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  1. I'm with you on that. I also think it annoys referees a bit and those marginal calls start going against you.
  2. I think it is fair to say that the players do struggle a bit to change the momentum of a game whilst playing the same formation I do think though that clarke does more than most managers to try and effect the game with subs or formation changes. Sometimes this works (barrow), sometimes it doesn't (mansfield). I still think though that as a team of mostly new players we are still finding out who can grab the game by the scruff of the neck and impact it. Last few seasons that's been worral but he has less influence at wing back.
  3. A frustrating watch that. Key points from me: 1. Our passing was woeful. Never really felt we had an extended passage of play where we kept the ball and built. Mansfield spent most the game doing this. 2. Liked the savyness of pett and smith. Pett took the sting out of the game when needed and Smiths yellow at the end shoving their winger into touch was great. 3. It was a shame martin got injured at the beginning of second half. That 3 minutes down to 10 men just sat us deep and basically set the pattern that it would be like the first half. 4. I didn't really enjoy our gamesmanship. I think the ponderous goal kicks, subs and time over throws just veered over the tipping point of too much. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it is funny (mostly covolan), often it is needed (to manage pace of the game) but today it felt over done for me. 5. I think it is harsh to dig out Lloyd. Think he did as much as he could with the service and long balls. Be interested in seeing how he does in a game where we have more of the ball. 6. Finally really happy with a point. Still think there is more to come from this team. I think with the good start we sometimes forget how many new players we have.
  4. Can anyone remember whether benning mostly played left back (in a back 4) or wingback for mansfield? Not sure whether today was just a case of doing something he's more used to? Either way good for him to make an impact.
  5. I reckon pett will play the walker role. I think someone said he did this at lincoln. Should free up garrity to go foraging and conlon to play further forward.
  6. I really enjoy the pod. In a similar way to OVF it makes me feel more connected to the club. Even when results arent great it's like shared frustration therapy. I don't get to many games as I live miles away and have young kids so i look forward to the weekly reviews. Anyway just saying thanks. There will always be different opinions on things and keep doing what you are doing. 👍
  7. Its probably easier to coach a new set of players to be defensively solid than it is to train lots of attacking patterns of play. Thats one of the reasons why international football can often be so turgid. I think we do now have the passing ability to unlock defences but it takes time for that all to click. Until then i'd like to see a bit more old fashioned wing play and taking players on. One of the simpler ways of creating chances. It might not be what we are aiming to do lots of longterm but might get us a few goals to get us up and running.
  8. We should get atleast 5 goals from Jones launching the ball and our fleet of man giants bundling the ball home. Also we'll never know the indirect benefit of having a long throw specialist in terms of goals but it helps drag us much higher up the pitch if we get a throw anywhere near the final third. Think this would be the equivalent of nicking a free kick in those inevitable patterns of play where we are soaking up pressure and sitting deep. Also might make teams play safer choices when playing out from the back to avoid giving away needless throw-ins. So having a long flat and fast throw in our locker helps us offensively and defensively. It's a threat we didnt have last year so be interesting to see how it pans out.
  9. I get excited and carried away every year. After last season i swore i'd be more realistic like you. The only thing that makes me hope for better is atleast a few of our signings previous clubs fans where gutted about. I cant remember any in recent seasons with the same levels of regret from other fans. Benning - Left with Mansfields fans best wishes Cass & Johnson - Hartlepool fans gutted Covolan - Gulls fans gutted - Cult hero status Walker - Some shrews fans would have kept him but they had other options Stone - Mansfield fans felt he did ok to well Wilson - Salford Fans not bothered as far as i can tell Garrity - derided a bit by oldham. Some weird meme stuff from blackpool Proctor - No idea Jones - no idea Pett - No idea but probably well liked at stevenage Martin - Not sure either It's difficult to stay close to it all bit even the ones which i am not sure on seem to be well rated if you look at some of the non league pods / bloggers. All this means nothing though if the team doesn't gel. Think we might be a bit light up top. Normally takes new teams a while to figure out how they score goals.
  10. Hurst performed well last season. There was that patch around the time askey got sacked that he genuinely seemed like the only interested player and atleast offered us something. Definitely enough to work with and glad we offered him a contract. Just hope we have a plan for him that gets him enough game time
  11. Out interest what was the context?
  12. The only appointment that made sense was ancellotti to madrid. Personally dont feel koeman had done enough in his managerial career to be a 'normal' barca appointment. Martinez just fizzled out at everton so did feel odd that he got the belgium gig.
  13. My prediction would be that we sign a 1st team LB (who has the ability to play RB if needed) and a youthful RB / RWB. I think we all assume that RB is Gibbos if fit and more of an open contest for LB. I reckon also that DC would rather have a smaller number of better quality but versatile players than lots of set position specialists. Therefore any 2nd choice LB/RB are going to have a bit more versatility.
  14. For me the price should be somewhere between the per match cost of a season ticket and the full price of a walk in (as watching it is not the same as being there). Somewhere there will be someone doing the maths on all this. In a way we have an aging population who have had to get used to the internet. I really think it will happen at somepoint
  15. I agree with all of this. I also wonder whether a ifollow season ticket could work too (at the same price as a regular season ticket). It shouldn't impact the casual walk up attendances as i imagine its only likely to be long distance fans that would buy one. Another interesting lens to look at this all through is sustainability. One of the biggest contributers to footballs carbon footprint is away travel. I'm not saying fans shouldnt go to away games (as its a lot of fun and contributes massively to atmosphere in stadiums) but if we are serious about climate change there should be more options for fans.
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