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  1. But my point is that I think Burgess Taylor and Joyce have played so well that Manny can’t expect to just get in automatically when he’s fit. I think we’re at a stage where he arguably hasn’t been missed as much as he was last season.
  2. They are usually added at the request of the player and agent because by the same token a player although he may be happy to sign would also want to be able to leave relatively easily if someone comes in for him. A big fee could put off potential buyers. As @JRC Mentions above there is no loyalty in football from any party, players have to look after themselves. Listen to players and managers talk in interviews and the transient nature of the game is the norm and accepted, but fans have a different view because we aren’t in the industry.
  3. If Vale don’t offer players like Smith what the going rate is and there is interest from other clubs, then it wouldn’t take an agent to tell them to not sign. It’s a no brainer of a decision isn’t it. Why would he sign right now?
  4. I think you’re doing the current players Who’ve been playing in the midfield a disservice, Mannys got a lot to prove to force his way back in.
  5. The players out of contract need to be sorted. I believe we need to make sure we’re offering players like Smith, Worrall and Gibbo what the going rate is too. In Smith's case he’s going to be attracting attention and if we don’t make a decent offer then we are in danger of losing him. In Worralls case this could be his last big contract and I think other clubs will value those players more than maybe we do.
  6. Really enjoyed yesterday’s game as I thought in places we showed what we can do with some good football and committed performances throughout. The changes were probably necessary and certainly Cullen makes a case to start next week, he had a good game. His touch is fantastic, some of the passes he was pulling out of the air from over his shoulder were pure filth and it’s a pity he missed that chance as it would have been the icing on the cake for an excellent all round game. We absolutely murdered them down our right hand side, either Amoo went one on one and more often than not got a cross in, some of which were quality cut backs to the edge of the box. A cross can look bad when players haven’t made the right run, all you can do is put it in the right areas and hope someone makes the right run too. I thought Amoo did that in the first half. Other occasions saw Gibbo joined in to test their winger out to see if he’d go back with him. A couple of time he managed to find himself in that pocket of space he scored from in midweek. In terms of play coming in from our right both Atkinson and Worrall should have done better with their chances. The left hand side wasnt as productive in that first half, not for lack of effort though. One thing we did really well was switch play with some great cross field balls to Amoo. Atkinson didn’t seem to be in the game as much as Joyce or Burgess in that half, but he was putting a lot of miles in tracking runners and trying to break the lines going forward. Second half possibly our left side came into the game more, Monty made some good runs, worrall got a few more crosses in too. We also played some nice stuff again down the right, playing keep ball at times. Joyce was keeping it ticking over too. As I mentioned earlier the icing on Cullens cake should have been a goal, that was a great chance made by Worrall. Don’t know how he missed it. I’m certain that their lad should have seen red for the challenge on Monty, it’s not even debatable IMO. Amoo got the goal his and our performance had deserved, but as the game wore on his efforts to help out behind him became a bit more laboured and in that last 15 mins or so their full back got forward to overload us. Thats something I’ve said often about his game, his tendency to switch off and not put that extra in when we need him to also put a shift in going the other way. There’s no sweeping that aspect of his game under the carpet, I can see that he does that, you can clearly see the reaction it elicits from other players too. The performance on Tuesday saw him do that also not look interested going forward either and he’s done it a few times this season. We need to be careful not to label everything as racism when someone posts their opinion on his performances on here just because he’s black. But what I do know is that when he’s on his game he can do something to change it, with an assist or a goal. He just needs to show it more. Overall it was a well deserved win considering the chances we created and the performances most of our players put in. It’s funny listening to fans after games and sometimes on here too. It could have been 2-2 today...... If we hadn’t have got that penalty at Stevenage.. ...all ifs and buts..... looking at what could have happened instead of what did. Hopefully when we get a chance we take it and hopefully when the opposition get a chance our lads do their job, like Browny did yesterday or when he was beaten Gibbo got back on the line to do his job too. Based on yesterday I think I’d go with the same team at Swindon.
  7. Can’t believe some on here thought that wasn’t a red card challenge. That’s a shocker.
  8. What a miss that was from Atkinson and oh for a Popey type forwars to be on the back stick against their full back for some of those chances we’ve created there. In fact both their full backs look vulnerable, we’re having a lot of joy down their left hand side with Amoo and Gibbo, and I think we’ve played some really nice stuff at times. Brown made a great save but their lad was offside for that and someone lost their runner from midfield not long before that. But overall I think we can beat these.
  9. 100% they were giving them stick as soon as we started trying to play from the back (because that’s what we were restricted to), Joyce and Legge especially were getting it. Talk about impatient.
  10. Probably feels the needs to explain some of the reasons about why it’s not as simple as turning up, playing whilst the opposition rollover and have their bellies ticked as we win every week. Which is exactly what some of our fans seem to think should happen at every game. The abuse some of them were getting even before they scored was way over the top.
  11. The club know there’s interest in Smith from other clubs. Whether they know who it is another thing, but I’d imagine so as they only have to look at the list of scouts that attend match days to see a pattern forming. Interesting that Askey just plays the usual card of blaming the agent, but managers know what’s going on with the interest but have to play dumb for the media.
  12. He could be worth nothing if goes in the summer without signing a new deal here.
  13. No idea what side we should go with tomorrow. Is everyone sufficiently rested from Tuesday? Were there any injury niggles? I’m not convinced we can play Joyce and Conlon together. But maybe the fact Taylor is out means our hands are tied and with Conlon being left footed it does add some balance. But personally I think I’d go with Atkinson and Burgess in the midfield with Joyce.
  14. Morecambe did it first half to great effect. 11 men behind the and stop the space for the wingers and full backs. With no midfielder getting forward from us (like Taylor) then they weren’t troubled too much in the first 45 at least.
  15. @JoeB you can’t quote stats like that because it goes against commonly held views that our own players aren’t actually that good. Yet another case of not realising how good some of our key players this season are..... Smith, Legge, worrall, Gibbo, Pope.
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