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  1. If it was the other way round we’d have been screaming for a red. I think it looks like he leaves one on him with his elbow or forearm. Can totally understand why he’s got a ban for it.
  2. I thought it was the one by the touchline where the bloke fell over his legs. Obviously something completely different! Defender clears the ball and Rodney goes across him and from the video it looks like he leaves an arm in his face. I can’t find the video now though. No surprise he’s got a ban for it, it looks pretty cut and dried.
  3. 3 game ban for Rodney now confirmed following that incident during the Swindon game.
  4. Came to the club last season overweight and was in a bad place mentally off the pitch and he became worse around the club. That’s why Askey shipped him back. I think pope was using it as a dig at Askey in that he didn’t try to help Clarke.
  5. It was in the PE sweat box with some grey towelling shorts, some vests and the odd sweaty sock with a hole in it.
  6. The Crewe stuff is now becoming more prevalent than the Vale. For example the Artell interview was painful on Saturday because of the long winded questions that dragged the whole thing on.
  7. I dunno, I wouldn’t use that as a yardstick. That’s from the season where we finished 8th and I don’t think that particular performance that day defines our 2019/2020 squad, at that time I think we were mostly confident in the direction we were going then. Also look at it from the other way, that’s was Swindon’s promotion season wasnt it and they’re far worse now in comparison to that performance from 2020.
  8. It was an enjoyable away trip again this week, we produced a performance in the first half that deservedly saw us take the lead. Worrall had a lot of joy down the right and that was where most of our threat was coming from, Garrittys finish for the first was excellent and we’ve been crying our for a midfielder who can arrive into the box late. Rodney should have done better with his chance when he rounded the keeper, maybe a striker with more confidence would have shot first time after getting round him? I’d also add that when Rodney managed to get their centre halves out wide he didn’t try to get at them, to me that’s a sure sign of a player low on confidence. Swindon didn’t really create much first half, and arguably their right hand side too was their most productive with their right back joining in, but certainly their philosophy of trying to play out at every opportunity was something that saw us winning the ball back often because of the high press we played. The first quarter of an hour of the second half saw them get back into the game. It was a given that they would come out fired up and gifting them an early goal lifted them. I think they got in too easily behind us and cass was caught wrong side of the striker that scored and was out muscled at the back post. Given that lift and they got in a couple of times down our left hand side and got into some dangerous positions. This week though Clark’s subs worked, substituting Benning for Gibbo helped to snuff out their threat down our left and also he managed to do what Benning hadn’t been able to do all game and that was get crosses in and be a threat in their half. Indeed he got the assist for the goal when he hit the post. We had a few scary moments in that half and we didn't hit the heights of our first half, but that’s going to happen in games, we won’t always get our way and be on top all the time. But we rode it out with some excellent defending all over the pitch. Lots of positives to take from that and lots of good performances too. For me Cass is better as a centre half, he isn’t a full back or a wing back, he’s the natural competition for Nathan Smith in that spot with lots of timely interceptions and good positioning. My only criticism of Cass would be that at times he got too tight to their strikers and was then rolled too easily for them to get away and get crosses in. Smith played well in the central role of the 3 and Jones did too. Covolan had little to do, apart from one great point blank save, but he did have a couple of shaky moments when coming for the ball. Worrall had a good first half and offered a lot of threat going forward, but he was quieter in the second half, but I’m still not convinced he’s a wing back. Benning didn’t really offer much going forward, and him getting subbed must surely have been down to that shaky 15 min spell after the restart. His place could be under threat following Gibbos cameo who looked just as good on the left as he does on the right. The midfield 3 of Conlon Pett and Garrity were good, we kept the ball well at times, broke up play, pressed well and Garrity could be a real find. Proctor was quiet today and it just wasnt working for him, whilst Rodney did look a threat, he was also much better than last week. I think all the subs worked, Lloyd and Wilson all had an impact in helping us to see the game out. I liked the fact that for the first time in quite a few seasons we look nasty at times, doing the other side of the game when we need to, the dark arts if you like. Overall I’d say aside from that shaky spell after half time we put in a decent hard working performance with some good football at times and also some threat to us. The key now is getting it right at home.
  9. Think I’d be trusting what managers and coaches are seeing every day in training and in games over a bloke on his pc in Alsager who hates stoke fans and weirdly thinks one player is responsible for us being in league 2. You’ve got an unhealthy obsession. The Politic signing is a strange one because IMO he isn’t going to start at all in this formation. So my guess is that he’s there for those games when we need to adopt a formation change. I can’t imagine he’s happy at signing and not being involved at all though.
  10. Benning beaten again and Gibbo gets sent out for a warm up. Wonder if there’s anything in that?
  11. Maybe harsh to say but he got off the back of our centre half (cass I think) easily to score and they got behind too easily down our left too.
  12. Looked to me Like Rodney have hit it first time after the touch round the keeper, instead he took another touch and stumbled. We’re having a lot of joy behind them, especially down our right hand side and we’re playing some good stuff. There’s a mistake in their defence if they keep trying to play out at all costs. Nice atmosphere in the away end too.
  13. Interesting to see what team we go with tomorrow. Maybe just bring Walker in for Garritty?
  14. Managed to get one when I was playing “Jonnys player ratings bingo” this week after the Rochdale game, when he squeezed in a “he doesn’t look like a footballer” comment for one of the players.
  15. They were both excellent balls into the box but that's because they had time to pick there spot. If we can't stop the cross coming in we should at least be making it a more difficult and rushed ball in by closing it down. Defenders aren’t going to stop very ball in to the box, but for the first 2 goals I felt that Benning and Cass were all over the place positionally which allowed them the time to put a decent ball in.
  16. To be fair it was a good ball in from their lad too. But with 3 centre halves back you would think they’d have enough to deal with it.
  17. Being done the day after definitely takes the edge off it. I actually think you were a little generous with Benning on the first goal. Yes he’s unlucky to slip, but I’m not sure he should have gone that far inside to press anyway, him going that far meant that it gave their fullback the full pitch to run into. Arguably we have 3 centre halves back anyway who should have dealt with the ball in, but I think Bennings decision was a bad one.
  18. Looking forward to an episode straight after the game from the pub when we lose again.
  19. Or some vale fans are just a fickle bunch?
  20. Individual errors are hard to legislate for, the same happened on Tuesday with Johnson. But I thought we were far worse today, I have no idea why we went so flat, but I do think the manager made a mistake with his subs. I think he panicked at half time, we were still in the game and those 2 changes were too early. Rodney and Cass had no impact on the game, both were poor for me and the Walker sub was baffling. Amoo played well on Tuesday and IMO deserved to come on over Rodney. Worrall was struggling with a knock it seemed so why not bring on Amoo or politic for him? Overall, individual errors and tactical mistakes from Clarke I think cost us dearly. But also let’s not forget that Rochdale are a good side.
  21. Totally disagree. You can’t say that Legge would have been everywhere today to prevent everything. Those players on the pitch have enough experience between them to do better, Smith, Martin and benning especially. If Legge was on then Beasley would probably have played on one of the other centre halves anyway. Legge can’t prevent what Benning didn’t do for the third goal, you can’t legislate for cass coming on and having a shocker defensively. Benning has had an absolute nightmare of a game. Jones didn’t do much better either.
  22. We kept a clean sheet without Legge last week. Him being missing isn’t the issue.
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