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  1. Player of the season - tough choice this one because it can go to anyone of maybe 6 but I think I’d go with Worall for his work rate and amount of chances he’s created. Clubman of the year - Legge, His off the pitch work in raising awareness and his general demeanour and how he conducts himself makes him come across as a top bloke and a great captain. young player - Gibbo, very consistent this season, I can only think of 2 bad games off the top of my head. From what I’ve seen of this league I think both he and Clark are easily 2 of the best young fullbacks in the division IMO. goal of the season - pope v Man City, a great move from back to front and across the pitch with a perfect headed finish.
  2. And didn’t they used to involve the team finishing 4th bottom playing teams from the division below?
  3. Great news yesterday with Gibbo and Legge being signed up for 2 years and 1 year respectively. We need to keep the solid core of the squad together and build on that.
  4. PV1973

    Leon Legge

    1 year contract extension announced today for Legge. Another players extension to be announced soon as well I believe.
  5. Must admit to not being a fan of bennett, not because of who he replaced but because of the overall performances and play that I felt he put in for us, however I will say that it’s an odd decision to get rid at this stage of the season. But then again, if Stockport have enquired and he wants to go then what’s the point of keeping a player who doesn’t want to be with us and potentially upset the apple cart?
  6. I always find it interesting to see how the opposition set up against us and anyone who was at the fa cup game last year at Cheltenham will testify that we really struggled to get to grips with Ruben Reid when he dropped off our centre halves, all their play went through him. Luckily he went off injured that day. But on Saturday they didnt play that way, they put Reid out on Gibbo, and instead of hitting him all the time they seemed to be using him as a decoy in order to switch it and get behind us in the left back area. I thought they had a lot of joy in doing that in the first half and got quite a few crosses in. Second half they hardly troubled us and in addition to that I thought their tactics meant Reid was ineffectual as Gibbo and Legge dealt with him well when balls did come into the box. Afterwards i read their managers assessment of the game, he mentioned that during the match his side had stopped doing what they had been working on in the week. Which made me think that their game plan all along was to try and get behind us in that left back spot and get crosses in to the box, eventually we got to grips with it to stop it ourselves. But we’ve seen that time and again this season with teams targeting the space behind Crookes or Monty when they’ve played there. For me we have to keep Clarke there from now on.
  7. The one thing we miss with Taylor is his goals, but we can’t expect him to suddenly come in and be the same after so long out. Same goes for manny. But for me joyce Conlon and Burgess are playing well together and deserve to keep the shirt.
  8. Show me a player that doesn’t give the ball away. It’s an impossibility for a player to go a game without misplacing passes or making a bad decision. It’s the same at every level of football. I thought joyce and Conlon kept us ticking over in the middle and controlled it. Amoo didn’t look interested at times, the amount of times a ball was clipped over their full back or when we looked to play that ball he just wasn’t interested in spinning them to take advantage of how high a line they were playing. You can gauge how positive Amoo is going to be when he starts going backwards to Gibbo and then not making a move for a return ball from him.
  9. Same team that started at Cheltenham for me.
  10. Settled in really well again. We certainly look IMO a better balanced team with him and Gibbo at full backs. If I’m being a little critical I’d say that first half at cheltenham they had more joy in getting behind him and getting crosses and I felt at times yesterday that he held onto the ball a little too long at times and ran up blind alleys and lost it. But he should get better as he gets older and for me it was tough choice between him, Gibbo and Conlon for MOM. I’d imagine he’s on a cracking wage at Leicester and as things stand he could currently be the player in our squad that’s on the most money, so it may not be that easy getting him, especially as he has another 2 years on his deal there.
  11. I think we’re doing well. Personally I didn’t think it was a peno either, looked like he played the ball to me. I think as a defensive back 5 cheltenham are really well drilled, but they are playing a really high line, purely because they know we have no pace down the middle, but if only Amoo and Worrall can time their runs to get in behind them. Think Gibbo and Clark in particular have had good halves.
  12. 100%, because you would know that you’d be facing a battle at the very least. At this level when you go away from home you have to be willing to roll your sleeve up as a lone striker to buy your team time and give them something to build on.
  13. Surely, if they play 3 big centre halves, the tactical nous would say not to put pope up against all 3 in a battle which he invariably lose, but to play the ball on the floor with a more mobile striker or strikers? Pope had a very good game down there in the FA cup. Browne and Amoo played high to try and peg their wing backs in and I think they both set up all 3 for Pope that day. So for me play Pope to hold it up and have the 2 wingers worrall and Amoo pushing high up as well.
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