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  1. Flip It around again. There’s lots of different ways of looking at it. I’m guessing that the 2 players we brought in last season to play wing back and full back are the ones on double, they were both second choice behind him when he was fit and (without checking) probably didn’t play any more than the 30 (ish) games that he played throughout last season either. Plus they’re didn’t get as many assists, goals or have as much of an effect on games either. So we arguably got less benefit out of paying those 2 players double the wage. Taylor to mansfield? Is that a new rumour?
  2. Saw this morning that Richie bennett moved to barrow this week from Sutton.
  3. So we’ve only lost 3 out of last seasons squad, it’s going to be interesting who else we bring in / put on the transfer list. I know mal had a great end to the season, but let’s not let that cloud what was overall a very disappointing first season on a personal performance level, he really has to do better this coming season and be more consistent. Maybe the end of season saw him turn a corner.
  4. Get the suits measured lads.
  5. Pretty much the same as what I’ve heard from a couple of people within about salaries. But I actually assumed that Birchall was on about someone like Hussey or Benning, but he does still have links to people within the club and I agree he wouldn’t come out with it if he knew it wasn’t true. It’s a sad fact of life in any profession that apprentices never get the same recognition by employers than those coming from elsewhere in terms of their salary. Probably taken for granted a bit. Cass isn’t even a wing back for me so I never thought of him in comparison to Gibbo, who ironically is just coming back from the same ankle injury Gibbo suffered at the end of the season.
  6. Got me thinking that did as I didn’t think he played for us until Brown was in charge after we got relegated. So I had a look on wiki. He did play once under Bruno in the FA cup in 2016 for a few mins. Forgot about that. Then his breakthrough season was the season after that under Brown (I think he was still here then) when he got sent off on his league debut in 2017. Wiki says 138 games in all competitions for us. I suppose the question that club have asked themselves is do we look to the past with the bad injuries that wiped out the covid season or look at this season with 30 odd games and a couple of niggly ones? I guess they went with both. For me we should be looking at our main wingbacks playing 35-40 games a season given the rigours of that position and then suitable cover to rotate as necessary. Still no news on Benning. But I think we should still be in the market for a new right sided wing back. I don’t fancy Cass there, for me he should be first choice RCB. If Benning does go then we definitely need a left sided wing back too.
  7. I reckon that Sheffield game will get moved. They’ll fill the away end easily.
  8. Portsmouth because I’ve never been their ground before and it’ll be good to have a weekend down there.
  9. Interestingly more that one person I know at the club and some fans in the know don’t think this is the case at all. They’ve been reliable in the past for inside info and they’re saying we offered him a really low wage, upping it after a big number of games played. Rather than him demanding a big wage. Realistically only someone without a brain would go in to contract talks demanding the world given they had only played 30 ish games last season and had picked up a couple of injuries too.
  10. Cass is nowhere near as good a wingback though. We need to get another one on. Especially if Benning goes.
  11. I can understand that, I heard it was a lot of appearances that would trigger a pay rise too. If another club potentially offered a guaranteed wage then that’s another factor to weigh up as well. If it were any of us in that position I’m sure it would have been a hard decision to make. Not sure I’d have the balls to do it if I’d been here so long.
  12. Gutted, one of my favourite players, but booing Gibbo? Don’t get that at all. I wouldn’t blame anyone for moving given it’s such a short career. Hearing a few in the knows and people with links to the club saying that it was us offering him a low wage and not the fact that he wanted a big wage. Obviously we’d have our reasons, but can’t blame him for going. As someone mentioned on here the other day, he brought more to the team when he played than just his ability which is hard to get in players.
  13. Looks like the Gibbo rumour is true according to radio stoke.
  14. The Swindon right back? That’s a good move. Thought he was rubbish in those 2 games at the end of the season.
  15. It’s a bit of a simplistic view. Personally i wouldn’t begrudge any player moving on or not signing for us if the deal isn’t right for them. It’s a short career after all. Being a nice well run family club doesn’t pay the bills does it. I think if we were lucky enough to in that position we’d look at it in the same way. Agree with previous posts about proctor, great news he’s signed but I think we’ll also be in the market for another first choice striker.
  16. Absolutely, as a keeper time is on his side. Still wouldn’t be surprised to see us spend some money on an experienced number one though.
  17. Probably never going to fit into Clarkes system and he needs to be playing now. I think he will do well there.
  18. I think you’ve misunderstood me. The post I replied to was saying that Gibbo has gone in with agent and he’s come up with a ridiculous demands that could ruin the club. Why would anyone in their right mind (I mean the 3 lads of contract) think they should be paid mega bucks as was being touted around in the post I quoted? It was the usual agent ruling the players fantasy post with no common sense.
  19. Believe it or not the players know where they sit in the wage structure anyway without agents. So the players know what each other are getting.
  20. Good question. I don’t know. There’s been no news so far from all 3 players. Maybe they were all on holiday and that’s taken some of that time up.
  21. Come on really? He’s come through the ranks (it’s highly likely he’s not one of the big earners because of that fact and his last contract was 3 years ago wasnt it now) and is trying to put a club out of existence because of his agent? Hes missed games through injury and he wants to be better paid than say the Tom Conlons, Dave Worralls, Tom Petts and James Wilson’s of the squad. Let’s at least credit a player with some common sense who’s been here a while. It just sounds like you just made that up in your head and are trying to pass it off as fact.
  22. I’m sure in the past we’d usually been in talks around jan time with players out of contract that we want to keep. However I wonder if the unprecedented situation with the manager is what delayed things with all 3 of them? That situation just can’t have been foreseen at all. But also as MBE stated above Gibbo said in quite a few interviews about his contract that he needed to prove himself when he was injured. Also Proctor got injured too didn’t he after Christmas, so again maybe another factor in the delay for his offer as well?
  23. I don’t think he’s championship yet either, but he was definitely influential in the games he played in this season. There’s no doubt about that.
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