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  1. What’s plain as day to me is that Walsall are purposely allowing space for us on our left side because I think they know that’s not our strongest side, they seem more than happy to leave evans in acres of space. Contrast that with our right where they are trying to fill that area and their winger on that side is trying to keep Gibbons quiet by attacking him at every opportunity. To be fair he’s stood up well to the defensive challenge and IMO most of our attacking threat has come from Amoo getting behind to getting crosses on or force corners. Montys offered little on the left and when evans does get the ball Monty isn’t showing enough for him. Also Monty hasn’t got close enough to Popey at times either. We need to get 10 yards up the pitch to pen them in a bit more. Taylor looks a bit off the pace today, he’s been caught on the ball a few times. But having said that I think Walsall are there for the taking. Their sole tactic to launch it long and hit the channels and they haven’t really threatened us at all.
  2. Evans at left back is a worry. I hear Gibbo was our with a bug on Tuesday, maybe the same Browne has now?
  3. The moral of that story is Vale fans have a history of slagging any player off no matter how good they are. It’s evident even now. Overall are looking up at the moment, but I take comments like these about Jake Taylor and all the gushing comments about the new owners (who so far are doing a good job) with a pinch of salt, because when things start to go wrong it won’t take some of fans too long to turn.
  4. I just see it as another example of someone looking for something to be offended by. Is it racist or is the person thinking it’s racist the one with the problem?
  5. Sprosons priority is Taylor and to himself. Vale legend and all that but the players are his focus. There’s potentially big money to be made on picking young players up at our level and them being sold on at a later date.
  6. I wouldn’t go that far, I think in his initial games they were passing him by a bit and he was struggling to get in to them and looked off the pace at times and not strong enough. Which I guess I natural given his lack of experience. Personally I think Orient was the turning point. He stepped up to the plate when manny went off and ended up scoring a great goal, from then on he’s gone from strength to strength. Scoring goals. Getting in to good positions and getting key assists in vital areas. Even though it’s a different area think he’s been better than Clark, I always thought Clark was over rated. I didn’t think he was putting enough effort in, not busting a gut and was going through the motions at times. Indeed he cost us a few goals last season and I can’t recall him chipping in with any assists either. At times fans seemed to go wild when he ran 50 yards diagonally with the ball with no end product. Much like whitfield used to do and some fans seemed to like that too.
  7. That’s why I didn’t quote him. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions but a constant trolling behaviour on so many threads really should be sorted out.
  8. I think the point you’re missing Ernie is that in a season where we’re close to the play offs, are through to the next round of the EFL cup, are through to the 3rd round of the FA cup, are beating top teams away, are unbeaten in the league at home, where players cast aside by Aspin have come to fore, where some homegrown lads are becoming key players, where we have shown we are capable of playing some decent stuff and to be fair we’re looking better than we have done since the Page era ..... and amongst all the positivity and amongst all the good things happening all you do is clog threads by constantly talking about a squad player who hasn’t been a key contributor to our position now. The reality is that a Ryan Lloyd is the least of our worries, he hasn’t contributed enough to be someone who warrants the amount of time, effort and barracking you give him. I don’t understand what your agenda is or what you’re trying to prove. Maybe you constantly bang on about him because he could be the only thing you’ve got right in that he won’t contribute much to the team. Which everyone agrees with. But pretty much everything else in the main has worked out this season and things are looking up. You’ve become a troll of the highest order with the same old posts, the inability to be rational and that’s why so many people have you on ignore so they don’t see your posts, if you can’t be happy this season then honestly when can you be?
  9. I wouldn’t even of said he’d had a bad run of games. Macclesfield like everyone else and probably Scunthorpe. Other than that no problem IMO. This season I think we’ve had a lot of key players step up with consistency and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve done so well.
  10. It’s funny that after atkinsons debut we saw the usual knee jerk reaction of fans immediately wanting him to stay in the team as if he was the best thing ever. Yet right under our nose has been Gibbons who (bar a couple of games) is having a very steady and reliable season and over time it’s been proved IMO that we have no other better option than him there. Meanwhile on the left Evans isnt taking the chance that Crookes injury and Montys defensive liability is presenting, which leads me to believe we need to get a new left back in come January.
  11. The big question is going to be who plays in Joyce’s position? Personally I think it’ll be Conlon. So for me same team as started at Cheltenham except Burgess in for Joyce.
  12. Taylor’s made massive progress from when he first broke into the side, initially games were passing him by and he was struggling to get in to them. Don’t get me wrong he can still disappear in games for spells but now he’s making an impact in matches with goals, getting into good positions and making key contributions. TBH I would imagine that Sproson is trying to get him to play at a higher level, and I don’t see him taking a permanent offer here yet without knowing what’s out there first. He holds the cards right now with the amount of goals he’s getting I think. The game lacked energy and a spark tonight. It felt like a reserve game at times. Poor from Atkinson for their first goal, Lloyd didn’t have much of an impact (I agree no need to mock though when he goes off), Legge made a difference. Browne looked good in patches and Worrall is going to be a big miss in the league games. A wins a win no matter how you do it though.
  13. Didn’t Bennett’s goal at Macc take a deflection that wrong footed the keeper? I’m pretty sure it did. Pope can’t be paying someone that much as prior to Saturday he hadn’t started a game since the beginning of October.
  14. Don’t both clubs have to agree the ticket price?
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