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  1. It was before the ref ruined the game. We were playing really well. Now we're not!
  2. I still can't believe that penalty decision. Completely different game now because of it. Vale on the back foot and the crowd have started to make some noise.
  3. Gary Bowyer has literally done nothing apart from berate the ref tonight and he's managed to con this clown into giving one of the the worst decisions I've ever seen.
  4. Pope should get at least a hat trick of penalties every game then. Why don't we get these decisions?
  5. We were in complete control of this game. Now the tide will likely turn because of yet another cheating referee.
  6. Never ever ever ever a penalty in a million years. Shocking.
  7. Just paid £10 to watch on iFollow. How long before I regret this decision?!
  8. Is there any point playing it? 100% home banker.
  9. Salford would be good - we'd get money for being on TV!
  10. Horton was the same! Used Levi Reid and Micky Cummins at LB instead of just signing a LB! Managers eh?!
  11. I'm desperate for him to write an autobiography!
  12. All summer I was crying out for us to sign a left back. No one agreed. "Lloyd can play there" "Monty can fill in" "Campbell-Gordon is ready" Crookes isn't a LB, I don't blame him for poor performances. I blame Askey for not signing a natural LB, and playing a CB there! Madness! Round pegs, round holes.
  13. If you look at the comment I'm replying to, you can see I'm responding to an un-intelligent comment that Carol & Kevin's "honeymoon is over" and that it's "time for them to deliver".
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