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  1. I thought we had already maxed out under EFL rules our squad. If we want to sign we need to either offload some to other clubs OR leave current players out the squad but still pay them. Both have problems the first is getting rid of players a new manager may find useful / want 2. Our budget in these times mean all players have to be in the squad not just sit on the side lines. Also if we get a new manager have we any left in the bank for new players as those managers being touted can we afford. If we paid JA up then there will be even less in the bank to use. If rumours carry an
  2. We need an experienced manager, appointing Pugh will give us a bit of time at least. Sorry for JA he turned the club around and for the last part of last season got us believing we could make the play offs. Good luck in the future.
  3. 5 points off relegation and 9 off a playoff says it all. We’re heading in the wrong direction and bloody fast.
  4. We can’t give JA the January transfer money ( if there is one).
  5. We have to trust Carol on the manager front. Only those within the club really know what has been going on. I for one do not doubt if a tough decision needs to be made Carol will make it. Many a tough decision must have been made throughout Synergy’s business lifetime. 2020 has been sh*t we all know this. Let’s hope 2021 is far better and results improve and we climb the league sure and steady to make those playoffs. Happy New Year all have a good and safe one. UTV
  6. Does not hurt to ask them though and costs nothing. You never know.
  7. Time for change. Right time get someone in before January window assess what we’ve got. Who wants to play for the Vale and ship out those not good enough or don’t want to. Needs a firm hand to do this.
  8. Can’t understand the criticism against Carol. She came in saved the club from a Bury/Macclesfield fate and is turning the club around from a joke to a well respected well run business. Blame for this bad run stops at the manager, his back room staff and the players.
  9. Simply not good enough whether that is down to the management, players or both (more likely). Do your job, your getting paid for the club and fans have backed you to perform well above this level of performance in these very hard times. No excuses now buck up and start winning games.
  10. Think we will win this with our run of recent results.
  11. Two bad league results at this stage of the season is demoralising for us fans but promotion is never gained after just 12 matches. Prefer to have a wobble now and keep in the chasing pack till the turn of the year, as previously stated our solid squad will come into play more in the latter end of the season where others may fade. We have good players and a stronger squad than last year, slip up now and have a strong run in, we will be there or thereabouts.
  12. RIP Old Sage - very sad news condolences to your family.
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