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  1. Think you have undercalculated that mate! Loads more than " 1 or 2" were not happy.
  2. It's exactly this kind of confusion that gives rise to genuine fans being frustrated and willing to pass opinions on here about Vale's obvious inability to advertise/implement/organise ticket allocations!!!!!!
  3. I am a season ticket holder living 30 miles from Vale Park. I attend a large portion of away games to watch my favourites. I drive my car as I hate coach travel. IF there is a situation where official coach travellers get preference for away tickets I would argue that's wrong as its prejudicial against others like me.
  4. I am not going to repeat Bede's post just now but I feel it's one of the best written accounts of what's going on and a resume of fans frustrations that I openly applaud him for his view. I love Vale/ Carol /Kevin et al but fans like me appreciate honest open truth. We all know and accept that ticket allocation for any events give rise to moans, gripes and questions but to read Bede's post must enlighten fans' ideas of what's happening behind the fans backs at our fantastic Club. Incidentally I was one of the unfortunate to queue for hours for Exeter tickets to be told, about 20 yards from the ticket office that they had sold out. To say I was aggrieved and flabbergasted that no one had had the decency to come out and advise the queue of the lack of tickets actually for sale that day is an understatement. I therefore chose not to queue today and believe me that hurts as I have attended a big percentage of away games and I wanted to watch my beloved Vale beat Swindon at their place. Sorry to go on but I honestly hope Carol can improve this tricky situation next season as we continue our rise through the Leagues.
  5. That was part of the Garden Festival site wasnt it? At the time it was a cracking option for a new ground to be sited. If my ever decreasing memory serves me right was it not "mooted" for a large site suitable for a massive stadium that could double as a "Wembley of the North?"
  6. Look and admire what MK Don's chairman has done. He has restricted Wycombe's allocation to 2000 for the 2nd leg even though they have a circa 30,000 capacity. Brilliant. Are you watching Carol?
  7. Those now calling for away fans to be housed in areas other than the Hamil are wasting their breath. The time constraints on getting the necessary arrangements in place mean we are stuck with what we currently have. Also as far as the future is concerned, or at least next season Vale have already sold season tickets for Lorne Street/ Railway Paddock/Stand so again that cannot be reversed. If we are promoted we face having 4,000 appx away fans for the big games in a 10,000 maybe capacity stadium.
  8. Brilliant. Good old Clarkey comes up with the formula.Super Vale. Now bloody well win the play offs. Hope Carol/ Kevin enjoy a few sherberts tonight. They deserve our thanks and total appreciation for giving us Valiants back our pride.
  9. Having not been able to get tickets for todays game and treat my missus to a long weekend away in Devon I purchased tickets instead for the live screening at Vale Park. However, having had a very sleepless night dreading the worst scenario today I cannot subject myself and my old ticker to actually watching! I am going out in the hope of NOT knowing any scores until the read out at 5pm. At the very worst then I'll have a brief heart attack and usual moment of utter frustration other than sitting through 90 plus minutes of purgatory. I wish EVERY single one of you fantastic Vale fans, wherever you are, a brilliant day. If we do achieve promotion I'll probably celebrate from a hospital bed, such is the intensity and ludicrous pressure Vale put on us more mortals!
  10. In response to Osh....I also feel Covolan is the best keeper of our 3. Tin hat on!.
  11. The more I read and hear about our decrepit stadium needing this, that, the other , the more I question why isn't a serious plan in force by the Club to investigate finances, location etc, etc? I assume Carol et al have been head to head on this and either decided to "patch up every season " the frailties of the stadium or have something in mind for the future? Is it possible that these findings can be relayed to us poor supporters?
  12. Incidently does anyone know how many seats we have sold for the live broadcast at Vale?
  13. Love your optimism mate but in reality land we had the chance to be promoted and literally threw it away with the last 3 totally inept performances. I usually bang the drum on here for the Vale but even I now accept that in all honesty we are not good enough as a squad to be promoted. Having experienced so many years of let downs this is probably one of the hardest to stomach after the fantastic work done by Carol and Kevin. On our day we have shown we can compete and beat the better teams but the inconsistency is glaringly obvious in both team selections and tactics. I'll be a Valiant all my life but honestly at this moment in time I'm so, so frustrated and disheartened with the way we have lately been nothing but also rans.
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