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  1. 1 Mansfield 2 Northampton 3 Bristol Rovers 4 Walsall 5 Port Vale 6 Salford 7 Forest Green Rovers Bottom 2 Scunthorpe Hartlepool
  2. Oh no! One of my favourite cult players. Clever footballer and I can vividly remember when he missed a game as the had a leg injury after coming into contact with the pitch marking’s. RIP
  3. Fixtures are good for me! Boxing Day at home for my journey up from Devon, Exeter on aSaturday in May. Bristol though on a Tuesday night! Well, can’t please everyone. FGR looks a capable visit and as retirement has taken place, should get a home game in October. Local press, the Herald Express has a good article on the match v Hartlepool and shows a picture of Noy, Covolan’s partner. Gary Johnson’s win percentage is 55% over his last 129 games. Shame that they didn’t make it!
  4. Sam Hornsby has signed a two year extension at Bradford
  5. Listened to the whole game v TQ. Went to end of extra time and penalties. First 4 pens missed and TQ equalised in 95th minute from a header by the goalkeeper! Whitfield out injured. 3 goals disallowed and a great end to end game. Well the end of a 12 mile trip to see PVFC. Exeter, Bristol Rovers, FGR here we come!
  6. Great laughter in Devon followed the arrival of the edition. Have a look guys, some much needed humour! Thanks Andy for this and the Derek’s to follow!
  7. Whitfield has been injured for a few weeks and so has Wright who scored two goals. From a personal point of view, I want Torquay to be promoted as it is 12 miles from where I live! Attendance 1,700
  8. Good pod lads and enjoyed it. Maybe in the side, we need more physical presentation, particularly in midfield? Leadership as discussed previously and possibly a little more controlled aggression. I feel we are a bit powder puff in certain areas at the moment.
  9. Barry Sidall, Robbie Earle, Geoff Hunter, Colin Tart, Steve Fox, Phil Sproson, Bob Newton, Jim Steel, Russell Bromage. Ran out of names from the clip! Remember those times quite well and as I now lives only 12 miles from Torquay, it would be great to see Vale playing here next year. Away trips planned next year are.... Bristol Rovers, Exeter, Forest Green ( if not promoted) maybe Swindon. Looking forward to watching our new side and live football. UTV
  10. A really good programme and I can remember Felix but not Terry Hardin! Will look up Terry’s career details.
  11. Enjoyed the Super John pod. An intelligent guy and a modest one who actually, got the most out of his career. Seems to enjoy his current role and was interesting to hear about his reluctance to come on! I sat with John and his wife at a friends wedding and tried not to talk to much about the Vale. To coin a phrase, Top Man! Well done Ale and the Vale for another experience.
  12. Bezza now has a chance to swoon on either Brisley, Robinson or Mills!! 😁
  13. He does have George Andrews in his pocket! 😀
  14. DC is a prickly interviewee! Doesn’t like to comment on future tactics, injury status or strategies on coming fixtures. He does try to boss the interviewers and it can seem like he tries to dominate the questions. He has a bit of an edge, I quite like this but would hope he trims his rudeness!
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