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  1. And also affects women's menstrual cycles. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-10380181/COVID-vaccines-prolong-menstrual-cycles-19-hours-study-reveals.html
  2. Oh look. So these miracle vaccines actually do more harm than good. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-11/repeat-booster-shots-risk-overloading-immune-system-ema-says
  3. Re Rodney I think we have to remember Rodney the person, and not just Rodney the footballer. We know he's become a father for the first time recently, so maybe this has affected his football? It might not have, but as a father myself, I remember how hard those early months can be with the stress, pressure and sleepless nights of having to look after a newborn. I wouldn't write him off just yet (unless those Walsall rumours are true and he's leaving today! If he is, we must have got a fee, and I'd hope we would have someone lined up quickly ourselves?
  4. Yeah I was surprised we weren't in for him. Had a reputation as a real workhorse, young enough to improve, plus a good goal record only a division lower. Really felt like a "Clarke" type player.
  5. Literally everything I've been saying is now being proven correct. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2022/01/19/high-covid-death-rates-include-people-did-not-die-virus-admits/ Am I still a "conspiracy theorist"? Or a crank? Or a moron? Or am I some sort of psychic? Who is going to apologise to me first I wonder?
  6. Ipswich have recalled him today. Weakens a rival which is a good thing!
  7. We're actually a progressive, forward thinking football club now. Whether we go up this season or not, we're on the right track.
  8. Hover over his username, then click ignore. He will go back to the oatcake soon enough! Don't feed the troll!
  9. It's almost like the media are collaborating with these Government criminals to promote the scamdemic for their own financial gain. But surely Boris Johnson's lockdown parties didn't have journalists in attendance? https://uk.news.yahoo.com/journalists-downing-street-christmas-parties-dominic-cummings-085705511.html
  10. Government criminals can't make money through natural immunity.
  11. Well who would have thought it, natural immunity works. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/prior-covid-infection-more-protective-than-vaccination-during-delta-surge-us-2022-01-19/ The COVID-1984 narrative is crumbling all around you. Time to wake up and accept you've been lied to, and you fell for it hook, line and sinker. This thread has gone very very quiet all of a sudden. Speaks volumes.
  12. Rumoured to be going to Orient. I liked him at Yeovil then feel he's been living off that since! https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/sources-leyton-orient-on-the-cusp-of-beating-salford-city-to-walsall-transfer-agreement-with-medical-scheduled/
  13. That's the worst thing about last night's defeat. Salford looked like relegation fodder. The only way they got near our goal was because Walker decided to put the ball out for a corner from the half way line. Couldn't believe what I was seeing. If they'd turned up and played us off the park and won 3-0 it's easier to take. Feels like we've just lost to a semi-pro team in the cup. And what an atrocious "support" they have, 100 fans from a club an hour away. Tin pot.
  14. We're just not very good. We're better than last year though. It will be L2 next season but we're still a work in progress.
  15. It's bizarre isn't it. You really are easily able to separate low IQ, and high IQ, by people's reactions and behaviour to all of this. I know an accountant, who is on £700 a day, a really intelligent bloke who refuses to leave his house now. Orders everything online and just sits in his house everyday. He's absolutely terrified. As I haven't had the vaccine, he actually said to me that I've "committed a criminal offence by not having the vaccine". I just encouraged him to have me arrested. I'm really worried for him. He's completely brainwashed. He's had all the jabs and boosters and genuinely believes that is what has stopped him getting COVID (not the fact he doesn't leave the house and never comes into contact with anyone). It's asinine. Like living in some crazy Black Mirror episode or something. Like you say though, the evidence is extremely overwhelming that this was no where near as bad as Boris Johnson and the media have made out, so hopefully more people will wake up soon and we can return to normality.
