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  1. Can’t believe the negativity after the run we have been on .. we have to have a bad 45 minutes at some point !?
  2. I genuinely think when you look at the this and other forums ie Twitter etc , some people genuinely enjoy just being negative . I have some sympathy, as I’d imagine they are just quite unhappy people in general. Having a system (or club) in this case to pull apart is probably a bit of relief from what ever issues they have So I tend to not bite back if I can. I love a reasonable debate , but some people want to see the world burn unfortunately.. However not today ! 3 points for the mighty vale . A good day in a poor yet maybe transformational season; if we are able to look ahead and not just the next 9 games. Keep the faith , up the vale
  3. Didn’t have the Burslem Cafu supporting him going forward today , that’s why ....
  4. Wasn’t as ugly of a game as I thought it would be ,especially the first half where we played some good stuff . Players working hard and looking neat in possession . Could have had a few more . They huffed and puffed but we looked solid . Up the vale .
  5. Awesome save , monty had a swipe at him there .. would have been sent off !?
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