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  1. I’d say give him a one year deal too.
  2. Come on be honest this has got to be a parody account on a wind up? Right every single time 🤣 priceless.
  3. What are you on about. We’ve played poorly and stayed in the game, which is absolutely true. Despite that we haven’t been battered. You’re putting words into my mouth, have I said I’m happy? No. The difference is I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon of negativity at every opportunity during a game, which just makes yourself look stupid when something decent happens and you can’t offer any positivity or praise for it. Oh the irony of calling someone superior whilst at the same referring to FGR as a pub team. They aren’t where they are in the league for no reason. 4 points out of 6
  4. The usual suspects were pretty quick to slag off the choice of substitution and keeping the same formation. Not one post from them about Rodney scoring from the left wing. Some people revel in us playing poorly. Reality is whilst we haven’t played well we’ve stayed in the game at one of the top sides in the division and so far we can get something out of this.
  5. Good sub from Pugh? Be some disappointed people in here after that.
  6. Monty and Worrall are big misses for us, Hurst has offered nothing down the left hand side at all. But what we can do given the players out and the fact the Mckirdey isn’t wanted? I agree with an earlier post that had we had other options that Hurst should have been rested.
  7. You’re a Liverpool fan and you are posting on a Vale forum dishing out abuse to Vale fans. What are you even on here?
  8. ... and right on cue here you are with your little band sticking together.
  9. It’s a good job you can go and watch Liverpool then in your high and mighty mansion on a red armchair. Not the first time you think it’s good to be condescending and slag off fans of the Vale, no idea why you’re even on here.
  10. Cue the usual suspects crawling out of the woodwork. Like peas in a pod on cue.
  11. Amazing that we gave him a 2 year deal and its gone sour so soon.
  12. Maybe Askey took the hump with the fall out they had and just wrote him off as a bad job?
  13. He was superb that day. Tore us a new one like dembele did against grimsby. If he could recapture that kind of performance here he'd be the signing of the season. Big 'if' though. The crucial thing will be, as ever, the service. If we can't improve that, he'll only go the way of the many others over the past 7 years Service is the key. With players like Taylor Monty, Worrall, Gibbo, Amoo, hurst all hopefully playing a part then maybe we can get back to our plus points from last season.
  14. Clearly someone has been de registered for him to be able to play tomorrow and it’s not been announced who it is yet. It could be one of a few I guess. I can’t remember him when he’s played against us, was he good?
  15. I’d rather believe what I’ve been told from people within the club tbh. His falling out with Askey has resonated into the new managers reign too, so what went on has clearly not been forgotten and he isn’t being given another chance.
  16. Speaking for myself I’ve heard the issues with Mckirdey from more than one player. The fact he’s been deregistered when we know he has something to offer in this league says it all.
  17. Are you trying to convince me or yourself that we don’t have a bunch of moaning fans on here, social media and who get on the radio who love to moan about our players? People who seem to revel in a players failure. You must be blind if you don’t see it. For the record I agree with you that it’s a good signing for us. We have nothing to lose and he has everything to prove in the last few months of the season.
  18. Conlon is team captain, theres no way he’s being dropped.
  19. Can see the headlines now for his unveiling: “Vale fans in writing-new-signing-off-before-he’s-even-kicked-a-ball-shocker” We really are horrendous, slag our own players off who are established, slag our homegrown lads off and also our new signings.
  20. So true, it has to be one of those. It’s actually embarassing when someone has nothing else to offer other than slagging a player off constantly. Forever trolling the board with the same stuff. Forever having to see his goals being replayed and his stats being used must be heart breaking. Forever having to try and convince those fans looking in from the outside and fans of the club who recognise what he brings to the side and how good he is at this level that he’s actually crap and everyone else must be wrong.
  21. I came off that Facebook page ages ago, just way to abusive for my liking, too over the top. People looking to make something more of what he said and cause some kind of stir are just attention seeking. Funny how we treat our own players, so under appreciated its unreal and there are definitely some personal agendas around in regards to Pope.
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