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  1. Quality. It's only taken DC 2 games to understand what regular Valiants have known for absolutely yonks. You can fill out a squad with so called hard working individuals but what is really required to get out of this division is quality in the right places. Finances of course dictate to a great extent what Clubs can do to acquire such quality acquisitions but frankly we have endured many, many seasons now without a recognised goalscoring forward and 2 midfield generals. Someone in the middle of the park who can control and organise and alongside a forward thinking player to cre
  2. Sorry to be so pedantic but did Clarke apply for the job with those others we were led to believe applied, or did Flitcroft decide he wanted to speak to Walsall after discounting the other applicants? I know it makes not a lot of difference in the great scheme of things but I'm interested as to understand if anyone on the original list of applicants was offered the position before Clarke?
  3. That's something that has not been made clear. Was he one of the original applicants? Did he apply recently or did Vale actually approach Walsall to ask to speak to him? It seems to have happened very rapidly.
  4. Welcome Darrell. Valiants are behind you and waiting eagerly for success on the field to match the aspirations and financial input by our tremendous owners. Good vibes again eminating from Vale Park and maybe, just maybe, we fans can start to have a Club to be so proud with again. Division 2 is there for the taking next season if diligent and desired additions are made to the squad. Time now for all fans to back the Club to ensure smiling faces are returned in these strange, dark times.
  5. Welcome David. shake the buggers up! Let's get our club back on track. You will be backed by the fan base if you can drag some success to Vale Park. Thanks Carol/Kevin for again looking at the whole picture and attempting to resolve the problems. again we'll back you all the way. My only reservation is(and I have no personal gripe about him) that Pugh is not yet ready to be the manager as such. I see him so far as a simple clone of Askey and if Vale are indeed to rise up the leagues then surely we do need an experienced, successful manager to work alongside Flitcroft.
  6. You don't want to be in his gang then?
  7. It's remarkable how many on here are so called "in the know" or "know someone at the Club" but are not prepared to divulge names, yet are easily prepared to break confidences with said contacts. I would not want those individuals as friends of mine! We are Vale fans wanting the best for our Club and participating on this forum want news/facts and truths. We do not want the continuing unsubstantiated rumours that can actually do everything but galvanise the fan base. The club are NOT going to divulge all details of every candidate, NOT going to tell us what sums are involved, NOT goi
  8. Enigma isnt he? We can see he has undoubted talent for Division 2 but the age old frailty of injuries rears it's head all the time with him.
  9. As a side issue has anyone being monitoring Uche at Wycombe? He looks to have a super turn and bag of tricks at times but as we all remember then looks absolute average in his shot and movement processes. If someone could "train" him correctly he may be a crowd pleaser soon.
  10. Excellent, much needed win and performance lads. Reinforced what I have thought all season and presumably many others- that with Gibbons and Montano as full backs, a fit Manny and more pertinently 2 mobile forwards playing TOGETHER up front , than we can actually match anyone in this Division. Our pitfall is obviously the back up squad which honestly needs tweaking by the new manager to ensure we have a full squad likely to progress forward. Tongue in cheek- did Pugh make the changes second half to allow our new manager to see the frailties that exist in the squad?🤨 Well done Va
  11. We all know to our cost how certain players can perform with certain Clubs and be completely different at other Clubs. It's always a gamble. Who knows, some of our lot may come good elsewhere?
  12. I actually thought we were ok first half and were looking as though we gelling together and attempting to be offensive. 2nd half however we AGAIN disintegrated into an unorganised, lacking in confidence mess. What happens at half time? Walsall were no great shakes. They rode their luck with 3 apalling errors by us. As a long standing fan of over 40 years I have experienced all kinds of ups and downs, false promises and downright rubbish performances but the frustrating thing now is that we have resurrected the ailing Club with the new owners BUT appear to be going backwards in
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