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  1. We don't have to spend big - these would be squad players. What if Gibbo gets suspended? What if Montano gets injured? What if players get tired or suffer loss of form? We absolutely need strengthening in those positions.
  2. 1 x backup GK 1 x LB 1 x RB 1 x CB 1 (maybe 2) x CM 1 x CF That would be my shopping list. We have a 20 man squad currently, but will Hurst, Trickett-Smith and Campbell-Gordon be involved or go out on loan again? Plus Pope, Legge and Joyce are in the twilight of their careers so won't be able to play every game as Doha mentioned.
  3. Feels like a new signing this as I'd been resigned to losing him! Credit to Carol and everyone behind the scenes - under Smurthwaite, none of these players would have signed new deals.
  4. Smith signed! 2 year deal!
  5. This deserves the national recognition that Rashford got Both amazing gestures!
  6. Phenomenal work by a phenomenal person. Thank you Carol for EVERYTHING!
  7. Team styles make strikers. Stick Pope in a team that play balls in behind for him to run onto and he won't score many. Stick Aguero in a team that fires 100's of far post crosses in and he (probably) won't score many. This is the reason so many strikers do it at one club and not at others - they often try and shoehorn a square peg into round holes. It's not as easy as saying "he scored 20 last season at another club, so let's sign him and he'll score 20 with us". Askey knows his system and will sign players that fit his mould.
  8. Just out of interest - why is Seddon being his agent a concern? I think he comes across as a decent bloke?
  9. Where have you seen that? He's around 5"10 or 5"11 but is quite stocky and well built, whilst having good pace!
  10. Really pleased with this signing. 15 goals in 32 games over the last 2 seasons in the league below - just starting to find his goal scoring groove 22 years old so has development in him + 109 total competitive appearances in L2 + NL + 3 year deal Stockport fans disappointed he didn't sign for them Will work hard for the team, quote: "Rodney has given Halifax an extra dimension in attack, offering pace, energy and high work-rate" (https://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/sport/football/halifax-town/fc-halifax-town-rodney-happy-stay-if-loan-stay-extended-991819) I think he will suit our system and improve us.
  11. Looking at Scottish strikers that are free transfers - all I can find is Alex Jakubiak who has played for Scotland U19 and was released by Watford in the summer after numerous loans? Ahhh I missed this haha!
  12. Unofficial Vale on Twitter seems to be suggesting a Scottish link... Scottish club or Scottish player?
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