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  1. Justice was done with that penalty save as it was never a pen! Another disgraceful decision against us yet again. When will these even out?
  2. Well that was against the run of play! Will take it all day long!
  3. Bolton promotion needed! Might get him then! 😂
  4. Game of two halves! Very flat 1st half. Much higher tempo and purpose 2nd half. Really like Politic, he's a bit of a wildcard that can change a game. Would love him on a free next season but seems highly rated by Bolton. Massive credit to the gaffer DC today. Whatever he said at half time did the trick and his subs were inspired and turned the game around for us! We're 3rd!
  5. Garrity makes so many lung busting runs down the channel like you'd expect a target man to! It's great to see. Means the strikers can stay centrally and hopefully grab a goal.
  6. Miles better 2nd half. Tempo much improved. If we don't do anything stupid we should see this out. Activate operation 💩-house!
  7. Politic must think we always score quick goals in succession whenever he comes on!
  8. Half time rocket from DC needed. Maybe switch to a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 and get Politic/Amoo running at them. Whole game is flat. Performance flat. Crowd flat. Barrow aren't very good, but neither are we!
  9. Yeah was never a freekick. Slight touch then threw himself on the floor. Gordon did it after about 2 mins when he was going nowhere in the right-back position and the ref gave that too. Obviously realised it's another weak ref that can be conned easily.
  10. That is atrocious goalkeeping. Biscuit wrists.
  11. Hopeful of a win today. Nothing to fear in Barrow, but we have to be on it 100%. They'll be saying the same thing and have a very good manager in Mark Cooper, someone who I wouldn't have minded at Vale. I still feel we'll finish around 10th-13th but it's nice that we shouldn't be drawn into any sort of relegation battle this season. A win today and I might start getting my hopes up about a top 7 finish!
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