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  1. Exactly. It only seems like "we've got a ton of coaches" because we have been chronically understaffed in that area previously. This is just a normal amount for professional football clubs. The issue was, under Smurthwaite, why spend £50k on some additional coaching to yield long term benefits, when you can just pocket £50k yourself and go and buy more KFC? No wonder so many players over the years have gone backwards!
  2. Have you enjoyed the 4 relegation battles in 5 seasons then?
  3. His name will be on teamsheets/match reports soon! Bizarre.
  4. Lol I never get a programme - probably why! Where do I get them from? Should I be able to get one with every iFollow ticket, or do you buy them separately?
  5. Our youth team barely gets any coverage. Most of the profiles on the official site are incomplete or out of date. Would be nice to know what's going on!
  6. Does anyone know if we have signed any youth teamers to pro deals? Or were they all released again?
  7. 7 in 24 isn't too bad last season? Only 25 years old. A season or two ago I'd have been interested, but I'd like to think we can get better with the current set up.
  8. Just noticed he's moved to Shamrock Rovers! https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/league-of-ireland/shamrock-rovers-confirm-signing-of-richie-towell-from-salford-city-40419808.html
  9. https://salfordcityfc.co.uk/retained-and-released-2020-21/ $alford releasing Mani Dieseruvwe, Alex Doyle, Oscar Threlkeld, Richie Towell, George Boyd, Tom Clarke, Harry Ditchfield, Sam Fielding, Darron Gibson, Dan Hawkins, Dan Jones, Will Shepherd and James Wilson. I wouldn't have any of them personally.
  10. Walsall aren't in the best financial shape. Forced to sign on the cheap and promote youth to keep costs down.
  11. There is some talent being released this summer! Bonham, Harriott, Senior, Williams would all improve us. I'd like to think these players will be on DF's radar.
  12. When I saw Morris' name, I wondered if it was that midfielder that notched 20 odd goals a few season back, and was shocked it was! Strange they're releasing him! A 1 in 5 career goal record, mainly in League One, and only 29 years old?
  13. https://the72.co.uk/235304/bristol-rovers-stance-on-released-walsall-man-revealed/ Linked with Clarke again.
  14. That Twitter account must be run by a Vale fan that just 'links' us with players he wants to sign! Every other post is Vale related! 😂😂
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