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  1. Some were saying that about Ben whitfield not so long ago.
  2. That’s a great point. That put me in mind of last season when Clark dropped a couple of <ovf censored> for goals, I think Northampton at home and Cambridge away and he was given pelters by players on the pitch, Browny and Pope to name 2. Last night Gibbons got none of that. A sign of his standing amongst the players maybe.
  3. Crookes was excellent last night. I think the area he needs to improve on is going forward, by being on the front foot a bit more to either move the ball faster and go for the return or to get a ball in to the box. Also his positioning in going past our winger too. But seeing as he’s a converted centre half it’s understandable that he won’t have been coached in the things that a normal full back would take for granted during their entire footballing career.
  4. Bennet played really well tonight. Although I still don’t think his hold up play is as good as Popes. But what Bennet gives us is a bit more mobility up there, I expect him to keep his place on that showing, he deserves it. That first half was fantastic, we played some good stuff, created some really good chances and scored 2 excellent goals. They just couldn’t deal with our wing play, we ran them ragged with Amoo, Gibbons, Crookes and Monty. Joyce was excellent tonight as well, a lot of the good stuff we created started with him linking up play and keeping it simple. They played so much pointless and ineffective football that it was unbelievable. However, credit to them second half because they realised where our threat was and had a man screening Joyce and made sure their wingers stayed tighter to Gibbons and Crookes. So it was disappointing we didn’t have another plan when that wasn’t working as well as the first half and we were penned in. But having said that we still created the better chances than them in that second half, both Worrall and Amoo should have done better with theirs. Credit to Gibbons too, we’ve seen players crack after a bad mistake and he carried on like nothing had happened. That showed some real character and he was unlucky not to score himself. It might sound odd to say after that howler but I think he was a contender for man of the match alongside many others like Crookes, Joyce, Worrall or Amoo for example.
  5. Be interesting to see how Bennet does. Need a big performance because I’m sure these play with 3 centre halves and wing backs.
  6. I agree. Based on our current squad at the moment can anyone see Smith, Legge or Gibbons being replaced by Evans or Kennedy or see Ryan Lloyd coming in to that midfield 3 for any one of Conlon, Joyce or Manny? The only positions where I can see players coming in and doing something are out wide with Monty competing with Worrall and Amoo and possibly up top, with Bennet and Cullen. What position does Burgess even play? When we get suspensions and injuries that’s when the squad players need to take their chance. Hopefully they’re up to it.
  7. I’d also look at that a little more cynically and say that of those he’s brought in, the majority arguably aren’t as good as the players ahead of them in their positions in the current starting 11.
  8. I think Popes hold up play and ability to bring others in to the game is really underrated. Bennett is nowhere near the level of Pope in that regard IMO. However you’d imagine both him and Pope up front in the later stages would cause some problems for teams. Personally I think we’ll go with the same starting 11 as Saturday because I don’t think we did that badly at all.
  9. Who do you think we are carrying in midfield? IMO we didn’t finish the job on Saturday due to poor finishing and a keepers mistake, not down to us carrying players.
  10. Very true, they go through it in their prep for the game. Problem is you can’t legislate for Brown having a rush of blood like yesterday or Amoo switching off and losing his man like last week.
  11. Not one of those players had a chance in the league with us. Firstly because Pope is so good and secondly we didn’t play with 2 up front. So they have to make an impression straight away when they come on. Personally I think they’ve found their level. Judging them on scoring in the league below v the league above is another step up in quality.
  12. We said that during the game too. He didn’t seem to anticipate or gamble when the ball went up to Pope or Bennett.
  13. He’s found his level I reckon.
  14. No not at all. I think off the top of my head players like Worrall, Gibbons, Legge and Joyce are playing better and also we have a better way of playing too. Which this time last year we didn’t have.
  15. I think we’ve got a better starting 11 than last years and more importantly we’ve got a plan for playing whichever aspin didn’t really have. Personally I don’t feel we’re missing a Clark or a Hannant at the moment though, but the test of those and other positions will be when we get injuries and suspensions. Because do we have the strength and depth to replace say Legge, Smith, Gibbons, Manny, Worrall or Pope? Also the quantity over quality argument. We don’t have a big squad at all in comparison to previous seasons and are we even in a position to offer bigger money to fill positions to give us more strength, because those extra 5 or 6 potential starters in addition to our current starting 11 cost a lot of money, for example I heard from a reliable source that Clark didn’t want to come as potential competition for Gibbons such is his standing and the hopes they have for him within the club and Clark and his agent supposedly wanted the assurances he had last year that he would play. But I tend to agree if we get a lot of injuries or suspensions then I’m not sure we have the cover thats equally as good as those that could potentially be missing from our current starting 11.
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