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  1. Bennett was a decent backup L2 player. I liked him and thought he did well. We must have someone lined up on a free otherwise this is a silly decision.
  2. Carol has often called this season a "pilot" season as she said they didn't know how much revenue the club could potentially generate. I assume she means because Smurthwaite was thieving cash and moving it around the accounts. I'd say to be prudent, the budget was low-balled this year to avoid putting us in trouble. After this season I'm sure Carol and Kevin will know exactly what the revenue potential is here and hopefully it's enough to add another 2 or 3 quality players!
  3. Adebayo was someone I mentioned in the summer transfer window thread. I thought he looked useful on loan at Swindon against us and kept an eye on him since. He has a similar goal record at Walsall as he did at Swindon but I think he'd flourish in a side like ours in the loan striker role. I thought McDonald, their #25 looked like a tricky wide man too! Hoping we pick up someone like them in the summer!
  4. 3-0 up going into the last 10 mins. I hope they don't bring Trevor Kettle on.
  5. Smith and Gibbons next please!
  6. When were we "promised monies"?
  7. Would love to beat this rabble. Still not sure what Neville etc see in this "project". They've stated the Championship as the ambition but Salford in the Champ on gates of 3,000 will mean their "investment" will have to increase 10x and they lost £2.5m in the National League North! Makes no sense at all? May as well just set bank notes on fire?
  8. That is actually hilarious Sounds like another Gary Roberts - talented but brainless.
  9. Spot on, couldn't agree more!
  10. Has obvious ability but managers keep deriding his work rate. Paul Hurst froze him out at Scunny for this reason I believe. He's from Burslem isn't he? Is he a Vale fan? Might put more of a shift in with us if he supports us!
  11. I think that this summer will be really interesting in terms of recruitment. I felt as though Askey played it "safe" last summer by signing players he had worked with before. And I don't blame him from seeking familiarity given the turmoil the club was in. But after a year of Carol and Kevin at the helm, and the new scouts watching 10-15 games a week, I'm hopeful our recruitment will be a lot better than previous years. If we can uncover a Mitch Clarke, Alex Jones or a Jake Taylor on a permanent deal instead of loans then that would be excellent!
  12. It is nice to see but from a practical viewpoint I couldn't care less if they're male or female as long as they're the best person for the job! I'm excited about the future of this club once again and it feels great!
  13. Good to see us appoint a specialised board with a variety of expertise in different areas! Much better than Smurthwaite's one man band "I know everything" approach! Exciting times ahead I'm sure. I love what Carol's doing to make us into a modern, forward thinking football club! https://www.port-vale.co.uk/news/2020/january/club-statement/
  14. I remember looking at Luton's accounts the year they went up from L2. They had an AVERAGE wage of £3k per week and around £1m in transfer fees! No wonder they went up! One look at those figures and it was plain to see that Nathan Jones was a myth! Back to our window - I'm completely happy with the squad although wouldn't say no to a specialist left back and/or a holding midfielder to compete with Joyce.
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