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  1. From what the guy was saying, it wouldn't be a quick fix. Dunno if he was inferring it was going to be a knock down and rebuild job? (it could all just be TQTT...........Ticket Queue Tittle-Tattle!)
  2. Someone was talking about this in a ticket queue a few weeks ago. He reckoned that the Railway roof had been effectively condemned and that it has got to be replaced, during which time Vale fans would go in the Hamil and away fans would be relocated (think he said to Lorne Street, but maybe he said Bycars - can't remember). Weird part was that he reckoned that it needed doing by 2026 (seems a long deadline if something is supposedly condemned?)
  3. He didn't need to queue.....he's a regular on the official away coaches! 😆
  4. IMO that 'logo' is pretty naff - its seemed to suddenly be on clothing in the shop fairly recently, and has actually deterred me from buying anything that its on. Don't know why that is used on some items instead of the proper club badge?
  5. Nah. Give them 2,199......never forget the 2004 stitch-up! 🤣
  6. At least Roger "everyone look at me" Milford is long gone!
  7. Sunday 15th High Noon v McTurdy! .....recall Covolan for that game for the flying-kick rematch?! 🤣
  8. Nicely bookends the regular season, after Covolan was sent off at their place in the 1st game! 😆
  9. 1 x adult ticket available. PM if interested.
  10. Wasn't that Danny Pugh, when it seemed that those in charge were very eager for 'Pughy' to be manager on a longer-term basis than just a few caretaking games?
  11. Clarke stated himself (it was in a Sentinel article), either early in the season or just before it started, that he expected to be top 7 with the backing provided and squad assembled, and that anything less would be not good enough.
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