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  1. A really good programme and I can remember Felix but not Terry Hardin! Will look up Terry’s career details.
  2. Enjoyed the Super John pod. An intelligent guy and a modest one who actually, got the most out of his career. Seems to enjoy his current role and was interesting to hear about his reluctance to come on! I sat with John and his wife at a friends wedding and tried not to talk to much about the Vale. To coin a phrase, Top Man! Well done Ale and the Vale for another experience.
  3. Bezza now has a chance to swoon on either Brisley, Robinson or Mills!! 😁
  4. He does have George Andrews in his pocket! 😀
  5. DC is a prickly interviewee! Doesn’t like to comment on future tactics, injury status or strategies on coming fixtures. He does try to boss the interviewers and it can seem like he tries to dominate the questions. He has a bit of an edge, I quite like this but would hope he trims his rudeness!
  6. Well done Vale a great win as it was a tricky tie. Clean sheet and Theo on the mark! I’ll take this win every time! Will be paying my local DIY shop in Devon a visit as he is an Exeter supporter! Definitely a GREAT Friday!
  7. Nice considerate thought! Well done
  8. Thinking more about it..... maybe Conlon and Rodders who have fantastic qualities, leave him open?
  9. Felt Monty struggled today on occasions and it was similar last week. Even though his bombing forward runs help, his positional sense is suspect. I feel he plays better further up the pitch, but this is an area where we have a bit of competition. His days are numbered unless his adaptability gets him through. I like him as a person, but feel we need a left back in the summer. His injury record, could put more pressure on him.
  10. Really enjoying DC’s style of management. To the point, says calls a spade a spade, believes in hard work and can be prickly, so no pushover. He has got us organised and brought some professionalism to our team. His attitude must of rubbed off onto most of the players and I believe he has inspired them. I expect a clear out in the summer and he will now know where the pivotal positions are that require reinforcements. Great win today, well deserved! VTID
  11. Maybe a game for Amoo as their back line seems slow and suspect but decent heading ability.
  12. Hope the ref isn’t influenced from their constant decision moaning?
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