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  1. Nah, Cass is my guess. He was in the club last week.
  2. Getting to the play off will have pushed our timescales back a touch but things could move very quickly given that preseason is only a couple of weeks away. I imagine there’s going to face to face chats with players we’re interested in bringing in, plus the out of contract players will be weighing up their offer from the club and any others offers they have from elsewhere too. Reading between the lines then the first offer we’ve made to the out of contract players can’t be great otherwise they wouldn’t be in negotiating. Then again I suppose a first offer is a starting point.
  3. By the sounds of it they’ve made them offers already and there’s further negotiations going on over the coming weeks.
  4. Just seen on midlands today that the council are in talks with the club about holding a civic reception to celebrate promotion .
  5. Agree with Hall. I think of the players that missed some games I’d say Hall, Conlon and Gibbo were the 3 absolute stand outs.
  6. That first one was Stones, the camera stayed on him and he was apologising to Gibbo and gesturing that it was him. No way a defenders leaving it there without a shout from the keeper.
  7. That’s just the pep talk he needs before he comes back for preseason 🤣
  8. Said it loads on here, the amount of goals we scored and chances we created before xmas with the wing backs linking with conlon to get behind their defence was a joy to watch.
  9. How many times in the last 20 years has a side brought a following that wouldn't fit in the Bycars? There’s going to be a handful of clubs this season that will fill more than the bycars, so do the club take the extra revenue by putting them in the Hamil or keep it for home fans?
  10. Am I right in saying that the Bycars capacity is much less than the Hamil? If so I can’t see the big away followings being housed anywhere other than the Hamil Road end. Especially if we’re going to be selling 4000 tickets in there, the revenue will be too much to turn down I think.
  11. Not at league 2 level they’re not. No players retiring from that league comfortably.
  12. No idea why there’s another Pope thread when they all just descend into arguments anyway. Saw him at the Robbie gig last night for what it’s worth, he was a guest of the club so the hard feelings can’t be that bad.
  13. This caught me out on first viewing 😃
  14. It looks totally different to any other bar type area in the club, quite modern looking.
  15. He didn’t fit in the system we played. Be amazed if we went back in for him. Plus would he want to come here and sit on the bench again hoping to get the chance as a bit part player?
  16. Harsh to say we’ve missed a trick because we had no say in it at all. It’s down down to Huddersfield where they want him to go for his development. Also there’s the possibility that we may not have wanted him back, because league one could have been a big jump for him. He may have had a good last couple of games but there were a lot of games where he was ineffective too.
  17. I agree. I see that our friends down the road have for one of their away kits.
  18. Cryptic little video of our badge changing colour from gold to black was posted today by the media team. A hint at the new kit maybe? What are the odds on Robbie Williams wandering on stage in it tonight?
  19. I think Harratts last 2 games have glossed over his time here for some. No doubt he can finish when given the chance and has scored some important goals, but his all round game needs a lot of work and he’s way too raw. Everyone loves a player giving his all, which he did, but I think the majority of his games showed his inexperience and a lot of them passed him by IMO and he was ineffective in the majority. There’s no way we can go into league one with him as a starter and there’s no way for his development that he stay third or fourth choice either. This season will have been a big eye opener for him with us and will do him good, if he were my son I’d be hoping he was getting game time and thats what it seems Bradford will do for him. He’ll forever go down in Vale history for that goal last week.
  20. We triggered it, not Smith, I believe. Unless it's to ensure a fee for him (like Blackpool did with us for Garrity) then he's going nowhere He triggered it by achieving the clause in the contract, but I’ve no idea if the club can decide to renege on that clause if they wanted to. I guess they can’t if it’s part of the contract.
  21. I think that’s come the summer there’s no reason why some of those players already in contract won’t be made available. Especially once we start getting new targets into the club. I heard that there is interest in Smith from Stockport, but the simple fact is that he’s triggered an extra year on his deal which means that someone would have to pay a fee for him now.
  22. Amazed it’s only Amoo gone, but on the other hand great to see us retain some kind of squad continuity. We must be aiming for a much bigger squad then next year.
  23. Port Vale Football Club can now confirm our retained and released list following the conclusion of the 21/22 Sky Bet League Two season. The following players remain in contract with the football club for the 2022/23 season: Lucas Covolan; Dan Jones; Brad Walker; Connor Hall; David Worrall; Ben Garrity; James Wilson; Tom Conlon; Alex Hurst; Chris Hussey; Aaron Martin; Jake Taylor; Harry Charsley; Sammy Robinson; and Tom Pett. Following our success in the Sky Bet League Two Play-Off Final, Port Vale are looking to re-engage James Gibbons, Mal Benning and Jamie Proctor – whose contracts will expire on June 30. The club is also invoking its option to extend the contracts of Nathan Smith and Aidan Stone which will extend their current deal, at this stage, for a further 12 months. Port Vale would also like to wish David Amoo all the best and thank him for his service to Port Vale after his release on the expiration of his contract. Kian Harratt, Ryan Edmondson and Tomas Holy – who were on loan at Vale Park – will return to their parent clubs. Port Vale would like to thank them all for their service. The club would like to thank every contracted and loan player for their contributions this season which have helped Port Vale to secure promotion to Sky Bet League One.
  24. I forgot he’s out of contract. I think he’ll get another year because he’s cheap because of his age and now has some experience too. I think we’ll get rid of covolan and bring in another experienced keeper. Just my prediction after he got bombed out after the Swindon game. Harratt or Edmondson aren’t even our players and therefore we have no control over what their parent clubs do with them. I’d be happy to see better players come in rather than offer them a permanent deal here.
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