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  1. Good point, I wonder if a loan move could be on the cards for him or if he’s going to get thrown in at the deep end at some point.
  2. Robinson is an interesting one, clearly one for the future but didn’t they say he was a right back when he came in?
  3. Is that later than normal given that the season starts only 4 weeks later.
  4. There’s no way he’s announced he’s leaving without having something in place. Wouldn’t surprise me that if he’s not on our radar if he was on someone’s like Stockport, they’ve got money to burn it seems.
  5. Wonder if he could be a good foil for a Wilson or a proctor. I still think it would be a chance we’re taking if we went got him, last season could have been a flash in the pan.
  6. Let’s face it away teams use throw ins to kill time from minute one in the main. I’m sure they’ll find another way to try and stop a home teams momentum or subdue the crowd in some way.
  7. Hes gone to a trainer to tone himself up to get a bit more definition to his body. There’s a big difference between going on a programme to tone up and a programme to get fitter stamina wise for playing football. A lot of the players do extra gym stuff, it’s nothing unique to one player. I used to see some of them when I was a member at M club on festival park.
  8. He was fit all season, did all of preseason and he had a good run of games from day one, but it just didn’t work for him for whatever reason, but I wouldn’t put it down to a lack of fitness as to why things didn’t click. He certainly had a great last couple of games, no doubt about it and as a result of his end to the season he’s earned himself the chance at a new deal, so fair play to him. But there’s no way he’s had a good season and prior to April I doubt anyone would have expected him to be staying with us or even wanted him to stay such were his performances before that.
  9. I think one of the things we’ll see in league one is that players will get more time on the ball than league two. Which in theory should suit the Taylor’s and Conlons of this world.
  10. The Bristol game proved he isn’t a holding midfielder (I’m sure Pett and Walker were both out that day). Taylor’s best position is where we saw him at Wembley, but I don’t see him and Conlon both starting together playing that role.
  11. Unless we can find a gem then that could cost us a lot of money to replace him with someone who would be competing with Conlon.
  12. True. But if he thinks the writings on wall in terms of Conlon being first choice when fit, then maybe leaving to play more games is what would further his career.
  13. I think Jones if fit may provide the cover for not only Hall but also Smith with Hall moving across to the middle. Martin is ok but far to soft for me especially considering main attribute is his size. I thought that until jones got sent off at Newport he was one of the best players and he looked a really good signing. But Connor Hall has eclipsed that. Don’t think we hardly saw Jones after that Newport game at all.
  14. Call me harsh but I think that Bennings last couple of performances in the final and semi final have put a gloss on what was overall a really disappointing season from him. He’s had nowhere near the same amount of impact individually or on how we played as a team as when Proctor and Gibbo were in the side. Same goes for players like Cass, Hall and Conlon who were so important to how we played and all probably played a similar amount of games and we felt their loss too when they didn’t feature.
  15. If we ever had the slightest intention to go into next season with Gibbo as first choice RCB then the process and matrix is all wrong. There’s no way that was ever going to happen as the signing of Cass proves. It’s nice to have players who can play multiple positions though which gives us a lot of flexibility. But of the 3 players out of contract I think that Proctor and Gibbo have the stronger cases for themselves, purely because of the impact they had on the games they played in and also how we play as a team. We were much stronger with them in it and I’m not sure we could honestly say the same about Benning.
  16. I think there will be clubs that would still take a punt on Proctor if he didn’t sign with us. Especially when you look at his performances and goals ratio last season in the games that he played. Managed right and he can clearly have an impact.
  17. I don’t know, theres been no players around the club for 2 weeks. But FWIW I think Benning could be the one not to sign, just been on about that on the Ale and Vale podcast thread actually and I agree with Bez’s comments about him being ostracised for a few months could be the reason why he looks elsewhere and a club where he could be guaranteed more starts.
  18. Really enjoyed that pod. It’s alway good to look back at previous predictions and comments and see what became of them. The best of the bunch have to be the early comments about Wilson and Garrity. Always good to be proved wrong in a positive way though. I agree with Bez about the 3 out of contract players, I think that Benning could be the one not to sign, purely because of him being out of the squad for so long. I know he had a good last couple of games, but would that be enough to guarantee him starting next season? At his age he should be playing regularly.
  19. Because U23 football is crap and in reality he probably realises that he isn’t going to get a crack at Newcastles first team either.
  20. Errea have done a great job I think with our kits. Very few misses IMO. However that one year with BLK wasn’t great. Have they released pictures of the new shorts and socks yet?
  21. Yep Cass is the right age as well, plenty of developing to do and 2 wide centre halves who can play is a must… Which Cass and Hall are good at.
  22. This. It was very noticeable when smith had to fill in there at RCB that we weren’t getting the best out of Worrall or as effective on that side of the pitch as a pairing. We were much better with Smith being in the centre where he was able to play to his strengths.
  23. Nah, I just know a lot of the lads and people around the club to speak to through doing some work now and again there and I know people that work there too. Got a lot of time for the local lads especially, it’s no secret that Smith and Gibbo are my favourite players.
  24. I’m going to put my pessimistic hat on and say that not all of proctor, Gibbo or Benning will sign a new deal.
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