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  1. Heard this mentioned in the ale and vale podcast, but if an attacking team have players less than a metre away from the defending wall then an indirect free kick is awarded to the defending team. Our lads looked pretty close to that for our goal. Law 13 - Free Kicks WWW.THEFA.COM
  2. I thought Worrall was still wing back before Gibbo came on, he certainly spent a lot of time defending in the second half. 🤔 maybe I just didn’t notice the change as we were pretty bad.
  3. I didn’t think we changed formation until Gibbo came on and Benning went off.
  4. Barrow did the same at the weekend with Worrall and gibbons, 2 men on them every time stopping the ball into our forwards from both wing backs and we couldn’t get anything going.
  5. The Mansfield commentators were raging about our gamesmanship, in particular when Lloyd went down second half holding his face just before he got subbed. That really did create a hostile environment by the sound of the crowd. They weren’t happy with Covolans time wasting either, which was quality in my book. I thought one of them was going to have a heart attack when that penalty wasn’t given second half. Personally I thought he threw himself forward looking for it. They were full of praise for Mel Benning before the game, interestingly they made a comment that over the last couple of years he never hit the heights of his form of when he first joined them, but as he was about to be subbed even they noticed that he’d done nothing all game. Play poorly and take a point isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just need to stop that becoming a trend, but I think the 3 changes to the starting line up were noticeable in our overall performance and fluidity. Proctor is crucial to us linking with the wing backs and the midfield. We just didn’t get hold of the ball for any meaningful length of time in the game and we seemed to constantly under pressure and sitting back. Some negative comments on Conlon earlier in the thread, I agree with another poster in that teams will pay good money for someone who can produce a special moment in a game like he did with the free kick. Game changing players are what stand out and even in a quiet game by his standards he still pulled something out of the bag, that could have won it but at least gave us a share of the spoils.
  6. Love how the Mansfield commentators are slowly losing their <ovf censored>.
  7. Lloyd has spent all game running round without having any impact on the game, very much men against boys. I’d have gone Amoo up there from the off I think.
  8. What a save that is. Can’t say that the peno looked clear cut from the one camera angle.
  9. Some goal that was. We’ve struggled to get the ball down and play with any kind of fluidity, so that’s very welcome even though it’s against the run of play.
  10. It’s been a while since we’ve had players who can also stake a legitimate claim to be in the starting 11 and also a manager who has clearly worked on more than one system to get the best out of the squad.
  11. I think the turning of the game wasn’t just down to solely those 2 but also because the formation change that freed up Worrall and gibbons on the other side too. It gave us a lot more room to build attacks which they stopped us doing first half. But you’re right it’s nice to be able to bring players on who can make us better.
  12. He’s right that they did take our energy out of the team first half, which as we know was by stopping the space for our wing backs. Which was also to the detriment of barrow as an attacking force as well because they just came to defend. But it’s funny that he blames his players for the second half, yet it took the manager ages to react to our formation change, so he should look at that too.
  13. If you’re going to watch training you’re better off seeing them on Tuesday (if there’s no midweek game) or Thursday (if there’s been no midweek game). Because the second day after a game is always light recovery work and so Tuesday and Thursdays are where they’d find more work.
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