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  1. would be a great turnout if we can get into 5 figures - looking forward to it and I bet the players are too - stranger things have happened
  2. Why are we assuming politic will be off in January - have u seen his interview yesterday - plain as the nose on your face he loves being here and DC. Granted, if they recall him there's not much he can do, but still......
  3. Thought johnson and walker would have kept their places, nice to see Stone have a chance as much as I luv Lucas 👍
  4. Surprised we Anna sold out but we should have a bit of space behind the nets at least 🥅
  5. I dunno about that - the French centre half at Oldham dismantled us when they put him upfront last week
  6. Im sure someone can quote the stats but there cant be many teams with more players having scored than us - yesterday again was two midfielders After that train wreck of an interview on Tueday night, I was so pleased that Garritty scored - even if he didnt have a clue how it went in 😁👍
  7. I love weddings but sat afternoon ones should be banned
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