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  1. One things for certain. He would never have gone to the club under the previous manager
  2. Swindon Town are delighted to confirm Jamie Day has been appointed as the club’s new assistant coach. He was appointed First-Team Coach at Gillingham back in 2017, before heading to Barrow in February 2018 as assistant to Adrian Pennock. In May 2018, he was appointed Head Coach of the Bangladesh national team. Wow! Swindle...the gift that keeps on giving...
  3. The games I was most looking forward to were Derby and Sheff Wed. On holiday for both!! I'm pleased we start at home with a game we can win. The fixtures are so much better in this division. A squad of 19 players who will have had 2 pre seasons together. I can't wait for the season to begin
  4. Just for the recod,Gibbos new manager has somehow wangled yet another adjournment to his court case. Barton now stands trial on Oct 31/Nov 1. If you fancy giving your missus a kick in the head,you won't stand trial for at least another year. The system stinks
  5. Boss that Garrity Laaa Boslemportvale91 Vale ball 1 Hoppers Vale Forever Ex Hamil Lurker Iron Curtain There you go. You'll need more than a spare minute but these are the ones who didn't agree with Birchalls opinion or objected to him bring involved. I shan't bother reading if you do comment on their comments. It's all about me having an opinion about Birchalls opinion. Then you said in your opinion that he should have an opinion even though I said I didn't agree with Birchalls getting involved and giving his opinion. That's me finished with this conversation as it still doesn't alter the fact that Gibbo has gone. In my opinion it was up to the club on how they spend their budget. This was also your opinion. So in my opinion you agreed with that part of my opinion.
  6. Don't tell the Swindle fans. They'll go nuts. Swindle think they are sitting on the sell on clause from Scott Twine(if he moves) Charlton think they'll get big money from the sell on clause for Nick Pope(if he moves) Two clubs who were successful at some point in their history. Delusions of grandeur
  7. Walsall have got Swindle 3500 away fans...pitch invasion Be prepared for the massive Scott Lindsey taking his French CB(who plays 15 games a season),diving little Jonny and Spitty McTurdy to (drum roll) the Poundland stadium where the hosts will parade their 11 new signings(all available for £11)
  8. Surely Birchall has someone who knows JG has more of a right to express his opinion than any of us who just watched him play There's plenty of people who disagree with Birchall giving his opinion so it'll keep you busy putting your comments on their posts too. I don't think anyone has more of opinion than anyone else. I just think what Birchall said was unnecessary and serves no purpose. Gibbo chose to decline the offer. What's done is done
  9. Are you going to comment on every person who has objected to Birchalls comment,or just comment on mine? I'll look forward to seeing you do this on every one who has objected. I have my opinion too...I don't think Birchall should get involved as it's stirring a whole lot of nonsense up. What's done is done...Gibbo turned the offer down and he moves on.
  10. Exactly my point. It's the clubs call on how the budget is spent.
  11. Get lost Birchall...got nothing to do with you. He should have ended his post at "That's their decision."
  12. Depending on if they are night matches or not will dictate number of tickets available. Ipswich Pompey Plymouth Derby Charlton Sheff W Doubt I'll get a ticket for Shrewsbury or Burton Can't wait for the fixtures though
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