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  1. All this is correct, but the involvement of First should in itself have raised alarm bells in those awarding the contract!
  2. That's my experience too, even using my Senior Rail Card. Of course, looking at it another way, Avanti is costing me less, because the trains never run!!
  3. I sympathise. As you may have seen, I have been posting about my own problems with Avanti. On a strike day it seems fair enough, but as you say they are messing around with the entire timetable at the moment, in unpredictable ways, blaming it on staff shortages. MK Dons would have been out of the question for me anyway, but Burton away and Portsmouth at home are both impossible too, thanks to Avanti.
  4. Yes, but (and sorry to keep banging on about it) when I tried on line yesterday to book trains for that day, I couldn't do it, because Avanti have temporarily suspended all bookings and reservations and are operating a reduced service until mid-September. Things like that are bound to affect the attendance.
  5. Wednesbury principles concern the unreasonable behaviour of the state authorities. Warren is making a serious and important point. Edit: Not having a go at Santa in particular here, but the responses in general don't seem to understand the seriousness of this infringement of individual liberty.
  6. Good luck, Warren! For the second home game in a row, I can't get there. This time there are no trains at all! My season ticket remains unused, so I shall miss the unique experience of a Vale game at (projected) 31 deg C. Mind you, I do understand and sympathise why the trains aren't running...
  7. Yes, absolutely. What I meant was, I'm not old enough to have ever seen him play. I certainly don't mean to belittle him. History shows how good he was.
  8. I can't remember Ray King but Ken Hancock was always a favourite. I'm not sure, though, how you would measure them objectively against Mussie, etc. They were all great players...
  9. I was there then and saw him do that (we've usually gone because our daughter was at Sheffield University, though supported Wednesday then) but not sure it was our last game there. Last time we were one level higher up, I think.
  10. The club can't, off their own bat, but the ticket holder can. When there was talk of a full house against Bristol Rovers, with us both unable to go, I emailed the ticket office (with a photo of our season tickets to show it wasn't a wind up) to say that they could put our seats on sale. And I can see from my account that they actually did that.
  11. Apparently Harratt was sent off after the final whistle.
  12. You did a great job standing in for me!
  13. In all seriousness that must cost you a fortune as well as taking ages. Is there no flight option to say Birmingham or Manchester? It's always getting back on a Saturday night that is the problem, whatever mode of transport it is.
  14. Not a great start to the season from a personal point of view. It's bad enough coming down from Edinburgh on a normal Saturday (leave home 8am, get back 10 pm, with a VERY tight connection at Crewe). However, I woke up this morning to discover that my Transpennine train back from Carlisle to Edinburgh (the last one till Sunday lunchtime) has been cancelled. At least it seems I'll get a full refund from Trainline. The rest of you will have to do the cheering for me!
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