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  1. .....before we then concede an equaliser in the 96th minute!
  2. There always seem to be some people that turn up for the start of pre-season, even to just watch players running around Forest Park lake!
  3. Seems that Harrogate may have to start the new season away, going from this in The Sentinel -
  4. Doesn't seem like more signings are imminent from this article - Sentinel
  5. They might still be selling that retro top in the club shop. I bought one not that long ago. It regained its place as my favourite Vale shirt!
  6. Also what does a 2 way split mean? - 2 clubs are after him, Vale and 1 other? Or maybe its Cockney rhyming slang?! Or maybe the midfielder is bisexual?!
  7. Thinking about this, did we play that Stockport game in our home white shirt or the yellow one? I can see now the photo of Jim Steel, stood with his arms in the air as one of his goals goes in - just can't picture if he's wearing white or yellow! (......although it was probably a black-and-white photo! )
  8. Yellow & green were our away colours for a few seasons in the early 80s and saw some big moments :- Enfield FA Cup 0-3 calamity (81?) Stockport 2-1 Jim Steel 2 goal promotion-clinching night (83) Didn't we also have yellow & green away in the 85-86 promotion season? The yellow and green 'uns were probably among my favourite away kits.
  9. Thought that Askey might look to get the remaining transfers completed before the start of pre-season next Monday.
  10. From a purely selfish point, it may benefit Vale if the season does start on 12 September, as we will probably be far more ready than many others in the division, and it may be that some clubs end up playing weakened teams until they can afford to bring back/sign their full squads. Vale could rack up a fair few points in that first month or so.
  11. There is an article on The Sentinel site about next season, and how it will work (it is based all around Stoke's situation, of course , but some will apply to the EFL as a whole) :- Supporters hope to be back in grounds in October - but how many? ...a draft document from the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) claims that stadia could still be as low as 17 per cent of capacity - and as high as 33 per cent full - due to social distancing rules. The document states: “It is emphasised that capacity assessments arrived at after optimising seat allocations will be permitted only if it can be shown that the entry, exit and emergency exit capacities and, where applicable, the concourse capacity, can support such numbers when social distancing is in place.” Peter Houghton, director of operations for the Football Safety Officers Association, told The Times: “Concourse capacities are going to be key to the amount of the stadium that can be used. Generally the older the stadiums the less space there is.” It remains to be seen what will be allowed with away support - and streaming matches before and after October. Introduction of a maximum squad size Clubs are also set to vote on whether to follow the Premier League's lead and bring in a maximum squad size. In the Championship, that would mean 25 registered players, as is the case with the top flight. Five substitutes expected to be allowed the EFL - like the Premier League and the FA with the FA Cup - will decide themselves whether to allow it in their own competitions. The EFL has been expected to consult clubs at the end of the season. More mid-week games To fit in the normal number of fixtures in a shorter space of time, there will be more mid-week matches - with 14 in the provisional schedule. That is up from eight last season, not including Bank Holidays.
  12. Oh yeah, I'd forgot about the National League - was thinking that next season's League 2 was sorted after the completion of the League 2 play-offs. You're right, they definitely will all be released on the same day.
  13. Given that The Championship play-off final isn't until 4th August, I reckon that the fixtures will come out the week after - possibly Wednesday 12th? Of course, they could release League 1 and 2 fixtures before that, but I'd have thought that all 4 divisions would be out at the same time.
  14. He'll be back around the same time as the fans then!
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