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  1. I forgot he’s out of contract. I think he’ll get another year because he’s cheap because of his age and now has some experience too. I think we’ll get rid of covolan and bring in another experienced keeper. Just my prediction after he got bombed out after the Swindon game. Harratt or Edmondson aren’t even our players and therefore we have no control over what their parent clubs do with them. I’d be happy to see better players come in rather than offer them a permanent deal here.
  2. I’ve picked out 7 of our own squad. We have no choice with Harratt and Edmondson as they’re not our players.
  3. I think we’ll see released / put on transfer list. Covolan / Martin / amoo / proctor / Hurst / Charsley / Hussey New deals offered to: Benning / gibbons New deals announced for: Smith / Worrall Obviously Harratt and Edmondson go back to their respective clubs.
  4. Yeah that’s right the players are just puppets that are pimped around and go where an agent wants them to go. Not entirely true.
  5. I wouldn’t blame anyone who left, certainly wouldn’t think of them as primadonnas, it’s a short career that they need to make the most of. I’d imagine that players like Garrity, Gibbo, Wilson, smith and hall for example would be players that other clubs would take a look at.
  6. They’ve put out various pics of It with combinations of red, black and also white shorts. For ours I’d like to see a simple design again, maybe with black shorts and black pin stripes in the shirt.
  7. After the season Garrity has just had you want to bench him?
  8. I couldn’t possibly say, but rumour is you’re wrong with your first sentence.
  9. These are the key points in such a short career. Who could blame anyone for looking after themselves and their family. However if he’s under contract then they’d have to pay a fee wouldnt they. I’ve heard rumour they’re looking at more than just Smith too.
  10. It’s way too early to sort out coming back on loan anyway.
  11. Not great at all in when he was in and out of the team before Christmas and rightly so Gibbo took his place when he was back fit early in the season. The Swindon away game back In sept springs to mind when Benning was having a bad game, Gibbo came on for his first appearance, changed the game and was arguably one of our best players for that 4 month period til Jan playing out of position. I think Hussey coming in was probably a huge sign as to where Benning was in the pecking order and maybe he was even on his way out. But fair play to him, he’s played well this last couple of months and has probably earned himself a new deal. Some big decisions there for the management with Hussey and Benning I think.
  12. You’re absolutely right. By the time they get to the end of the scholarship at 18 they have to look like they have a chance of being able to challenge for a first team place soon. The management will be assessing that when the scholars gets drafted into training sessions with the first team squad and in any friendlies during the season, there’s the sink or swim, they need to impress in those sessions and games otherwise that’s it. So based on that it really is an achievement for smith and Gibbo to have impressed enough at that age to warrant a deal, it shows how good they are.
  13. Sadly the reality is that they aren’t good enough to make the jump from 18s to be challenging for a first team place. It really is a case of sink or swim and it’s also worth noting that we have no u23s or u21s to give the players more time to improve. It seems as though smith and gibbons have very much been the exceptions to the rule this last 5 or 6 years.
  14. Seems like an official tweet from the club announcing Benning signing a contract has been uploaded and then quickly deleted.
  15. I can’t believe how easy the game turned out to be. We were so good, we looked like we wanted it more, we chased everything, hunted in packs, we looked fitter and our game plan was better. We took them to the cleaners down the wings and of course the sending off helped but we were well on top. They created nothing of note themselves apart from Stones 2 errors when he called for the ball and then made a great save after he didn’t come for it and then the one he dropped that got cleared off the line. What a day. It will live long in the memory.
  16. I wonder what RS Carl thought?
  17. Let’s hope you’re nowhere near the team talk tomorrow.
  18. Great news that he’s commited to the club. Sends out a message that we mean business and have a settled back room to potential new players. It’s also great timing being so close to the final too. For those wondering what will happen if things go wrong, theres nothing to say that there isn’t a clause within his contract to say he only gets a pay up of a certain amount or length of time rather than the full amount. I remember Sam Allardyce saying similar about his contracts in an interview.
  19. I’d be tempted to keep the same team that started v Swindon in the last game. Anyone know what time turnstiles open?
  20. Gibbos been making those kind of runs and linking with Worrall with ease for a few years, it’s almost second nature to them both. There was an identical move between them both not long before we scored. I agree with previous posts about him being right sided centre half could rein him in a bit. But it may be the best of a bad situation as at least we have 2 players either side of the central centre half that can get forward.
  21. We’ve probably got our retained list ready to go already. It’s just had to be delayed by 2 weeks.
  22. Pity. Wembley Sky Bet League Two Play-Off Final ticket information for Port Vale supporters | News | Port Vale WWW.PORT-VALE.CO.UK
  23. What an unbelievable night of emotion that was. We played really well from the off. We are at our best playing on the front front like that and Swindon struggled to handle us in that opening 20 mins and thankfully we got the early goal to get us back in it. I singled out Worrall and gibbo at half time last night, but to a man the whole team were immense. Tactically the manager got it right with the selections and how we played. We limited them to hardly any chances too. The penalty shoot out was something else. We were dead and buried with the 2 misses and to turn it around in such a fashion is just beyond words, that’s what made it so special because we were on our way out. The sheer poetry of Mckirdey missing was written in the stars. The crowd and atmosphere was the best for a long time, really good to see us turn up and back the team all the way through in a huge game and the players responded big time. Not sure it’s sunk in yet. I just hope we can go one more time.
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