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  1. Only if we bank the win bonus from the Man City tie, lol.
  2. If we have an allocation of 8,000 or so there will be tickets for everyone. I can't see(even with all the hype around) that we will sell out. We ought to for a special day , especially for those who have not enjoyed similar jaunts over the years. However reality tells me that it would be truly fantastic to off load 8,000 tickets for this day. Maybe some are holding tight for the replay, lol.
  3. Down to earth with a bump. Should bring some fans to realise that we are short of challenging for the play offs at present. After the hype of Robbie Williams and the Man City tie perhaps a few got carried away thinking we were going to calmly glide up the League? On any day anyone can beat each other and frankly we did not deserve to win yesterday. The only bright spark in the day was the continuing excellent form of Smudger at the back. If he were able to pass a ball forward he would be sought after by many other clubs in his current form. We will settle for a decent place way above the past few seasons and hopefully bank a shed load of cash to assist in bringing the required players here to complete the squad for a concerted push next season.
  4. A few might with their drunken headaches, lol.
  5. Fantastic acquisition for us. Reminds me a lot of Ray Walker type. Industrious, scores goals and gets into as many advanced positions as any forwards do. We need him for our future, hope Carol/John can exert their influences and maybe get him here, beyond the current campaign. He's lit us up since his arrival.
  6. Totally unacceptable that they can field a team of anything but the actual first team squad. Makes an absolute mockery to the League as it completely alienates the other Clubs that have already played them. A total unjust, unbalanced state of affairs that points can be gained by some opponents now by virtue of the fact that Macc will field a very limited team. Of course my sympathy goes to the players but come on this has been dragging on for yonks so surely a decision that affects the whole Division 2 ought to have been made by now? Crazy!
  7. I'm one of the aged brigade and recall, fortunately happy FA Cup days with Vale. This tie now gives the younger generation of our Valiant family the opportunity of memories that will last forever. Frankly I accept we my get tonked on the day but what a fitting and tremendous thank you to Carol and Kevin in their short tenure at Vale. Whatever cash may be made out of the tie (or replay, lol) it should give back some faith and acknowledgment to the brilliant owners that they most certainly did the correct thing, putting their heads and beliefs on the block. We have started to build a Club that rightly should achieve promotion very soon and after so many horrid, worrying seasons it is a pleasure now being associated with Port Vale FC. Long may it continue. As for the game itself I will absolutely enjoy the whole day, come what may and I call upon anyone who might have an ounce of Vale in their blood to get a ticket and show the nation that we are on our way back. UTV. Forever black and white.
  8. Sorry Popey and all you fans who want Sjoke. No way! The majority of their tribe hate us and frankly I can only see carnage left whatever the result and wherever it would be played. They will love to attack the Vale family and make it so uncomfortable for decent fans. Vale need a "simple" home tie to collect the 100k plus and move further on. Any lower club for me at home, please.
  9. I thought the ref yesterday was related to their number 3. They were both cheating barstewards. The ref again missed so many challenges that were awful. The number 3 should be awarded an Oscar for his tactics in feigning fouls, falling over and generally being a tool.
  10. Yes, Montano is a Jeckyll and Hyde character. There are times he looks very dangerous going forward and then he can look ridiculous when passing the ball or getting himself into knots. Yesterday he almost scored a fantastic curling right foot shot in the 1st half but after that got done regularly by their winger. 2nd half Vale were dire. No passion, flow or drive at all. Can't take it away from Scunny though, they were by far the better team and frankly I came away from the game relieved we hadn't conceded 4 or 5. Vale, when they have on off day seem to have 7 or 8 players who don't perform all at once. That was the case yesterday. It consolidated my thoughts that this season we are OK, but by no means promotion candidates. This is a division where anyone on the day can beat anyone but our inconsistences are there for all to see and we have to be realistic in accepting that we are 100% better than the last few years but we still have a mighty lot to do to achieve what our excellent owners hope for. In closing I have read the comments about Amoo and I have to add that his performance yesterday was sadly atrocious. We all know what he is capable of but he actually "shirked" out of many challenges and certainly gave the travelling fans the impression that he was not up for the game.It was not surprising therefore to witness loads of fans having a go at him for his apparent couldn't care less attitude. I accept it's probably easy for fans to verbally abuse players if they give out vibes that they are not worthy of the shirt and it may knock certain players confidence but those fans pay their hard earned money to follow their heroes and it's in the heat of the moment that passions overflow common sense and although I'm not condoning booing players , it is understandable that some can want to vent their spleens at players who are not just having an off day, but seemingly do not want to be there. Without Worrall and Joyce it's going to be a very interesting next game!
  11. We could well fill their ground if all Valiants combine to roar the lads on. Excellent day out in scenic surroundings.
  12. In view of Scunny's recent form, particularly at home, I think most of us would not say no to a draw. However we are building a decent "together squad" so I'm looking for a narrow win for us. Might be squeaky bum time last minutes or so to hold on but here's hoping. Be nice if we could take 700 plus there to roar the lads on.
  13. Excellent post mate. As part of the "Vale family" I, too, have the utmost respect and thanks for what Carol/ Kevin and JA are doing now. Yes the atmosphere at games is definitely improving and the "feel good" factor appears to be uniting the fan bas after years of absolute dire, hopeless apathy. Today will mark the sad loss of several members of our "family" so even though we all ought to enjoy a Vale win, uppermost must be shared thoughts and feelings for those not as fortunate as us. Have a good day fellow Valiants and may it result in a successful end to a hard working, considerate week for Carol et al.
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