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  1. Wouldn’t draw too much conclusion about a signing based on their performances in a friendly. Time to judge for me is when the season starts. I think LWB will be between benning and Jones. Plus Jones will also provide competition for Johnson as the left sided centre half. Clearly we’re going to use a long throw too, much like cheltenham did last season.
  2. Pushing wingbacks forward is always going to leave a gap behind them if they ball breaks down, because you can guarantee that an opposition forward will be told to pull wide and drag one of the centre halves with them to create more gaps for when that ball does break down. That’s not the fault of the wingbacks. But when they push on it’s up to the holding midfielders to drop in and help the 3 centre halves out. I’m not concerned by that at all.
  3. If he isn’t starting then that tells me he may be looking at other options on the left or they don’t want to give him too many minutes tonight because of the preseason load? Because Benning is a nailed on starter for me when the season begins.
  4. Which one of your names you having then? You’ve had so many 😂
  5. Smith or gibbons on the back?
  6. I totally get what’ he’s saying but in reality I don’t think he should be verbalising it right now. I know that Askey wanted him out, and I’d be pissed off too if Robinson was playing in front of me, but at the same time I’d be doing my best to put that right to the best of my abilities and asking myself why I’m not getting picked. Has Tom at any point put out a statement on Twitter thanking the fans? he was radio stoke last week with Blakeman was anything said then?
  7. They aren’t entitled to those numbers, players change squad number all the time when they’re under employment. They aren’t even being published on the squad list and their names aren’t even available for printing, plus the manager has publicly come out and said they aren’t part of his plans and need to move on. So there’s no HR reason behind the shirt numbers not being allocated as it’s already out there that they won’t be getting a shirt.
  8. Taking Barton on is always going to be a gamble and it looks like it could have backfired already. The bloke can’t help but get into trouble.
  9. Ah the joys of ticket sales, I’ve missed this.
  10. He was in Leicester with the rest of the team for that training camp this week so must have recovered.
  11. I took your original comment to mean “I’m not saying Cullen is one, but I am saying Cullen is one”. 😄
  12. I like it, nice and simple. Gives them the chance to do something more fancy next season and for it to feel fresh again.
  13. Pictures of the new away kit should be released any time soon.
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