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  1. Really? Homophobic comments are what you're resorting to? Is that even allowed on this forum? Wasn't meant to be homophobic as in saying there's anything wrong with that. Just that your utterly bizarre incessant anti-Pope campaign puts me in mind of some sort of jilted Fatal Attraction bunny-boiler! (meaning that, your posts come across that you absolutely hate him, rather than just don't rate him)
  2. He's held a grudge ever since Pope told him "sorry mate, I'm not that way inclined." 😆
  3. I was going to reply 'bit harsh that' as I mis-read & thought you were quoting about Aguar's daughter's engagement!
  4. No, you can't. (even those season-ticket holders that have been unable to see any games this season as they don't have internet access........yes, there are some!)
  5. That's Clarke's image behind the logo........he's still not managed to book in at the barbers!
  6. Joyce had that last season and chose to activate it. I'd be amazed if it applied again Once bitten........!
  7. Why, has the tea lady (/person!) been released too?!
  8. I'm looking forward to us playing them twice next season. As well as the usual traditional rivalry with them, the Clarke factor will give an added spice to those games! Fancy us doing the double!
  9. Agree, and the same also goes for Crookes. Although they have undoubtedly improved (I'd say from being a 4 or 5-out-of-10 to a 6-out-of-10), is it enough to justify being part of a reduced size squad of 20 (?) next season for a team that will hopefully be making a real challenge for the top 7? Nowhere near enough IMO. Reckon Clarke will release both when the retained list is done in 5 or 6 weeks time.
  10. They're sacking Clarke and making Pope manager?! 😆
  11. Wasn't their pitch newly laid at the start of the season, to replace the previous artificial pitch? - as they had to play their first few fixtures away from home while it was being done.
  12. There were some absolutely belting goals in that 6-1 Cardiff win. Think we went top of the league a week or two after those big wins. Great times.
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