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  1. We have stopped trying to harry the opposition. Start of the season our players were all over midfield and defenders, giving them no time to play at all. It seems to me just lately that we are running out of steam so are now backing off and allowing far too much space for us to be attacked. Poor set ups, strange selections and pondering about by Askey appear to have us on the back foot now and it's showing in performances all over the pitch. We have to face reality- we are a bog standard mid division 2 table at best, which is significantly better than the past couple of season.
  2. Can someone please tell me what tweet last night ? I and many others don't do "tweets" so its frustrating when people refer to them on here!
  3. No Jean, I don't do "tweets" so can you please enlighten us all?
  4. Absolute poppycock mate. You really do watch different games to most of us. Bennett may not be the header of a ball that Tom Pope used to be, however his endeavour and movement cause no end of problems in opponents defences. However we do not have the required attackers to complement a ball winning centre forward. I like Bennett's effort. He actually can hold a ball up and does lay off to others, watch him closely. The vast majority of teams we play have "sussed out" Popey and its a different game for them having to mark a more mobile leader of the line. Before anyone crucifies my opinion and says Pope ought to be the main striker, please, please accept he is past his best days , as yesterday proved again. I'm not slagging him off, just posting common sense that it is high time now for our manager to realise we need something different as the service to Tom or Bennett does not allow them to show their best form. Yesterday, imo Bennett was one of the few players who gave us fans anything to cheer.
  5. I've too just slept on it before posting. From the start Vale were abject, slow, ponderous, tactically wrong and had the incorrect line up. OK we went 1 up but by then Macc had easily exposed our frailties at the back. Our shape meant we had no width whatsoever and allowed them to attack our full backs. Also our midfield were run off the park and yet again there were numerous times the opposition just waltzed through, without any tackles going in. We are a bang average mid table Division 2 table and any position around 12th to 15th is all we can ask with the squad we have so we have to accept that as a push towards better times after several years of absolute garbage. Yesterday we had a whole team off colour and we have to rely on a reaction next game to see who really cares about the Club. Pointless pointing the finger as the majority were totally useless and couldn't even string passes to their colleagues together. I don't think I've ever seen so many players give the ball away and have such dire performances together. The nearly 1900 Valiants went there in hope that we were turning the corner and getting away from bad days at the office, Macc frankly were there for the taking as they were a poor outfit too. Any half decent Team turning up yesterday would have rolled them over convincingly and that's what bugs us Vale fans. I agree with many fans around me that the defence needs a real shake up. Time now surely for Askey to change the 2 centre halves and attempt to secure a tighter back four?
  6. Yeah, looks like most of us are going to get a dousing of the wet stuff on Saturday. Need a win to cheer/warm us all up.
  7. Great win today lads. Felt it was hard work though at times, especially 1st half , we were very laboured and didn't have the zip we have shown recently . We were not closing them down and allowing them far too much room to play their attacking moves. Sending off helped us of course but by bringing Bennett on that was the master stroke. I can't for the life of me see how any fans can criticise Bennett. He held the ball up, played others in and certainly helped Popey have a bit more room to cause his havoc. I was one of many who were slating Joyce until his goal and his 2nd half performance showed he can improve and at the end it was a comfortable win. We are looking like a steady, together bunch of a squad now and it will only get better. We have a chance in the next 2 games to cement a place in the upper half of the division, so it's fabulous again to be a Valiant. Roll on Macc, the super Vale away contingent will spur the Vale on to hopefully another win.
  8. Welcome Will. We need an experienced, cool head in the heart of midfield especially in view of Manny's injury situation. Well done Askey and Carol/Kevin for continuing the feel good factor started this season.
  9. Carol could put them in the loos, so as to save on toilet paper, lol.
  10. Need to give someone a good thumping. This Saturday could be the day.
  11. Cheers pensioner for calling us Lorne Streeters "moaners!" There are as many that "moan" in other areas of Vale Park as Lorne Street my friend. In actual fact the noise generated in Lorne street is quite considerable especially as there is a smaller area there under cover of the stands etc. We do as much as we can to generate an atmosphere there so please don't suggest we are simply moaners and not singers/noise makers! I'm not sure of the percentages at Vale with "old uns/youngsters" but I do accept that we in Lorne street do have a large contingent of what you would call ageing fans. However we are ardent and noisy believe me. As an old un myself I do not need a megaphone to express my support for Vale and indeed at the many away games I frequent I try and join in the general chorus of support for our heroes. My own input into the atmosphere aspect has been aired many times in the past and I still believe Vale fans ought to be able to enter Hamil Road end as that is an ideal place to give vocal support to the Home Team, plus the facilities there are better than the Railway areas. However it's known that there are many who oppose this idea, including the police and staunch Railway fans. As for the kids who scream and holler throughout games I'm all for placing them anywhere that is available, including Lorne Street. In fact we do have a reasonably large contingent nowadays in Lorne street of the very young patrons, who parade up and down the front all match. Good on 'em.
  12. Brilliant lads. I'm away in Canada but have sunk a superb bottle of red wine with some vodkas tonight to celebrate a fantastic win. Wish I'd been there but I'm trying my best, with my huge smile on my face to.promote over her the resurgence of our club. Thank you Askey, players, fans and the Shanahans for bringing life back to the Vale. Cant wait to get back to continue my belief that we are now truly on our way to the good times again. UTV.
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