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  1. I feel the team that handles the set plays will be the winners. We need to be aware of their movement but can hurt them with good dead ball delivery. VTID
  2. Crookes and Burgess played for Grimsby today, Whitfield and Johnson subs for Stockport, Johnson in goal for Halifax, no Manny for Chesterfield. Not checked but probably Boote for Solihull. Monty made an appearance for Livingstone, booked then subbed at 60 mins.
  3. Proctor been have an injection for last two days says DC
  4. I’m in the same boat. Bus from Bovey Tracey at 11:15 to Exeter by 12. Last bus home is 19:55 from Exeter to only part of my journey, then taxi to complete. That’s what you get living in the sticks! Just want Vale to turn up!!
  5. Just thrown the radio out through the window! Fed up of hearing about Exeter.... first trophy chance since ...... Now tuned to Radio 2. Have a great day Vale supporters in the glorious Devon sunshine. Hope the day turns out favourably!
  6. Benning! Bloody predictive text!!!! Stone in goal
  7. Can’t wait to cheer on the lads tomorrow, only my third live game this season but living in Devon, the local radio is doing my head in with what they are advertising as “ The Final Countdown”. Bus to the game, a beer before and meal after and hope to meet up with a school friend for only the second time in 50 years! He lives close to Torquay. Would like to see us go four at the back, Gibbo to start and Martin to drop out if Hall is fit. Four in midfield with Pett, Garrity, Taylor and Charley. Proctor and Wilson up top. Left back it’s a toss up, but as we have four in the middle, Bennington just gets it. Did consider Gibbo on the left and keeping Worall, but Wozza needs a break. In the seats with Mrs Dangermouse and will be right behind the lads for the 90 minutes. Interesting to see that DC will lead the side. A huge welcome back sir! Don’t want to feel as crap as I did last Monday, so going for a draw and play off’s reached. VTID
  8. Would agree Ray that we lack pace throughout the side. Would say we lack it throughout the squad. Some of our more pacy players seem to lack confidence to beat a man? Are we less brave than we should be? Are we to conservative in our play? Conlon and Walker huge misses at the moment.
  9. Well today we played like a damp squib. We didn't seem defensively organised and lacked some controlled aggression. Couldn't pass for toffee and they gave us a lesson in picking out front men and finding space. Not going to dig out any players tonight but I counted that at least six gave below their average performance for the season. You can't win games when that happens. To get where we are is pleasing as my predictions for the season were Mansfield, Northampton, Bristol Rovers, Walsall and Vale 5th. But what gnaws is where we were after the Hartlepool game and how it has panned out. At the end of the game, I had to turn off the tv and when outside to dig in the garden to relieve me of my frustrations ! My son rang me tonight and has two tickets for Exeter as his mate is so deflated and now won't go. Wifey and I will be there on Saturday, cheering on the team I love regardless that I am feeling down in the dumps tonight. Matt Taylor the Exeter manager was at today's game and he now has watched Vale live twice recently. To win at Exeter I feel we need to do something different. Formation and personnel change. VTID
  10. Passing is poor and nobody making any space. They will defend this approach all day. If fit, Need Gibbo on for Benning and Taylor for Pett. Need to gamble now. Unsure if I would make both changes now? No, just Gibbo on. UTV
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