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  1. Absolutely. This will show what fight they have tonight. Swindon think this is a done deal. They're prime Brazil 1970 and we're Wimbledon from the 90's. All we do if kick people, while they are angels. The result could be anything tonight, but I want to see a performance that shows they've got a bit of heart.
  2. Have to agree with others - just ignore McKirdy on Thursday, don't give him any more additional motivation. He'll love being the pantomime villain. If we had someone like him, we'd all love him winding up other fans. One thing I will say though - he should have been sent off on Sunday if we had a competent, strong ref. Scoring a goal then "machine gunning" the away fans is a bookable offence for inciting the crowd. Then that obvious, comical dive just before half time would have been another yellow. But when have we had a competent ref in League Two ever?
  3. Ill informed, stupid comment. Look at the latest set of accounts, staff numbers have decreased.
  4. I'd disagree with that. I think our midfield is our strongest area. We're just missing two composed, technical players in Conlon and Walker, so having to play our backups in Charsley and Taylor.
  5. Smith gave a soft corner away - mistake 1 Gibbons lost McKirdy - mistake 2 No men on the line - mistake 3 A very frustrating goal to concede all round.
  6. Performance was abysmal. Very lucky that ball dropped to us to keep the tie alive. Huge improvement needed for Thursday. Swindon have the best away record in League Two.
  7. Looks like we've won a raffle to take part in the playoffs. How was there only 1 point between the teams? Swindon look leagues apart here.
  8. Nice to see we've been given a strong ref for this game.
  9. Looks like: Stone Smith Martin Hall Worrall Garrity Pett Charsley Gibbons Edmondson Wilson But could be: Stone Smith Martin Hall Gibbons Garrity Pett Charsley Worrall Edmondson Wilson
  10. Connor Ripley would be a decent option as 1st choice keeper. 29 years old, and been a backup keeper for Preston for the last few seasons, but with experience of L1. Played a few games for Salford last season on an emergency loan.
  11. I'm the same. I like him a lot. I felt he was the type of player Vale fans would love as a bit of a cult hero - ie that talented maverick who is a bit of a headcase (a la Gary Roberts). We do need someone like him in our side with his direct running, ability to take players out of the game and ability to produce something from nothing. Feel like it's written in the stars that he will score against us and do his 'machine gun' celebration at our fans!
  12. The left back? I'd imagine we will be in the market for a new LWB. I'd guess Benning hasn't lived up to expectations. Something just not clicked during his time so far, maybe we would see the best of him next season if he gets the chance?
  13. What is it with other teams in League Two being utterly obsessed with us recently? If it wasn't Bristol and Walsall fans jumping onto anything Vale related, now Swindon fans are at it ridiculing our away support at their place over the last few years? They reckon we won't sell 1,200! Whatever happened to just focusing on your own team?! [emoji23]
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