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  1. I wouldn't want to be PM and struggle to understand why anyone does but appreciate someone has to. Interesting to compare Tony Blair before he came PM and after, took a visible toll on him. I dont think Boris is in a good place to start from.
  2. This is why his advisers are trying to hide Boris away from scrutiny as the Leadership election is his to lose. Great at flag waving for the UK but not the guy you want sitting around a table making important decisions and his people know that.
  3. You are right Season tickets are money in the bank whatever the season then pans out like. However a good number sold may give the owners more confidence when spending money on new signings /playing budget before we kick off. Getting mine tomorrow.
  4. Hi Heatwave, Type in youtube to mp3 convertor into your search engine and there are several free options. Did this several months ago and sorry cant remember which one I used but very simple. Basically its paste the details from the youtube video and it converts into just a music track that I then added to my mp3 player. I am a technology lightweight and even I found it straightforward.
  5. Vincent by Don Mclean, saw him sing it at Vic Hall many ,many years ago. You could have heard a pin drop, made the hairs on my arms stand on end. Always knew it was about Van Gogh but never realised there is actually a painting called Starry Night by Van Gogh. Was in New York a month ago and saw it in a gallery there. Completed the circle.
  6. I think the Football authorities have the bar set very low.
  7. Agreed RZ but it would be tempting just for the songs.
  8. Perhaps he hasn't put a bid in for Notts Co, probably just buying the ground.
  9. There is always the football leagues fit and proper test.
  10. There is always the football leagues fit and proper test.
  11. Yes still got to get mine , every intention of doing so but always buy last week of the early bird. Sure I am not alone.
  12. We are all getting older and living longer. An ageing population with more medicines available for ever more complex illnesses. So more money just to stand still. Perhaps we need to use it less trivially and remember its a National not an International health service. As someone said earlier better efficiencies but perhaps we ought to realise more money is needed and if that's an extra 2p on Income Tax then that's the price we need to pay.
  13. Another player we signed to add to the list who despite stepping down a few divisions looked poor. So much so that you would have thought he had actually stepped up several divisions to far and couldn't cut the mustard.
  14. man in the pub


    No but currently yes, dog sitting daughters Cocker Spaniel while she is on her Jollies. She is called Sansa , apparently after a ginger haired Princess in Game of Thrones. That's the dog not my daughter.
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