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  1. We will be losing a fortune with no match day revenue coming in, which must run easily into the tens of thousands of pounds.
  2. Irrespective of who plays in defence or in goal we just need to ride our luck and hope the opposition don’t find the back of the net (like exeter couldn’t at the weekend). We’ve already conceded at Scunthorpe and fleetwood where we were punished so teams will always get a chance in the game, Harrogate will no doubt create something on Saturday, but I’m confident we’ll have too much for them.
  3. Another good episode. In light of some of the ratings for the defenders and the comments about replacing Fitzpatrick if CLark became available, would you guys be advocating Askey change any of those positions? Say Monty and Gibbo and coming back in as fullbacks for example? Or swapping one of the centre halfs even? (Although IMO Smith and Legge are a great pairing at this level).
  4. We have one of the best centre half pairings in the league, there’s no chance of Smith being moved from a centre half unless absolutely necessary. Of course there’s no guarantee we’ll keep a clean sheet every week because teams will always get a chance in any game. But If anything I’d be putting Gibbo in for Mills if he’s fit. I just think that Gibbo offers more going forward and defensively. But I’d have no complaints if they kept the same side for the Harrogate game.
  5. That win can’t be underestimated and is a real statement of intent because exeter are a good side and that’s a tough place to go. Whether no crowd at grounds like this helps away teams is something we don’t know, but overall what a good performance. They had 2 unbelievable chances in the second half which is going to happen in games, but we rode our luck and Browns save is a good as a goal. Conlon has carried on from where he left off last season and on this evidence we are not going to miss Taylor. Legge was also immense too. Rodney showed exactly what pace gives you when you’re under pressur
  6. I feel quite confident going into this game. I fancy us for a 1-0 win.
  7. I’ve seen it. It’s a nice colour (a new one for us though I think) with what looks like a more subtle shaded pattern on the sleeves and front. Reminds of the what they used to do with kits in the 80s. We’ve got 3 decent kits this year, especially the away ones. I wonder if the reveal will be today then?
  8. Totally agree and one of the worst things Askey did last year was throw Manny in to a game after being absent only for him to break down early doors in the match. We need to be careful with him Monty Gibbo and Amoo. Before long we’ll be up to full strength I’m sure.
  9. I dont any reason to change a winning wide from what started last Saturday. As a player you’d probably be disappointed to win, keep a clean sheet and then lose your place the following week.
  10. You’ll soon learn to not bother analysing these marks out of ten 🙂
  11. That one up top system suits players like Cullen and Pope who can play it well by holding it up and bringing others in. I’m not sure about Robinson yet in that role, but as others have said he’s a bit short with not having a full preseason, so it may take him a bit longer. We may be saying the same about Pope and Gibbo when they eventually get to play after missing quite a few games too.
  12. The throw was crap, no one was anywhere there lad who headed it, it looked like Joyce was in 2 minds to go or not and he did neither and left space behind him. Unfortunately Hurst has switched off and is ball watching and it’s allowed his man to run off him into the space behind Joyce.
  13. What a terrible goal to concede from an awful throw as well.
  14. hurst is surprisingly doing well, I think some comments are overly critical of a player playing only his second game at this level and against a team a league above us.
  15. With potentially a big tie to follow this then we should go as strong as we possibly can.
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