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  1. 22nd February is the lined-up date for the Fury v Wilder rematch. Looking forward to it. Can't stand Wilder (utterly gobby tvvat, and what's that ridiculous masked walk-on all about?!) so hopefully Fury can get it over the line next time as he was robbed of the decision last time as he took Wilder to school and completely outboxed him, despite getting caught and floored twice. However, as unskilled and 'wild' as Wilder is, he does possess a massively destructive right hand, which at heavyweight can be all that matters I suppose. In fact, there has been talk of him having possibly the biggest knockout punch in heavyweight history, though IMO he wouldn't be in the top 50 heavyweights of all-time, so basic are his boxing skills. As for AJ, a very nice, restrained, accomplished performance tonight. I don't see the merits of a 3rd Ruiz fight though, so he's surely got to angle for the unification fight v the winner of Fury/Wilder.
  2. Wasn't he a referee from the 70s? The one that ref'd the 1974 World Cup final and gave Holland a penalty in the 1st minute, before the Germans had even touched the ball.
  3. This will ruin the Vale Beano fanzine annual calendar!
  4. It won't be the Friday as we'll have both played only 2 days before on the Wednesday (New Years Day), City v Everton in a 5:30pm kick-off. City will also be playing the midweek after our game, in the League Cup semi-final 1st-leg (assuming they beat Oxford in the Quarters). You would think they'll put out their strongest team for both of the above games, so will probably rest most/all for our game sandwiched in between.
  5. Hope that Pope starts in this as heard him on the radio earlier, saying that he's never had chance of a big cup game, except for playing at Liverpool when he was 20, and that its seemed he's always had the likes of Exeter away. He certainly deserves it after Saturday's heroics. Having this on the horizon should also hopefully concentrate the players to (continue to) perform over the next month to ensure they're in the team for The Etihad.
  6. See towards the bottom of this article - https://www.nottinghamforest.news/2019/11/18/nottingham-forest-port-vale-jake-taylor/
  7. The Nottingham local paper mentioned a week or so ago that they think Taylor is unlikely to be offered a new contract by Forest in the Summer, as he hasn't broken through there.
  8. Nathan Jones to be back at Luton soon, after their 0-7 hammering today?!
  9. No mention for Pope then?! - seeing as you slag him off at EVERY opportunity!
  10. Danny Whitaker was the same - never did anything like as much during the Winter months compared to the warmer months - such players should be nicknamed "Hedgehog"! (...although in Whitaker's defence his head was a solar panel!)
  11. The ban doesn't cover the EFL Trophy competition, but Worrall still can't play in the game v Mansfield as he's serving a ban when that game is played. (assume the ban means that the player can't play in any games, including reserves, until 3 league/FA Cup games gave been played) As you say, it is <ovf censored>
  12. 3 match ban for Worrall? Not back until Boxing Day? (assuming the ban covers league games only)
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