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  1. Does that make it that 5 of the next 6 fixtures are at home? Makes naff-all difference to the fans, of course, but means that the players won't have to do much travelling for the best part of a month (.....apart from the small jaunt to Southend! 😄)
  2. If van Dijk has ruptured his ACL, reckon that could make the difference in Liverpool not winning the PL this season, and also costing Holland at next Summer's Euros (IF they go ahead) - he's that pivotal a player.
  3. Massively missing Amoo. He can be anonymous for 89 minutes but produce one pass/cross/shot to make all the difference in a game.
  4. The League Cup is a useless competition and a waste of time, and has been for years IMO.
  5. Weak defending from Burgess. Slow reaction from Crookes.
  6. How was that rebound not put in?! Poor from both Pope and Whitehead.
  7. Clark already showing his quality. Would be amazing to get him permanently, or even for the whole season again.
  8. Yeah - if you're going to charge up to the back of someone in the box and make any sort of contact (no matter how slight) without touching the ball, then in all likelihood they're going to hit the deck and give the ref a decision to make. If that had happened at the other end (unlikely, as it would require us to get players in the box! 🤣), then we'd have been shouting for a penalty. It's wrong, but its the state of modern football.
  9. This is very poor from an attacking point, and Burgess in particular has offered nothing in midfield.
  10. Most of today's back page headlines are about the EFL needing a bailout, and that without one the League 1 and 2 seasons could be abandoned, or go 'into hibernation'! (would just be our luck to make a belting start to the season and be firmly in the top 3, then have it cancelled!)
  11. The FA Trophy Final is no longer on Sunday 27th - BBC link Harrogate do play the semi-final at Notts County tomorrow night (Tuesday) though, so hopefully they'll have a tough game before facing us on Saturday.
  12. We've probably only had that midfield starting in about 2 games over the last 3 years though, due to Manny's injuries! 🤣
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