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  1. Brilliant. With what is happening around the World it's so refreshing to see our great Club continue to ooze good vibes. Now is the time for all those "floater" fans to acknowledge what our Owners are doing and join us in the resurgence of the Vale. Come on you part time Stoke fans can't you realise that your Club is waning and it's now time to grace Vale Park with your presence to join in the vision of an upcoming, progressive venture? Let's show Carol and her Team that the Potteries people , as a whole, are now ready to back them and ensure a future of great times.
  2. ??? If Hartley is a done deal where is the confirmation mate?
  3. Another piece of the jigsaw sown up, great. After reading the column this morning about Monty's past problems I applaud him for resurrecting his career with us. Some fans ought to realise that players are actually human beings and may have difficult times. Support him and we will all see a determined, strong character in the squad that can now only get better. Come on Monty. I assume due to his injury prone times he only got a 1 year deal?
  4. Know what you mean but Taylor is class and his spark in midfield is what we want to challenge for higher things. I also like Conlon and feel he will become a very good prospect. We now need a 10 goal getter from somewhere. I'm very excited about the new season , whenever that starts!
  5. Does anyone know if you can actually call at the Club shop to pick up renewed season tickets yet? We did ours on line and were asked for a date we wanted them! Seen on here that the suggestion is they will be ready end of July so I dont want to waste a journey unnecessarily. Also is the Club shop open or are all transactions to be done on line for merchandise?
  6. Hi mate, I'm a bit technical niaiave so can you confirm how I purchase one of these masks? Cheers.
  7. Me and the missus have just renewed our season tickets. we have also confirmed to the Club we do not require refunds for the last 5 games not played. The club fully deserve all they can get to bring back the Glory days for us all. We thanked Carol and Kevin for all their efforts and continuing brilliant work for Vale. Oh we also confirmed that we do not require a refund for the 2 Oldham tickets we purchased way back(not sure if Vale get benefit from this though?). Fully appreciate not all will be able to afford similar to us and the many, many others who have renewed their tickets but without Port Vale in our lives it has become very strange and we are both so, so grateful that the coronavirus has not hit us as of yet. Vale's family will survive and if we, or the vast majority of us, can continue to back the Club we surely are in for some great times ahead. Keep safe everyone, can't wait to sit in my seat at Vale Park again and my God it does make you appreciate what we had before all this vile virus struck. VTID.
  8. Words simply cannot express the sincere gratitude each and every one of Vale fans worldwide owe to Old Sage. Posters have eloquently voiced their feelings and superbly stated facts as to why Port Vale exist this very morning, because of this one honorable, Valiant through and through bloke. Like others I find it difficult to believe Vale Park and the many away games in the future will not be graced by his presence. I think it's down now to us mere fans to gel together for a truly united Club, as that is what OS wanted. RIP old fellow, we will carry on your good work and ensure your brilliant efforts and enthusiasm are indeed rewarded.
  9. A fantastic Happy Anniversary Carol and Kevin. All Valiants send their heartfelt thanks to you for saving our Club and giving hope, not only to us but the wider spectrum of residents in Stoke on Trent. Enjoy your day.
  10. Mike, Old Sage, fellow Valiant. The "Vale family" are rooting for you mate. You have never walked away from a battle previously and we sincerely hope this is another one to overcome. And you'll never know The reason why We love you like we do That's the wonder, the wonder of you.
  11. Yes I still have my 2 Oldham tickets and thought there was no chance of a refund.
  12. Understand mate. everyone's situations are different. Trust you are keeping well and certainly if finances dictate I realise some may have the need to feel they want some money back to assist in everyday living. I was simply stating that for me I'd be more than happy for the club to retain the money for unexpired season tickets and I would assume many others may state the same. Equally those in need of every penny have a similar right to ask for refunds or credits. These are trying, unforseen times so everyone is still in a sense of surealism. It's very difficult to have correct answers to all problems that are cropping up. We all have to do what we can within our own bounds and sincerely hope that very soon the entire Vale family can gather at the Park and show our appreciation to those that dearly deserve it. I know football is not a high priority on many lists but the friendship and togetherness of Vale fans nationally will help us get through this. Keep safe everyone, see you all soon.
  13. I'm more than happy to "lose" the 4 games from my 2 season tickets. I will not require a discount or money back. Vale and Carol are my "look forwards to" once all this terrible virus situation clears.
  14. Boring 1st half then mate, lol
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