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  1. Just walking around the house now trying to find the cat, got a terrible urge to kick something.
  2. Early goal in this second half will do nicely. These really are awful.
  3. I don't think it hit the post, sure it was another block on the line. Same outcome mind.
  4. If Gibbo goes aswell, it will all feel like it's falling apart.
  5. "Has there? I saw an ugly woman up top wearing ankle socks, Jeff, but i thought it was an invader"
  6. Rodney, unbelievably quick but he needs that pace to chase after his first touch. Wouldn't lose any sleep if he left.
  7. He's played pretty much every single game this season for a mid table team in the league above. Great signing.
  8. First tackle hit Mckirdy hard, he'll either lose it and get himself sent off or will just go missing the whole game.
  9. If he's as good in real life as on football manager, then it's a good signing. To be honest, any striker news was always going to be good news! Best of luck. UTV
  10. Game off. Boxing day dinner with the inlaws .... cancel Christmas Bozza.
  11. 3-0 Vale. 5207 att, with 92 abysmal travelling plastics.
  12. I personally don't give a shìt what Legge, or any other footballer's opinion is on absolutely anything. For some reason, footballer's seem to think their opinions are always right, and feel the need to voice it as loud as possible. Sad really. Time for a baileys. Merry Christmas you filthy animals.. (just my opinion ofcourse)
  13. Poor showing today on all fronts, certainly wasn't due to lack of effort though. Newport looked a decent side and I'd expect them to be in the top 7 come the end of the season. Grind out what we can now until we get our main men back/January window arrives. 3rd in mid December. Lovely.
  14. We deserve absolutely nothing. Newport by far the better team.
  15. You mean... The three best teams in the country, the teams top of the championship and league 1, and Chelsea.
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