they can rot where they are.
  4. Tranmere to pinch it, just as the fans usually do.
  5. I forgot about that, what the **** was he thinking.
  6. Mad to think a few weeks ago we were genuinely worried about relegation.... we're 19pts clear.
  7. Forget discounts, get your cash out. I understand money is tight, but the money I've saved on not buying beer /food etc in the ground this season has paid for my ST for next season.
  8. Alcohol is a wonderful thing 😂 hope you're well
  9. IF Chesterfield can keep him fit (huge IF) then they have the best player in the league.
  10. And JA did phenomenally well last season. What's your point? Calm down flower, i was just agreeing that Brown was the best GK last season.
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