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  1. RIP Old Sage - very sad news condolences to your family.
  2. What a 9 points from 3 very tough games. In a playoff place through hard fought team work. What a difference a year makes. Very hard to get into a playoff place even harder to stay there but we are playing well and on our day we can beat anymore.
  3. Totally agree, once is forgivable twice is not.
  4. 3 points for us end of. Concentrate on the league now and keep pace of the playoffs so we can sneak in under the radar.
  5. Totally agree - if we get Jake till the end of the season its a bonus and wait and see what Forest do thereafter.
  6. Top performance today great way to end this decade and go forward in 2020
  7. Totally agree - Amoo looked lost on the wing today. The ref was awful lad had a sweat on after the first 5 mins. Walsall just fell about and time wasted. In the end we did not turn up today so no excuses they did not win it WE lost it.
  8. Daughters first home match this ever. Coming down from Sheffield, visit to the club shop and then hopefully see the lads win. Quite looking forward to this match.
  9. The FA is a joke on issues like this, they pamper to unfit owners and do fa in the end. Crewe are a disgrace end of the match should be replayed at another date. Feel sorry for the Macc players and staff it’s just not right
  10. Yes but unlike Burnley's Pope all we have to do is feed ours and he will score
  11. Can’t complain about the result today, the team, the manager nor the owners. Club on the up better start than we dared for. Carry on please
  12. JA is doing a great job to be fair exceeding my expectations for this season so far
  13. Good results and let’s face it for the season so far so good from the last few seasons.
  14. Must have something on the owners - no way would a manager keep his job with that record.
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