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  1. If we can get 4 goals and four assists for the remainder this will be an excellant signing.
  2. No one gets promoted in January but you have to be there or thereabouts in the league which we have are. Yes the COVID break, recent results and player departures have and will have an impact but that will be true for a lot of clubs. Keeping the faith and see where we end up around Easter before commenting on the season.
  3. Has any other league team had their goalie sent off three times in one season?
  4. 0-1 at half time will take that been outclassed but still in it. Cheeky goal and it all changes
  5. Well deserved and it makes you think how far the club and its inegration back into the community has come since May 2019 and more over where we would have been of Carol and Kevin had not purchased the Vale.
  6. Happy with the draw and winnable if we play how we can. Ticket prices same as Accrington and pack Vale Park out.
  7. OMG - onwards and upwards bring it on. Well done to the lads
  8. Depends if he wants to go back. Refused a contract so Bolton may cut and run hopefully.
  9. Least we got a point from a scrappy game. We will have these games and for the last few seasons we would have lost.
  10. Yes get in what a performance happy trip back to Sheffield. Great team performance and Amoo was immense. Round 2 here we come.
  11. Just got my tickets for this, youngest daughters first trip to Vale Park. Hoping for a good game, a positive result and I happy trip back home to Sheffield just like after the Colchester match. Got to admit I always enjoy the FA cup some superb memories and some nightmare ones as well. UTV
  12. 3 points, 3 goals and a clean sheet can’t ask for anymore. Well done DC and the lads. Very happy driving back to Sheffield tonight.
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