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  1. Safe with a possible cheeky push for 7th place. UTV
  2. Hopefully given this chance by a new manager he takes it and shows us what he can and should be doing. If not ship him out for good, its up to you Mr McKirdy.
  3. We are where we if we survive it’s down to others losing and not us winning. What a sorry state to be in. Who ever is to blame it’s too late. The players need to take a long hard look at themselves and buck up. They take a wage they should start to earn it
  4. We need to start winning -2 pts from a possible 15 is dire. We are stuck with the players we have, we have changed the manager (and got no new manager bounce) hired a DoF and still we are in free fall into the non league. One once can we just go out tonight as a team, forget the past and who is to blame, play the game we were capable of last season and the start of this and win. Give the fans and Carol something to cheer about.
  5. We have 13 games left to save ourselves. If we only look back at the 33 so far and dwell / blame we will go down. We all know what’s gone on and who or what is to blame. We need the team / management to just do their job and not be held back due to games / issues of the past.
  6. Time for DF, DC and the first team to earn their wages and pull us out of this hole we’ve got ourselves in. Blaming past recruitment, past managers, team formations are long past the sell by date now. Do your job your paid to and keep us in this division.
  7. Very worried, more worried than previous seasons. Our league position and current on-going dire form means we look like relegation fodder. Doesn’t matter who is in charge be Askey, Pugh, Flitcroft/Clarke we are in free fall. We are just not good enough the season.
  8. Not bothered how he comes across in an interview, some people just don’t feel comfortable doing them fact of life. More interested how he comes across in the dressing room and how he motivates the team. Can be a dull as dish water on radio and tv as long as we are up there challenging.
  9. Welcome Darrell, well done Carol and David. A proven young talent with experience. In these difficult financially challenging times we are showing intent in getting out of L2 and creating stable foundations for successful and prosperous club.
  10. You would have thought the financial package would have been discussed and sorted by now. Could there be a better offer from elsewhere?
  11. I think that it is obvious now there is more to the sudden loss of form than a manager (Askey) and his footballing ways. Before the sacking there were rumours of dressing room unrest and 'strange things' happening off the pitch. This is proven more by the lack of an upturn in results or on the pitch form since the sacking of Askey. We now have players underperforming to a greater extent, players being de-registered even though they should be pulling this league apart, players posting hidden messages on their twitter accounts, constant rumours Pugh / Sinclair (smirkgate) and questions ab
  12. Colin is chief exec, as of which it his duty to advise the owners on who to hire and how to run the club. He is the go between from club to owner. Yes he may have been the saviour under he who can’t be named BUT he was never too vocal under the regime ONLY afterwards. After this season Carol and Kevin need to sit back and take a long hard business look on the Vale not as fans BUT as owners. Dead wood needs to be moved on from the top all the way down. Our current troubles lie deeper than the manager and a good CE must or should know those reasons. Time for a lot of those who are trusted by our
  13. As much as we are losing money due to the pandemic I think it’s time to dig deep and get an experienced manager in. Speculate to accumulate we can’t drop into the national league at any cost. Look at Chesterfield as an example. Get a manager now stabilise now build for next season.
  14. I thought we had already maxed out under EFL rules our squad. If we want to sign we need to either offload some to other clubs OR leave current players out the squad but still pay them. Both have problems the first is getting rid of players a new manager may find useful / want 2. Our budget in these times mean all players have to be in the squad not just sit on the side lines. Also if we get a new manager have we any left in the bank for new players as those managers being touted can we afford. If we paid JA up then there will be even less in the bank to use. If rumours carry an
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