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  1. Would love to see us get one of those scabby, scruffy 2-1 wins that we've been on the end of a few times. Our relegation rivals will likely pick up points from their games too looking at the fixtures. It's not going to be a nice time for a Vale fan come Wednesday morning.
  2. Who would you play up front? Pope is out. Cullen doesn't ever do much and gets bullied. Theo just doesn't seem like he wants to be here. Rodney seems more threatening from out wide. Again, it all comes down to recruitment and he's the best central striker we have.
  3. No one is saying we should get rid of Clarke you weirdo! 😂😂😂
  4. It's gonna turn into that time of the season again where we know we can't rely on our own results, and will be checking Barrow/Grimsby/Southend/Colchester results every week and praying for a miracle. The thing is about this tin-pot league is that if we'd have won the last 2 games we'd be 14th and probably safe.
  5. You're doing a great job of embarrassing yourself and making yourself look like the village idiot, but I'll gladly help you out too.
  6. Another Saturday where I'm depressed and angry. Trying to make myself feel better I had a look at the points total for 3rd bottom over the last 10 seasons. 2019-20: 32 points (if Stevenage were rightly relegated) 2018-19: 44 points 2017-18: 46 points (Morecambe stayed up on GD) 2016-17: 48 points 2015-16: 43 points 2014-15: 45 points 2013-14: 50 points 2012-13: 51 points 2011-12: 46 points 2010-11: 48 points We're on 34 points currently with 15 games to go. I'm very very scared. For month's I've been thinking "we'll win a couple of ga
  7. Happily posting negative tripe when we lose. Nowhere to be seen if we get a result (or still posting garbage).
  8. You take great pleasure from our demise. Which is odd for a fan.
  9. Because we never win (I don't think we'll win again this season), the only important results are checking Barrow, Grimsby and Southend's results. I honestly think we're doomed. We can't win. At all.
  10. I love your optimism and wish I could feel the same more often! Maybe 20 years of following this garbage club has sucked the life out of me! The bookies have us as favourites today!
  11. Can't see anything other than a Cambridge win today. Mullin and Ironside will be too much for us. Wasn't long ago we were playing them off the pitch in a comfortable 3-0 win. Another club in a long list we've fallen behind now.
  12. They've recruited well, but the players they signed weren't 'household' names - ie the type of signings people would have a meltdown over on OVF. Wes McDonald - "Why are we signing Yeovil rejects?!" Elijah Adebayo - "5 goals in 25 for Swindon, RUBBISH!" Rory Holden - "He's not gonna be any good coming from the Irish leagues!" These signings will hardly command the same fees/wages as 'proven' L2 players. I'm absolutely more than happy to defend and scrap our way to safety - which is NOT guaranteed. We can't be complacent about this, our form is awful and we are in a rel
  13. You have 1 friend that is a Walsall fan, that isn't a representation of a fanbase. Would a fanbase that "isn't bothered" start commenting on every Vale tweet where Clarke is mentioned? And for the record, Page was awful.
  14. Are you deluded? When he left Walsall they were 6 points off the playoffs and had lost 6 games ALL SEASON! Walsall are a financially stricken club that resorted to cheap signings and youth players - he was doing a cracking job under the circumstances. Walsall fans are bitter that a rival has managed to poach their manager - don't listen to their nonsense. Speaking of nonsense - you are actually unhappy with Clarke after TWO games where we've picked up points?! There's no hope for doughnuts like you.
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