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  1. Afraid to lose rather than wanting to win. That sums Southgate up. simple!
  2. Rob. Like markh previously, I too would donate another tenner to make up the numbers if you are finding it hard to get the full amount. I'm sure other donaters would not mind if some of us were able to assist in this way. When you have the final offers let me know. Cheers.
  3. Any player Rob. My donation has now gone through thanks.
  4. Same for me mate. A team almost being promoted from the NL are really no different than the majority of teams in Dvision 2. I "feel" from all the reports that this is a good signing and a player who most certainly will gel with the Vale fans. Recruitment to date appears wise , well thought out and researched, which should excite Valiants. We have to trust the management team this coming season. They know their experience, knowledge and know how is on the line. They are going to do their damdest to ensure our future is bright. To those pessimists I simply say give them a chance! Many of us have endured year after year of heartache and frustration but the current vibes from Carol down the line certainly have brought back my appetite and belief that we are about to commence a very exciting, profitable era. KTF.
  5. Like many others I would have liked some black on the shirt...but we are going for gold! I think it will be a real hit. I'm having one.👍
  6. A really good, intelligent, hard working midfield engine for the Vale. Always had time for Doug. Wish him well.
  7. I am still on the Port Vale forum here aren't I? Can't quite take in all the upbeat vibes, new signings, excellent feel good-factor rumblings coming from our great Club! Having been a fanatical follower for many, many years I have to state now that I do not recall ever having such a desire, pre season to get back to the stadium and offer my support to the lads. OK, we do not yet know how our newbies are going to gel together but surely from the new owners down this has to be one of the most uplifting times to be a Valiant. I've witnessed many a false horizon and endured far too many games of complete and utter tripe to make me a level headed optimist for better times at the Vale. But dare I believe and dream that we are entering an era now that will give rise to the mighty black and whites finally securing a proper and respected place in Potteries soccer history? What is required now is for all the fans , over the years , who have, for whatever reason given up hope and for them to see the light and join us all in a concerted effort to fill the seats at Vale Park. If we can prove to Carol and the management team that there is an enthusiastic and hopeful throng of DC/DF's followers then we have done our bit to assist the vision that obviously now exists within the walls of Vale Park. I'm absolutely bosting to get out there each match and support my Team. I cannot wait and I sincerely wish that there are thousands of other like minded fans out there to carry us forward. UTV. VTID.
  8. Welcome James. You join the Vale at what many Valiants believe to be a truly exciting, progressive time in our history. New owners, new management and new ideas have given hope and a sense of at long last an upturn for our great Club. Fans will back you to the hilt if you give your all and are able to score the goals we require to gain promotion. The "core" of our Team are already here and we are now succeding in bringing in decent additions, to make our squad a worthy one. Feel good factor is definitely increasing and DC's Black and White Army are willing and able to support the Club to better times ahead.
  9. Gee Whizz! When I saw that name I had shivers down my spine. The last one we had of that name most certainly would not be welcome here! haha.
  10. What's up? Stafford Rangers not getting enough of your time?
  11. Frankly I don't care who we welcome into Division 2. As an avid away traveller I look forward to visiting another ground where the Mighty Whites can obtain another 3 points. Let Sutton know the DC Black and White Army are in town.
  12. Surely there are some players under contract to us who have sat down over the weekend with family and friends and fully considered what they want to do? They know if they are "liked" or "wanted" by DC and need to see what other opportunities are out there for them. Players are not stupid, they will have gut feelings as to if they fit in with the "new Vale" or not and may have talked to other clubs to see if it's worth their while getting out of their contracts here? Today's talks with these players will not be all one way BUT if they have done their homework and sussed out what their next move is to be then DC may not have to bargain too hard to rid us of a couple or so such contracted players....if that is what DC is having a mind to do.
  13. Wow! If we are after the likes of him then bril. Well dug out Iron Curtain. Let's hope DC and DF are scouting such replacements.
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