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  1. Doesn't hang around does he - was he holding one of them 'Golf Sale' signs, or was he trying to wash your windscreen?!
  2. Today's manager-page programme notes summed it up for me - referring to the (interim) manager as 'Pughy' - yes, its only a nickname, but it smacks of all being a bit too cosy and 'jobs for the boys'-esque.
  3. Even if the 3rd goal was their fault! 😆 (...just joking, before anyone gets upset!)
  4. I said exactly that 2 weeks ago, and got ridiculed for it. The alarm bells started ringing then, and now they're almost deafening. Unfortunately - and I don't wish to be critical of Carol at all as she has done wonders for this club, breathed life into it, in fact - but a few of her comments of-late regarding on-the-pitch matters have raised concern :- - "we stick together through thick-and-thin and are loyal and fair" (said weeks before Askey was finally sacked) - the whole "don't want to distract from this season" reason for giving it to Pugh and not looking at manager applica
  5. What was their keeper doing for that free-kick?! (apart from the splits!)
  6. We seem to say this almost every year, "get rid of the deadwood", etc. (sometimes as early in the season as October!) - with last Summer being the exception. This year its a case of deja-Pugh! 😆
  7. Sometimes its about looking at the bigger picture and not just being short-termist in looking at the result at 4:50pm/9:40pm on a particular matchday. There have been occasions in the past where I have been OK with a defeat if it has hastened the departure of a manager that has clearly reached the end of their time and isn't going to progress us (Foyle, Glover, Brown), although never when we've been desperate for points - in a relegation battle, etc. I'm not saying this is the current case with 'Pughy', but Joe B is correct on the other thread when he states that 'Pughy' should be co
  8. Been saying the same since Askey was sacked (and actually before too, in anticipation of this very situation happening). Would Pugh's coaching experience & track record get him a sniff of a manager's job at any other club? (not just in League 2, but in the National League too?). As I've stated before, he's not even been in the role of Assistant Manager. If it is all about finances then it just reminds me of when Sinnott was sacked and Bratt then came out and said "we can't afford to appoint a new manager, so we're giving it to Dean Glover" (although in that specific case there wa
  9. Think that might have been where JJ then crossed it into the area for Ronnie Jepson to have a header into an unguarded empty net, and he somehow managed to hit the bar?!
  10. Extremely sad. As previous posts have stated he was a bit of a crowd favourite in a great era. I remember the Stoke FA Cup replay in 92 when the ref blew up for a free-kick near the end of the 1st half and JJ thought it was the whistle for half-time and was halfway up the tunnel before he was told to get back on the pitch! RIP Jinking Johnny Jeffers
  11. I remember Adrian Heath playing and scoring for us, so it must have been that game. A fat clueless Stoke fan sat near to us in the Railway Stand and kept going on about what a bad keeper Grew was.
  12. for next season ^this. More importantly than any out-of-contract players. I hoped the days of "its [insert assistant / coach name]'s turn" (...aka "he's already on the payroll, so give the manager's job to him"), were gone and buried after the debacles of the Bratt and Smurthwaite eras. We've certainly not got any sort of Anfield boot room in place, so lets not act like we have when it comes to employing the most important role within the football club. (and that's not a dig at Carol, but more that its been the case numerous times over my 40 years of supporting, and the 1 real succe
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