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  1. We are all disappointed after a defeat , but a few games in and after a defeat to the side that are top, what would be the benefit of sacking the manager. Who would you replace him with. ?
  2. A good last 15 minutes , should be a goal up . Worrall certainly looking sharp
  3. 1) I don’t think the season will be pointless if we don’t make the playoffs. We have developed on and off the pitch. Lorne st to be finished, ticket offers for fans, exciting cup run, fans back in love with the club , players signed up early for next season (that’s not happened in years ). Yes we should press on for playoffs but looking at the bigger picture not the be all and end all. ( but god I hope we do ! Love to end the season with a win a Wembley) 2) smith has been amazing all season , but unless there is an injury can’t see how he can be placed straight back to centre half . Gibbons s
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