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  1. Agree with this. I think we look better as an attacking side with proper full backs that can link up with wingers.
  2. Today’s was easily the best chance he’s had in our colours. There’s no getting around the fact he should have done much better. We can’t afford to be missing chances like that.
  3. I think we lack that spark that players like Amoo, Worrall, Gibbons and Manny can bring to the team. People can say what they want about Pope, but I would fancy him to get on the end of some of our crosses in the box and we still haven’t found a replacement for him yet.
  4. Defended well again like Tuesday but this time managed to get the forwards to put a shift in and get the midfield on the ball. Difference is we miss the best chance of the entire game, whilst they pull a worldie out of nowhere. There’s the lack of quality that Clarke talks about, it’s up front and in the midfield where we are lacking.
  5. Hurst on for Montano then. Wonder if he’s being given a bit of a rest or if he’s picked up a knock?
  6. But then again he’s also offered nothing in terms of making forward runs or creating space for himself to give us an option or an out ball.
  7. Difference between today and Tuesday is that the midfielders have got the ball down and the forwards have pressed to allow us to win it back. On Bowers commentary it’s interesting to note that when a Vale player gives it away or makes a mistake then the fan comes out in him, calling them terrible. Hoolahan went through a spell of giving the ball away for them and he was unlucky.
  8. Call me stupid but I can see Mills coming off and hurst getting a go at right wing back. In the main we’ve defended well again. Guthrie HAS to score that chance. No ifs or buts. He has to score.
  9. Think you answered your own statement there. Obvious to everyone watching that he was blowing out of his arse after an hour as he struggled to get up in support in that second half and as a result his game suffered. Fine until that point. Apparently he’s hardly trained the previous 3 weeks because of illness, so on one hand it’s good that he got 90 mins in his legs, but he should have been rested earlier.
  10. Sorry mate assumed you had radio stoke on. It’s true that Mills could get injured or sent off, that’s the risk you run, but as much as I’d prefer a half fit Gibbo over mIlls I don’t think we should risk our better players who are coming back from long injury. It would be madness to play him for 90 mins in 3 consecutive games in 7 days after his lay off. They should be managed better and it’s happened too often in recent memory where the club haven’t looked after players. Listening to Clarke’s interviews this week he’s already said he intends to look at the pattern of injuries and thats the rig
  11. Pugh explained it didn’t he? Gibbos had 2 full 90 mins after so long out. He looked tired in the last game so better to do that than risk us losing him again.
  12. Listening to Pugh and I think it’s right that we rested Gibbo and I’m not surprised to see Guthrie in for Swann. Could be 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 that formation.
  13. There’s a few possible changes today that I think we could / should make. If Joyce is out then do we go with Conlon in the holding role? I can’t think of a better option if Manny is still out injured too. However if he plays Burgess and Taylor in front of Conlon then we might be a bit lightweight though, but we have few options there. I think we could see Swann dropped for Guthrie. Also personally I wouldn’t have given Gibbo the full 90 on Tuesday, and sure enough he looked tired after an hour v Stevenage. So maybe rest him today or only give him 60. We need to look after
  14. It seemed like virtually every time the ball came near him he just smashed it back up the pitch without looking to keep possession, IMO it was one of the reasons why we couldn’t get a foothold in the game, so I can understand Clarke’s comments about him. If he’s seen as just a left back by Clarke then I don’t see what future he has there, compare him to a Gibbo or a Mitch Clark for example, he isn’t mobile enough or has the energy or tenacity about him like those that can set him apart from a league 2 plodder that gets played at full back sometimes.
  15. He stated before that it was under achieving. I know. But I don’t think he’s said it lacks quality as was intimated earlier.
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