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  1. DC can play any formation and any player for me BUT we do need that first home win so let hope Saturday gives us just that.
  2. Apart for Proctor our attacking play today is woeful. Rodney either falls over or looks frightened on the ball and gets rid ASAP. Wilson needs to be told he is a forward and his job is to run and scores goals.
  3. Nice solid performance with a win at home is just what is needed.
  4. Personally with the 3 lads on the transfer list if they don’t go tonight make them a deal and get them gone. We need harmony and team spirit throughout the club. Training with the youth set up is not the best way to achieve this. It’s not their fault we signed them on stupid contracts for L2 level a contract is a contract it takes two to sign. Get them gone and wish them well for all concerned.
  5. Welcome George very happy with our summer signings.
  6. Not the best 15 opening minutes. Getting over run in midfield need to sort out ASAP
  7. First game. Probable First loss in 17 years BUT have the last 17 been an absolute success bar our promotion.
  8. Well the start of the season is finally here. The hard work starts now for the next 46 games. Good luck to DC and the lads, fire us out of L2, give us a season to remember and become Vale Legends. Here we go on another rollercoaster of a season we always get supporting the Vale. UTV.
  9. I think we have just got to trust DC, DF and the new recruitment team, it does seem they scout, research and then make an offer, not like previous seasons. We have all known the squad needed a good revamp and this is what we are getting. Some big big names have gone and we may never really know why, its DC and DF's decision. I do feel though that the signings so far have been measured, calculated, not a knee jerk reaction for a team being formed to push for promotion.
  10. Bit of a shock with no black but these are changing times down at the Vale. Still like the 3rd strip though. Does not matter what strip and colours they wear just lets get out of this league please.
  11. What is happening - not even mid June and we have signed 4 players and tied done a top coach. Not like recent years where we 'just missed out' and were scrapping mid to end July for what was left. I was concerned about the role of DoF but with DF/DC we seem to actually have a plan this close season and the forming of a squad capable of doing well. Just goes to show with the right owners and the right management team we do have a chance to better ourselves in this league and hopefully the next.
  12. Let’s face it our recruitment the last few seasons has been woeful. A new approach might be what is needed so I for one will support it and see how it goes. As for the squad overall, we all know we’ve needed one now for a couple of seasons. We can all ‘do a job’ but it’s to what level that defines us. What’s done needed to be done, has been done and hopefully it works well for DC, DF and more importantly the fans and our owners.
  13. Pope is a legend and will always be, it is sometimes better to go sooner than later, his hero status at the club is intact. It is now up to DC and the DoF to prove they have made the right decision over the retained list and they have the correct connections to bring the right players in to get us out of L2 .
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