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  1. Ah the life of fickle football fans Is a predicate lot ...... last week he was replaceable, league one standard at best and was trying to put one over on the club. Today that’s all forgotten and we’re all happy again Great news. It’s also a good sign that we’ve managed to keep and re-sign all those players that were consistent for us last season.
  2. I don’t know if the rules apply to players we buy in but that 3 year deal takes him past 24. Also maybe it is in the hope he comes good over the next couple of seasons and could command a fee?
  3. Surprised to see we’ve given him 3 years.
  4. We did see 2 young lads in Smith and Gibbons come through in poor teams to establish themselves. We’ve seen Clark, Taylor and Burgess do well more recently. It could be argued it may be harder to establish yourself in a struggling team that was also a bit negative in its setup for most of the last 3 years as well, especially as a striker. But in all honesty did any of the lads that came in as inexperienced football league players over the last 3 seasons do anything else other than those few lads I mentioned? I don’t think there have been many that have. Buts that the hard side of football, you have to come in and quickly make an impression and if you don’t then unfortunately most managers don’t have the patience to wait for them to be able to step up to the mark.
  5. All this talk of vale have looked after Smith and intimating he is being disloyal and just after the money is just rose tinted naivety. No player owes the club anything and everyone involved in football knows this. If a better offer came in for anyone, even Askey, they’d probably be off too. There is no such thing as loyalty in any aspect of a club from top to bottom. If you perform poorly you’re out, if someone better comes along you’re out, with the fans if you play fantastic you’re the next best thing, play badly the next week and you’re non league standard at best. Even behind the scenes I’ve heard about changes because the owners wanted their own people in certain roles. Also we’ve seen over recent times how managers have come in and ostracised players to force them out, that could happen to any player when a new manager or a new player comes in. Right from day one in the academy they are playing for themselves to get a professional contract, this is drilled into them. Of course the club support all their players in the same way, but as I said above once they’re not wanted they’re out by whatever means necessary. So I have no qualms with any player taking his chance If a better opportunity comes along. If he was my client or my son I’d be telling him the same, these opportunities don’t come along often and he would be stupid not to consider all the options on the table. If he signed a new deal with us then he could get injured or a prospective buyer could be put off by the fee. He could hit a run of bad form and that move never materialised again.
  6. Overall when you consider how many games he’s played I don’t think there’s been that many bad ones. I know that fans like to focus on negatives rather than positives, but when you look back at his time here since he broke into the team there’s been more good / steady personal performances than outright bad ones. That’s why he’s getting himself a move.
  7. Just read through page ten and how good and consistent he’s been for us had been quickly dismissed and forgotten about. The reality is that if clubs higher up rate him and want him then we have no chance of competing with them. Of course we may still be able to get a decent replacement. I’m not completely convinced that within the squad that Brisley and Crookes are adequate replacements so we’ll have to buy someone. We should have been prepared for his leaving long before now, the fact he hadn’t signed the contract speaks volumes.
  8. I could be completely wrong here but he seems like one of those defenders who isn’t big enough and nasty enough to be a centre half and too immobile to be a left back. Preseason will be when he gets his chance to prove himself I think.
  9. Funny how he’s being dismissed as an average player or only league one quality just because he hasn’t signed a deal. Don’t forget we are a league two side and we need players like him to build on and around. We saw last season what a good partnership he formed with Legge and Smith got better and had a really good season IMO. Virtually ever present and chipped in with a handful of goals too, that shouldn’t be underestimated. Of course we may get someone to replace him who’s as good, but we’re potentially losing a vital cog in what Askey is building.
  10. I reckon there’s no truth in it whatsoever
  11. Hope exeter go up to save us another long m5 journey.
  12. Not good enough apparently.
  13. All of the second year youth team were released with no one being offered a pro deal .
  14. He must be aware of definite interest from other clubs for him allow our contract offer to drift by.
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