  16. I think we've been sensible with Politic's game time, given he missed the entire of last season with a bad cruciate injury. Start him here and there, bring him on as a sub every now and then, rest him for a game etc Imagine we'd thrown him in from day 1 playing 90 minutes every week. He could have been ruined. Maybe he'd have got more game time in the 2nd half of the season once he'd proven his body was coping better with the demands of football. I'm gutted. I really liked him as a player. He has that flair and game changing ability I've always said we need - similar to JMW in the promotion year.
  17. Feels like we're going to have a brand new team by the end of January!
  18. I've blocked him so don't see his posts. Has this been reported anywhere? (doubtful knowing the Sentinel)
  19. 100% this. Coupled with the fact people are so INVESTED in the narrative that they feel they're in too deep to turn around now. Imagine wearing your masks everyday, washing your hands every 2 minutes, having 8 injections, hourly lateral flows to check if you're "sick", obeying Boris Johnson, believing the SAGE forecasts, being terrified by the BBC/CNN, shouting at strangers for having a different opinion etc etc, for TWO years, only for data like this to pop up and show it actually isn't anywhere near as bad as has been made out. Rather than admit they're wrong and that they've been duped, they want to prolong the narrative to try and save face.
  20. I gave up with this thread a while ago. People were so brainwashed they wouldn't even comprehend that maybe this wasn't as bad as the media/government have made you believe. It seems the tide is turning a little, and more people are waking up. Kudos to you if you have changed your mind, or at least started to ask questions, and feel that maybe all is not what it seems. It's been helped massively by the antics of the Government. These are the people with access to every piece of data they need, and access to every top scientist, biologist and virologist. Yet they weren't scared. They were telling you to be scared and to obey them, while all the while having party after party in their offices. Ignoring their own rules. "Do as I say, not as I do". And you lapped it up. I've said all along, if you're fit and healthy, this disease barely affects you. The data proves this with 99%+ survival rates. And this data includes terms such as "probable" and "assumed" COVID cases (as I pointed out in previous posts). A month ago, some data was released by the ONS, with the death figures from COVID with no other underlying causes. This is where the person that has died doesn't also have heart failure, diabetes, obesity etc. Again, as I kept saying, dying "from" COVID is very very different to dying "with" COVID. This data shows that over 2020, only 9,400 people died 'from' COVID, with no other reason cited as a possible cause of death. In a population of 61 million. That is less than 0.01%. And of that 9,400; 7,851 were over 65. Now before the cult of corona jumps all over me, I'm not saying people over 65 should be left to die. Far from it. Every life is precious. Of course it is. Someone over 65 is worth just as much as someone under 65 but the sad fact of life is that people die. People's health deteriorates as they get older, so they are more at risk, and more vulnerable to all sorts of illnesses. Do you really think that all of the nonsense you've had to put up with over the last two years justifies these numbers? Just to clarify again for the cult out there. No one is saying the lives of vulnerable people are somehow worth less. But what these statistics demonstrate is that we have had a good idea of who to protect from the start, and that terrifying healthy people was a heinous and disgraceful strategy. How have we ended up in this mess? How are people literally terrified of this? Why have businesses and lives been destroyed? Why are people that don't feel a vaccine is necessary, having their freedom taken off them around the world? Why is there such division between people who want the vaccine and people that don't? Why has so much taxpayer money been wasted? When will this end? SOURCE: Deaths from COVID-19 with no other underlying causes https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/deathsfromcovid19withnootherunderlyingcauses?s=09
  21. On the subject of masks, I was ridiculed and abused on this forum for suggesting they don't actually offer sufficient protection. And it's more of a comfort blanket to make people feel safe, rather than actually keeping them safe. On a cold winter day, I was outside wearing my mask after coming out of a shop. I was able to see my breath in the cold air. As I still have the ability to think for myself without mindlessly consuming the news and obeying Boris Johnson to the letter, I simply thought "well if my breath is clearly visible, then how is it stopping the most deadly virus the world has ever seen?" https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/14/health/cloth-masks-covid-cdc.html Now the CDC has confirmed this. Those cloth masks you were all wearing are worthless. Don't all apologise at once.
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