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  1. Surely there are some players under contract to us who have sat down over the weekend with family and friends and fully considered what they want to do? They know if they are "liked" or "wanted" by DC and need to see what other opportunities are out there for them. Players are not stupid, they will have gut feelings as to if they fit in with the "new Vale" or not and may have talked to other clubs to see if it's worth their while getting out of their contracts here? Today's talks with these players will not be all one way BUT if they have done their homework and sussed out what their next
  2. Wow! If we are after the likes of him then bril. Well dug out Iron Curtain. Let's hope DC and DF are scouting such replacements.
  3. "Carol Shanahans Black and White Army." With the backing of our brilliant owners DC and DF are really now putting their necks on the block. With a complete cull and hopefully investment into "better" players surely us Valiants can actually now have a future to look forward to? Cheers all who have left/ going to leave but as fans we are interested in some progression now and will support the NEW regime next season to the full. Bright times ahead? I for one am excited, a phrase I've not uttered for yonks supporting the mighty whites.
  4. Clearly Clarke started the game with several individuals who were on their last games for Vale and it gave the manager confirmation of what is really needed for any kind of promotion push next season. I would not read too much into the game itself other than to agree with almost everyone that we know who should be here and who should be shown the door. A big clear out is honestly required as we as a squad are frankly not good enough. Valiants are tired of laxidasical, non interested performances so come on Dazzer set our pulses rising again in close season with some terrific acquisitions.
  5. Totally agree with this. Rob, the OVF site is really important to some Valiants, especially those not local to Burslem and don't get the Sentinel or any other media reports about the Vale. I'm certain I speak for all who post on here- a massive thanks to you and others who take their time and effort to allow OVF to continue. Rudgey is one of us, he too appreciates all the work.
  6. Bleeding namby pamby owners who don't give a diddley squat about Salford have conned the stupid panel by virtue of their association with Man U. Who actually views and sifts through what has actually occured during the month? Ridiculous.
  7. Jean, we also met up with other Valiants and they, too were allocated "covid" seats in the new Lorne Street. We actually (even though the seats and rows are not numbered) tried to count out our seats using the old Lorne street block as a guide and I have to say we will be getting wet if it rains as they are closer to the front than our regular seats and we all know over there what it's like when the Burslem deluge starts! Perhaps Carol has it mind to put in the necessary means for the new Lorne street to open up for next season?
  8. G136 and 135 and it states New Lorne Street stand LF4.
  9. My 2 "covid" seats are for the new section of Lorne street. If they are issuing seats there then presumably they must have the relevant permission/certificates/concourse or why would they issue such seats?
  10. Fantastic feeling to again sit in my Lorne Street seat. Really missed the Vale. Good atmosphere, brilliant to see so many families there with kids of the future for Vale. Free crisps and chocolate, walk around the whole stadium, banter with so many familiar faces. Carol and Kevin only too obliged to talk to each and every fan, super thanks. Welcome pack received with sincere gratitude and then renewed my 2 season tickets after a wait in the Burslem sunshine. Was told that we shipped out 800 season tickets yesterday and there were more there today to add to that. The Club shop wa
  11. Excellent way to end the away season, by a thumping win! another clean sheet and 3 to the mighty whites. Black and gold until sold, now black and white we are alright.
  12. 100% agree with that. To me Smithy has always been a very capable back 4 player. He is still one of the best full backs we have and as we all know, when playing alongside a good, fit centre half , he is able to fit in brilliantly. DC has seen enough now of most of the squad to know who can perform best and where to fit them into his tactics. If Vale can secure a couple, maybe 3 really strong, experienced, younger players then we surely must be a force to contend with next season?
  13. I agree with your first sentence mate. I have a soft spot for several players BUT are they good enough to maintain a promotion challenge next season? If Carol and DC are able to, we do need some big time players in and my gut tells me that we have to seriously consider some that may cost a lot more than the current squad are being paid. That is the conundrum, do we risk a dressing room discontent with new acquisitions on more pay? This Division is there for an ambitious thinking club to conquer. My inclination is that Carol wants success so much as an owner and also a massive fan tha
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