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  1. Quite an interesting listen, nice to hear questions and insights that the run of the mill weekly sessions with the local press don’t give you.
  2. Agreed probably bad was the wrong choice of word, moreso he was totally out of the game and didn’t offer us anything.
  3. Worrall had a bad game Saturday, should we drop him too? Askey messEd up at Macc. I know we played 2 up top v morecambe, but that was against ten men in a game we were chasing. Plus we played with width to get the ball in to the box in that game. The week before at Orient we played 4-3-3 against a team who set up like Macc with wing backs and we were unbelievable in that first half, performance of the season for me. On Saturday Askeys system meant we had no width at all and just lumped the ball into channels for the forwards and the ball kept coming back or we gave it away. Why play 2 big men up front and no width? Players like Amoo, worrall, gibbons and monty have given us width and crosses all season. I just don’t get why he changed it.
  4. Gibbo had a bad game in using the ball at Macc, and that was his worst game of the season, but playing how we have been doing all season he’s been a big part of what’s made us so good, especially going forward. I don’t see why Askey gave that part of our identity up at the weekend. I also don’t see why we should try Atkinson there when he can probably do a better job in his proper position in midfield in place of Conlon. I know people will say he played full back for Mansfield, but he isn’t a natural full back and with us playing without a natural left back I’m not sure we should be doing the same at right back too. Toya makes a good point, it’s strange how the default position for criticising players is the local lads.
  5. 4-3-3 for this one all the way, get back to a formation that we know we can play, because frankly we looked clueless all over the pitch yesterday like we weren’t sure what we were supposed to be doing and hoofing a long ball into channels for forwards doesn’t work for us. brown gibbons - Legge - Smith - crookes atkinson - Joyce - taylor worrall - Bennet or Pope - Amoo
  6. No. Bennett was ineffective as well. Today showed why we should stick to the 4-3-3 to give us the width with worrall, Amoo, Gibbons, Crookes to get balls in for Bennet or Pope.
  7. What amazes me is we go from having an unbelievable first half at Orient against a team who set up with wing backs, to totally changing our formation in the next away game against another team who play with wing backs. It should never have been changed IMO. We looked like a side with no ideas and that’s rarely been us this season.
  8. You do realise that today’s tactics were to basically hoof it in to the channels for the 2 forwards and hope we could get Worrall around them? Which considering how well we have been playing was a tactical disaster from the manager. We didn’t lose today because Gibbo couldn’t find a yellow shirt. He had one of those games where everything he tried went wrong. But as a pair of fullbacks neither had any options in front of them, there was nothing wide, they would get the ball look up and have nothing on. In fact I don’t recall either of them getting forward and putting a cross in. That’s unusual for us and I think that’s down to the formation we set up with. IMO we struggled because we did away with the fundamental good things of our season so far. Width with players like Worral, monty, Amoo or Gibbons. Joyce and Taylor linking that up. The striker holding it up and bringing players in. Wingers going at full backs with our full backs overlapping. In that diamond formation Atkinson, Joyce and Taylor really struggled to get into the game or have any influence on it. Pope and Bennett didn’t get hold of it and launching it long really played in to their hands because we just ended up scrapping for second balls. Worrall was ineffective and virtually non existent as a result. Macclesfield probably couldn’t believe their luck. I bet they worked on our usual formation this week and instead we turn up and it was easy for them. We had no wide outlets for them to worry about and by having a sole tactic of trying to hit long balls it turned the game in to a battle which suited them. I don’t understand why we decided to throw I usual method of play out the window, we ended up stifling ourselves. Which is why next week I’d go back to our usual tired and rested formation. I also wouldn’t drop Gibbo because he has a bad day passing, he’s the wrong full back to drop, it’s not like he’s costing us goals or been poor in the basics of defending. That’s why is go with: brown gibbons Legge Smith crookes atkinson Joyce taylor worrall bennet (or Pope) Amoo
  9. Sproson has over the season IMO been taking a lot of flak off his own player in Crookes. When I watch some of the games back on ifollow It’s blatant. Nowts gone right for gibbo today, but you could have taken your pick of who to take off, it’s been awful. I think Askey got this one wrong big time in his formation.
  10. Yeah Gibbos scuffed a couple. Not the end of the world. Is Sproson commentating by any chance? If so has he mentioned that macc are looking to go down our left (where his player plays) every time? But I don’t think this formation is working, we’re just seeing full backs And midfielders launch it long down the channels and as a result we’re giving it away too easily. Throughout the season This isn’t how we’ve got the best out of our players.
  11. Not entirely sure this formation works for us. I think because of it we’ve got nothing really going down the wings and are constantly just hitting channel balls for runners and hoping to turn them around and get throws or free kicks in the corner. That’s not how we should be getting the best out of players like Worrall, gibbons etc....IMO
  12. Probably be a diamond formation like we played here in the cup with Worrall behind the front 2.
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