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  1. IF Chesterfield can keep him fit (huge IF) then they have the best player in the league.
  2. And JA did phenomenally well last season. What's your point? Calm down flower, i was just agreeing that Brown was the best GK last season.
  3. On his day absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately injuries have ruined him, I'd be much more upset if Conlon was going.
  4. F****** get in Vale!... Oh and F*** Walsall.
  5. I'd love Walsall go down. Bunch of w*****s.
  6. Rodney & Robinson both have the first touch of a baby elephant.
  7. How bad is Robinson 😆 and it's not through lack effort, he's awful.
  8. Win this and we're 8pts clear, 9pts with the goal difference... a long way to go mind. Keep it up Vale.
  9. I don't think he's under any pressure to impress. Clarke knows what Pope is all about, and given how shocking our forwards have been, I'd say he's nailed on our number 1 striker without even playing a game under Clarke. He'll be a massive boost to us when he's back.
  10. Our goal difference is an added point luckily
  11. Shame their keeper wasn't injured enough to go off, they've not got one on the bench apparently.
  12. I slept like a baby, pìssed the bed twice and woke up crying a time or two.
  13. Can't we just fake an illness in camp, like all our players are severely allergic to Boltons and just concede a 2-0 defeat without playing.
  14. Guthrie & Robinson couldn't finish their dinner, useless. Get Pope fit ASAP, if Pope had a broken neck he'd still of tucked away some of them headers Guthrie had.
  15. It's almost like Rodney can't be bothered to play on the wing, he wants to play upfront and that's it.
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