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  1. *pedantic alert* but wasn't the Aldershot game 4-2, rather than 4-0? (I might even recall that Bobby Barnes scored one, if not both, of the Aldershot goals!)
  2. Match finished by 5pm........just start the concert at 6pm - simple!
  3. It must be extremely likely, particularly because its being staged in 12 or 13 cities all over Europe. I wonder how close to the tournament they can leave it before making the decision.
  4. I feel that 6 points from the next 2 home games is a must if we're being realistic about finishing in the play-offs. "Only" 4 points might be the difference. Need to go for it and put teams to bed.
  5. Will take a point there. Gained a point on Bradford and Northampton. Need a minimum of 4 points, but in all probability 6, from the upcoming 2 home games.
  6. Didn't the fans raise £7,500 through bucket collections and the directors then matched it to pay the £15,000 transfer fee?
  7. Soccerbase must be wrong - I'd believe Jean over them!
  8. Soccerbase has Legge on 9 (all in League games), and Joyce on 10 (9 League & 1 FA Cup). With Brisley now out we really need Legge to avoid another yellow before the deadline for 2 match bans.
  9. I've not looked at any recent form guides but it seems to me that Northampton have been slipping up and dropping points a fair bit recently, similar to Bradford, so if they also have a bad run-in you could be right.
  10. Is Legge 1 yellow card away from a 2 match ban, or has the deadline for reaching 10 yellows passed now?
  11. Stoke have no game that weekend, due to internationals (Euro 2020 play-offs and friendlies).
  12. Pulev is currently Joshua's next fight, as the mandatory for the IBF (I think). A plus of this is that Pulev & Fury share the same promoter, Bob Arum, so Pulev could easily be made to stand aside for a Fury-Joshua unification bout. The only spanner in the works is if Wilder takes up the Fury rematch clause, that he has 30 days to activate. He shouldn't, as he's been comprehensively outboxed & outclassed twice by Fury, and shown up to be an amateur-like, unskilled one-trick pony (.......admittedly a very powerful right-hand one trick!) You just know that he's going to take the rematch though & a heavyweight unification will get delayed even longer.
  13. AT LAST!!! THE most unskilled heavyweight champion I have seen has finally been smashed, and his gob-shyyte spouting about being one of the best of all time was rammed down his throat. Luis Ortiz all-but beat Wilder in their 1st fight but ran out of gas just as he had the win in his hands. Get in there Tyson! Fury was utterly magnificent. Completely dominated and outboxed Wilder (again!) and made him look the p1ss-poor boxer that he is. F**k a 3rd fight between these two - got to be a Fury-Joshua unification fight for all the belts. Britain rules the heavyweight division!
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