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  1. Phil Parkinson would be a good fit for us and this division. I'd take him now.
  2. Montano is the best option at LB Then Fitzpatrick (only as backup) Then Crookes (who should be released once his contract is up). Then in the summer we should sign a capable, natural LB!
  3. The biggest issue was recruitment this summer. Last game of last season, you could say our best 11 was Brown; Gibbons, Legge, Smith, Clarke; Joyce, Burgess, Conlon; Amoo, Pope, Worrall? That hasn't changed at all this season. What should have happened in the summer is 2-3 FIRST TEAMERS should have been signed to strengthen. This would then push some of last season's 1st 11 down the pecking order but improve the 1st team and improve the squad. Askey aimed the bar way too low which he does with most of his signings.
  4. I mentioned him a few weeks back (when I was on the fence about changing the manager). Always liked McGreals Colchester sides, played good attacking football. Its all hypothetical as Carol wouldn't sack anyone unless we were relegation threatened.
  5. 5 losses in a row, including losing to the bottom 2 and a non league side is unacceptable. Woeful performances show we are unlikely to turn this round. Carol won't do anything though but another loss on Saturday and surely he can't stay?
  6. When Adams was manager, I had a lot of confidence he would deliver promotion at some point. I don't have this with Askey. He's not a bad manager, but I don't think he'll ever take us up. I'm torn between being thoroughly pee'd off with these abject performances and poor recruitment and also thinking that given Smurthwaite's reign of terror this isn't as bad as it's been in the last 5 years. My worry is with Pope, Legge, Joyce, Brown etc all aging and having contracts nearing expiration, we'll be reliant on a proper rebuild this summer again but Askey's recruitment leaves me so frustr
  7. Late goal stats under Askey: Update During the 18/19 games - we conceded 3 from 28 during the last 10 mins of a game (11%) During the 19/20 games - we conceded 9 from 44 during the last 10 mins of a game (20%) This season - we've conceded 4 from 13 during the last 10 mins of a game (30%) I'm slowly swinging towards changing the manager after today - he has no idea how to see out a game.
  8. Agree he was playing well today, but it's too much to ask a 35 year old to play 90 mins every week like this. Going to catch up with him eventually and maybe losing a bit of sharpness. Urgh I hope we can scab a 0-0 now and stop this rot.
  9. Joyce and Legge both showing amateur STUPIDITY in the last two weeks. Legge should be backup, he can't play every game - and we should have signed a younger CB this summer.
  10. Vale vs Kings Lynn - Dominated game with numerous chances, lost 1-0 Vale vs Scunthorpe - Dominated game with numerous chances, lost 1-0 Vale vs Newport - Newport dominating game with numerous chances, why can't we win 1-0? We all know what's coming!
  11. I've always liked John McGreal's Colchester sides. Played good attacking football. Not sure I want Askey out yet, but things need to improve and he needs to start learning from his mistakes rather than making them over and over.
  12. It's so easy to beat us right now. Come and defend, get men behind the ball, hit us on the break. 0% chance of us having the creativity to break a team down that does this. This won't be the last time we've seen this type of game.
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