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  1. It’s common practice for lads to come in from other clubs late in the process at u16s or u18s level, they’re players that have either been released by other clubs or who we’ve had in on trial. It’s nothing too new really. It’s just never been publicised.
  2. Was Campbell-Gordon the last player to come through and sign a pro deal?
  3. No deals have been offered, but some of them have been offered the opportunity to come back for a short trial when preseason starts.
  4. I think the current squad limit is the main reason for this. I think clubs are spying their chance to drive wages down too. It’s a buyers market and with covid happening then clubs will want to reduce wages across the board. What better way then get big hitters off the books and bring in decent players on less wages.
  5. Such a naive post to say it’s just players and agents who are scheming. Firstly he was due to be out of contract with no offer on the table from us. Did you expect him to sit there and do nothing and just wait to be told yes or no here? Anyone in their right mind would be seeing what deals are out there. It’s common sense. Secondly clubs know how long potential targets have left on their deals, so they’ll be putting the feelers out to players, agents and contacts on the quiet to check on their situation. Which is exactly what Livingstone have done. This goes on during the season too,
  6. Good luck to him. Tells you what kind of level the Scott’s premier league is.
  7. Be interesting to see if any of our released player figure in a similar thread like this on other clubs sites. I can see some of the releases lads being picked up by league 2 clubs.
  8. Pity for burgess, he hit some decent form under Askey in 2019/2020.
  9. Utter rubbish. Poor recruitment, key players out injured even further highlighted the poor recruitment, loss of form and bad tactics, poor game management all played their part in that bad run.
  10. I would have thought its more likely that they will have been told to see if they can find another club as they are unlikely to feature for us. If come the end of the June they haven't got themselves sorted then mutual payouts would be considered, whether thats a top up of the wages they can get elsewhere or figure that they are happy with to walk away from their contract. This is where players need their agents because not only will clubs try to get away with paying as little as possible to settle their deal, they could also resort to all the standard tactics of making them train al
  11. I’ve heard it’s true from another source. If it is confirmed as being correct then it’s a huge cull and on the face of it will free up a lot of money for the manager to work with too.
  12. There wasn’t any data of what each player had done over the off season in their own time during the lockdown leading into this season. These stats aren’t measured as the players don’t take their gps home with them when the season ends. However all their speed tests, endurance and weights are held on record from when they report back in preseason and these are used as a comparison throughout the season.
  13. This happens every preseason and is nothing new at all. They have all the players data for their weight and previous fitness stats so they have to come back within a certain percentage of those figures. They are also given a preseason training programme too which is designed to build up their fitness steadily to the first week back in July.
  14. Isn’t that what I said about Amoo, whitehead and Robinson in the post you quoted? My point about hurst is that Clarke has just given him a 2 year deal. In general though there’s some incredibly harsh some posts about hurst here. I bet he started the season with the aim of hoping to get some appearances under his belt, he’s done that and gone and earned himself a new deal in the process. That’s a good season of progress in any players book who’s new to pro football. As usual some posters just don’t understand the word progress and seem to think every player that puts the shirt on
  15. Ridiculous post. So basically get rid of everyone bar 2.
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