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  1. Out interest what was the context?
  2. The only appointment that made sense was ancellotti to madrid. Personally dont feel koeman had done enough in his managerial career to be a 'normal' barca appointment. Martinez just fizzled out at everton so did feel odd that he got the belgium gig.
  3. My prediction would be that we sign a 1st team LB (who has the ability to play RB if needed) and a youthful RB / RWB. I think we all assume that RB is Gibbos if fit and more of an open contest for LB. I reckon also that DC would rather have a smaller number of better quality but versatile players than lots of set position specialists. Therefore any 2nd choice LB/RB are going to have a bit more versatility.
  4. For me the price should be somewhere between the per match cost of a season ticket and the full price of a walk in (as watching it is not the same as being there). Somewhere there will be someone doing the maths on all this. In a way we have an aging population who have had to get used to the internet. I really think it will happen at somepoint
  5. I agree with all of this. I also wonder whether a ifollow season ticket could work too (at the same price as a regular season ticket). It shouldn't impact the casual walk up attendances as i imagine its only likely to be long distance fans that would buy one. Another interesting lens to look at this all through is sustainability. One of the biggest contributers to footballs carbon footprint is away travel. I'm not saying fans shouldnt go to away games (as its a lot of fun and contributes massively to atmosphere in stadiums) but if we are serious about climate change there should be more options for fans.
  6. Does anyone know whether EFL and iFollow made a decision on whether they would stream games again domestically next season? I just think of my dad who lives down south and watched every game (poor soul) last season. Realistically in normal times he'd go to a few southern away games and maybe a few home games. Also he works half days every other saturday. My point being that if it's priced properly there has to be a sweetspot of increasing revenues from fans who can't attend in person, but it's not so cheap to decrease the amount of walk ins. I think ifollow did a survey on some of this but wasnt sure if anything had been announced?
  7. This would almost be my team but if we do go 4-3-3 i don't think you could have both foden and grealish starting. Kane up top is a given but if you had both foden and grealish there would be no one to break the lines and stretch the play. It's where a sterling/rashford/sancho is needed for that extra pace and direct running. Despite not having a great season i think southgate will go with sterling. His recent england record is actually pretty good and seems to have a regular assist/goal exchange thing going on with kane.
  8. Your spot on. Much more of an outlier approach in the prem. Every now and then you get a good footballing team in league 2, but most years its physicality, organisation and consistency that get promotion. Hopefully get to see some good stuff next season too.
  9. Just had an awful realisation that we are becoming a team full of six footers and have just signed a long throw specialist. It seems eerily familiar and too close to home.... 😬 Having said that i don't care at all if it works for us.
  10. On the character point i'm not convinced with Smith. How often over the last few seasons has his form dipped when we are playing badly as a team. Yes sure it suits all players to be surrounded by players also playing well but bar his breakthough season in league one he's never seemed to be in better form than the rest of the defence. I'm probably judging him harshly knowing how good he can be but sometimes i want that force of character that drags other players upwards. In comparison an in form legge has done that at points over the last few seasons but i don't see Smith being the catalyst who can do the same.
  11. Struggling for positives but here are a few: - Another half of football for Gibbons. Inching towards getting a decent right back fit and playing again. - Another half for Amoo, Okyleke back for a 10 mins too. Again getting closer to having a stronger first 11. - We tried 442. Yes we lost 2-0 but i didnt personally feel we got overrun in midfield. Something to think about for future games. - Worral. Yes no goals or assists but I enjoyed his yellow card. Nice to see one of our players give a hoot. Yes i know this is scrapping the bottom of the barrel but it can't get worse surely?
  12. That yellow card for scunny just now was cynical. Did look worse than a yellow.
  13. I'd really like a manager in this season if only for the reason that he'll have a few months experience of what the squad is capable of and then have the transfer window over the summer to start addressing some of our key issues.
  14. Two poor teams in bad form. Would love Guthrie to get a goal and get off the mark. We really need to start believing we can get goals in games. Problem is that we have chopped and changed our frontline so much we don't know how we are going to score. I guess one of the things we should see in coming weeks (with pope out and robinson frozen out) is atleast a bit of consistency with whoever plays up top.
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