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  1. I am saddened to learn of the passing of OS. My first encounter was during my first and was meant to be my only Fans Forum Originally it was my intention on that night to announce l was winding up the Club and refunding all ST monies When the meeting starting l recall a very passionate bearded guy giving me a grilling due to failures of stock in the shop I realised that night the passion of OS and many others and the rest as they say is history OS or Mike as l learnt later was one of my biggest critics but always presented himself with passion and at times with restraint and more often than not was better briefed than l on the subject matter It saddens me of his passing and l am sure the SC will think of the fitting tribute to mark the mans commitment to the Club RIP Mike
  2. Take a chill pill and stop responding to BS
  3. Well if you say enough times it will be so
  4. The last paragraph l pledge and agree its best not trying to defend anything of the past and try and stablelise the future And with that l sign off
  5. Due to some of the content of the pdf made it impossible to open l guess down to my limited knowledge of technology I checked with the sender and their Legal team could l share the info with a email chain that had been set up and they agreed l or them did not know the admin clerk who resent them with less pictures actually included any confidential info
  6. I do not recall but l thought he was part of the email chain we set up
  7. You have 2 different buyers mixed up The Boston group needed the For Sale announcement they were at The Moat House when l formally met the Grop ie Kevin and Carol and agreed that day price terms and exclusivity Carol wanted to keep Rob and actually introduced herself to Rob as the buyer after the Southend game I killed the deal after Kevin and his daughter confirming they needed to make approach to their Bank I then flew out to meet the Boston main investors to try and get the deal resurected returning the morning of the Peterborough game One of their conditions was l stay until June 17 They then reappeared again in Dec 16 just after the Sent article re Norweigens
  8. Hi 1 He was their Agent 1st time round 2 He needs to confirm with other parties before going public 3Thats what Kevin and his daughter told me before l pulled the plug in l think March 16 I need to remove all distractions this Season then try to go foward
  9. Well as you chose to forward the email l sent to you re Norweigens to a select few who one of them sent it to the Sent indirectly you are one of the reasons l am still here
  10. Jean with all respect this is the problem with hearsay and speculation The agreement was signed on the 21st December 2015
  11. I do not feel it is correct to declare this but it is a small% of the 6 figure amount you claim not wishing to devalue its importance
  12. With everything you post it is wrong or exaggerated. Such the money you quote l have wasted which is near 3 M not 4M.The funds for Alnwick were left in Club as had all funds received The Grant money is paid monthly for 12 months wef 31.07.17 and the payment TF paid was a lot less then what a Bradford VP(they call them Director) paid for 1 Season It appears it is ok for people to lie and abuse but not ok for me to reply as you are customers. The Club is in a bad place some of that bought on by myself but it will improve and l will not be selling until the terms and party are right.
  13. Let me try and understand this we are at the foot of Lge 2 and you are concerned about a loyal fan putting more money into the Club so he could be Chairmen at my request What a terrible business man l am, and a bully. Bradford Directors exc the 2 current and past Shareholders charge 15 to 30k a year for the Boardroom privelage amongst many other Clubs I did conduct business for the Club to maximise the income to go towards the player budget again that was clearly wrong and when there was insufficient funds l made up the difference that was where l failed to conduct normal business Put your efforts into supporting the Management of your Club instead of trying to undo some effort to put more money into the Club
  14. I have no desire to face up to foul mouth scum not a dare but choice My family are very precious to me more than anything else something you might want to be mindfull of
  15. When l start lining my pockets with funds from PVFC l will set of a flare in Burslem
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