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  1. That’s on target , they had the same in a poor game
  2. Goals haven’t been our problem , conceding as, he’s sorting that first .. 2 games in
  3. Setting up against the better teams like we did tonight could be beneficial, solid then need to take a chance .
  4. Yeah we did , had some clear openings and we were on the front foot ... what will you do if we have a successful season next year ? Might be worth closing your account ? And when the country opens back up for a party later in the year ?? Bet that will grate on you as well ! [emoji23][emoji6]
  5. I do honestly think lockdown has everyone putting a lot of emphasis on a vale game / performance .. me included , usually I’d be doing lots of other things than watching a game every Tuesday / Saturday . I think that’s leading supporters micro managing every performance . Tonight was dire, but we didn’t lose . Had some good opportunities and openings . Solid yet dramatically unspectacular. But I’d rather tonight then the last 3 months .. 4-1 defeats , 4-3 defeats , dire defeats to barrow ... so not that bad .. just poor , bet we win Saturday !
  6. Not Correct, the last 20 minutes we had a go , after being more solid than I have seen us all season against a side that have a very good away record.
  7. What exactly do you want !? Stones to fishes in a week !? Of cause we will be cautious to start with
  8. I’m not sure what people are expecting in a 4th division relegation scrap match ! Horrid.. but reality for this season ! We are battling and giving 100%. Not good enough, but I’ve know that since November
  9. He’s not as bad as Theo as works hard , just needs a goal , fancy him for one on Tuesday
  10. I will say it’s frank Sinclair ... his name was getting thrown in for the jfk assassination at one point this season.
  11. Shame as definitely a talent, but certainly a wasted one , surprised a premiership team are bothering with the risk
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