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  1. Very good keeper. I like him. 4 clean sheets in his first 8 EFL games. But I don't think people will ever forgive him for getting sent off in a friendly + Northampton! 😂😂
  2. I think if a team makes a concussion sub, it means the other team gets an extra sub too. Suppose it would stop teams gaining an unfair advantage if they started 'pretending' to have head injuries.
  3. Lovely stuff. Red card helped obviously but job well done! Great crowd too!
  4. Well at least Harrogate will be down to 10 men for the 2nd half! Please Vale, don't let this slip!
  5. We're doing well here but I'm never confident in us getting clean sheets. Could do with another as Harrogate will surely improve after the break.
  6. Good spot! Will tune in to this! I've got a good feeling about today's game. I think we'll get a hard fought, scrappy 2-1 win today. Conlon and Smith with the goals 🙌🙌
  7. Tyrese Simpson is a real handful. On loan from Ipswich. Someone I'd keep an eye on in the future with a view to signing.
  8. Garrity came with a reputation from Warrington Town as being good in the air too - although we haven't seen that side of him yet! He reminds me of Doug Loft - boundless energy and commitment!
  9. Another away win! We seem pretty well set up away from home. And I'm sure we've "out shot" every team apart from 1 this season. Another one today. Still, 10 games is always the barometer for me!
  10. I don't think I've ever been this confident about us playing anyone! Especially away from home! Hope you're right!
  11. I like Rodney but it's up to him how his career pans out. He's got the tools to make it much higher up - look at how Uche Ikpeazu has developed into a £1m player with Middlesbrough. On his day, Rodney can be unplayable with his speed, strength and powerful shooting. On other days he looks half-hearted and an average L2 player. The coaches + Rodney himself need to bring that consistency into his game and there is no reason we couldn't get a fee for him.
  12. Asking people to calm down was more attributable to the Rochdale thread where everyone is losing their mind. But also, judging players based on the first 6 games of the season isn't really fair or helpful? Long way to go yet! Remember that everyone thought Craig James was a world beater after his first few games! 😂
  13. None of those clubs have wealthy benefactors - they all rely on organic growth/ticket sales/merchandise.
  14. But what is the point of having ability if he's never on the pitch to show it? He made 26 appearances in the last 2 seasons with us. We could have Lionel Messi on the books but if he only played 1 game a season he'd be a waste of a wage.
  15. We have a lot of players moving to the area, new houses, moving family etc It would be crazy to expect that everyone be settled and 100% right now Calm down. We're hardly bottom of the league with zero wins are we? Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe we've out shot the opposition in every game but one this season. We're doing okay and are a work in progress.
  16. Cheer up youth. We've sold 4,000+ season tickets and had record shirt sales! If we're struggling, then Crawley/Stevenage/Rochdale/Harrogate/Barrow/Sutton may as well just give up!
  17. I'm expecting a defeat here. Which means we'll win 😎
  18. If you don't appreciate Tom Pett then you don't understand football. Found a new scapegoat have we? [emoji849][emoji849]
  19. Exactly. Ten games is the barometer. Too early to write players off, and too early to be voting for player of the season. In the meantime, let's not get too carried away with wins, and not be too despondent with losses.
  20. "Classic Vale" Win away at top of the table. Shoot ourselves in the foot the week after. Some things never change.
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