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  1. Brown clark Legge smith fitz manny Joyce conlon worrall Pope Monty
  2. I know it’s <ovf censored>. But one bad run doesn’t mean we should automatically make a rash decision because we’re frustrated at being stuck in this league. Chopping and changing managers may not be the answer, but then again it may be. Big decisions for Carol as to whether we should stick or twist. But without the necessary resources will we ever see a return to the “glory days”. In a heartbeat. I wouldn’t be surprised if we go back in for Taylor in January. Is there a rule on the amount of loans or what they count for in regards to the salary stuff?
  3. Unfortunately no one has a divine right to be out of any league.
  4. Very true that some of the goals we’ve conceded have been horrendous. I’d be more concerned about the types of goals. Forget orients first, that’s a calamity you rarely see. There were 2 very similar ones where we’ve got done at the back post (orient and Tranmere) where they had a player coming in from the touch line unmarked. Also the 2 goals we’ve conceded from losing our shape at set pieces (Scunthorpe and orient) where our players are all over the place. The 2 goals at Stevenage where they’ve managed to score with ease through the middle of our centre halves. There are 2 similar goals from
  5. I think we should stick with Monty there. But the problem with Amoo being injured brings a knock on effect with chopping and changing of the wingers with Worrall, Rodney and Monty all getting a start there. If is Amoo is out then play fitz left back with Monty on the left wing. If Amoo is fit play worrall on the left wing with Monty left back. If Gibbo had been fit then it would be monty (because Clark wouldn’t be here otherwise) When Gibbo comes back and if Clark is still here then it would be Clark. If Sproson has a hand in it then Crookes every day of the week at lef
  6. I don’t think that was an instruction. There is no one else to look after him unless you pull Legge out of position which then pulls the whole back 4 across.
  7. Agreed he’s one of many who’s not on top form, but he certainly wasn’t solely to blame for yesterday’s defeat which was being said in VFIA’s previous post. Was it you that said a disruptive player can’t be blamed for the run of results? I think I agree with you on that. We’ve got too many strong pros in the dressing room to let that person get on top IMO.
  8. The comment about disruptive players was an interesting tidbit of “inside information”. That needs to be quashed as soon as possible. The obvious suspects would be those who have been binned out of the squad entirely.
  9. Keep the insults coming, I don’t care because you have zero credibility in my eyes in regards to your comments on smith because of your history of basically hating him because he’s a stoke fan. You haven’t even explained why smith was at fault for the defeat, because you can’t. When was he out of position? Do you mean for the goals?
  10. The real VFIA comes out now. Just waiting for smith to make a mistake.
  11. If that's correct, Pope would of isolated for two weeks?..... I don’t know what the rules are.
  12. One of Popes kids tested positive I believe. I never got carried away with Clark’s performances when he was here before. Hes clearly got talent and probably one of the best full backs in the league on his day. This season I think has highlighted his defensive failings and his work rate has been nowhere near what it should be in an attacking sense either, disappointing so far. Is that down to Askey though? I don’t think so personally. Yates makes a fair comment, he hasn’t worked out at other clubs and we’re taking a bit of a gamble. It’s clear from we’ve seen so far that is
  13. Having watched the goals back again not only are they a comedy of errors by us, but they are also a comedy from orient too. Every one of their goals came from a mishit pass, scuffed shot or a lucky deflection that just fell nicely for them. You make your own luck I guess. The second would be hilarious if it wasn’t us. But the third highlights an Achilles heel at the back post, where someone has come in unmarked to score whilst our defenders are virtually challenging each other. Awful stuff.
  14. A bit harsh, you’re just looking for someone to scapegoat. He’s been undoubtedly one of our most consistent performers of the last 3 or 4 seasons. How do you explain him being so consistent with the amount of defensive partners he had under Aspin for example? Were they all carrying him too? Are players carrying him when he’s dominating centre forwards and winning his own personal battles during most games? He’s just going through a blip at the moment like all players will do.
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