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  1. Apparently we did a bit of scouting of him under the previous management.
  2. Any way we can get this on a Swindon fans' site?!!
  3. Impossible to choose just one favourite. Some on the short list include the Autoglass final when the Sky commentator said we looked like AC Milan in the first half. The 6-0 win at Fulham with Andy Jones scoring a hat trick was brilliant. Any win over Stoke, especially Bogie's 12 second goal - the look on my Stokie mate's face when that went in was an absolute picture! A game in the 70s against Grimsby when we were 3-0 down after an hour then scored four in ten minutes to win it. That 4-0 win at Huddersfield that kept us up and relegated Stoke and Man City. The Spurs and Everton cup ties, the first of which brought Vale to national attention for the first time in ages. Having considered all of those, however, I have to pick last Saturday - a perfect day in every respect. Thank you, Vale!
  4. Liverpool’s traditional strip is red shirts white shorts. All red is a modern invention.
  5. That's just the prize money, or merit payments as they're called. Clubs also get something like £85 million just for playing in the Prem and extra payments every time they are on telly. Man City and Liverpool will probably get about £150 million.
  6. How will that work with the budget restraints in the EFL??
  7. Met him in Costa Coffee shortly after he'd signed. Lovely guy. All the best, David. Hope you get sorted quickly.
  8. Alan Pardew leaves CSKA Sofia after bananas thrown at Black players WWW.SKYSPORTS.COM
  9. What on earth would Garner have made of this?!!!
  10. Charlton fans are totally underwhelmed by this appointment!
  11. Have a look at these comments about Gillett on a referee’s forum. He was excellent. We only got a Prem ref for the game because of VAR - apparently the EFL level refs aren’t trained in it. League 2 Play Off Final - Jarred Gillett RATETHEREF.CREATEAFORUM.COM
  12. Mansfield Town demonstrated to our friends from Wiltshire that it doesn't matter how many fans you have if your team is pants and you attitude despicable. Long live Mansfield and a plague on Swindon.
  13. Bet you didn't have queue on the vale car park for that hotel room Booked it 2 months ago!!
  14. How many of Mansfield’s tickets have been sold to Forest fans making a weekend of it?
  15. This is the view from ourPremier Inn room!!
  16. Well said, Paul. Is it true that more children die from being shot in the US each year than die in road accidents?
  17. From another message board I use: "On the subject of Ted Cruz, I was once in a Q&A with some leading US CEOs, White House lawyers, heads of business groups and the like. This was early 2016 when Cruz was going against Trump. One of them said: "I went to college with Ted Cruz. I've considered him a personal friend for more than half my life and I know him very well. That is why I say he should not be allowed anywhere near political power." And that's his FRIEND talking. "
  18. You need to ring Shola Ameobi. He’ll sort it!
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