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  1. Boring 1st half then mate, lol
  2. Superb. Brightened up a sad time in our lives. Well done to those who put it together.
  3. onestepatatime


    Just to try and lighten the discussion. I have sat down this morning and watched the news. With so many criticisms bandying around concerning people's greed and inhumane actions I thought I'd share my heartfelt thanks to ALL those fantastic people out there that are assisting our Country into getting back on it's feet. The applause last night and the many stories now coming out about individuals and groups attempting to help the NHS and others out brought a few tears to my eyes in realization what a fabulous Country we live in. Generosity beyond bounds , even from those who can ill afford together with donations of money and help from the more privilidged in our society give one a sense that we are as one.and we stand together. My faith in human nature is being lifted by the actions of many, many people from all sections of society and we can beat this evil scare. Life is going to be very much different in so many ways when we come out the other side so hopefully we can use this dark time to reflect and agree to make life better for everyone in future. Keep safe and healthy all. Love to you.x
  4. Just been to Tesco, it was nuts.They had no toilet paper at all. Reluctantly I headed for the checkout and asked if they had any. A firm NO was the answer. Walking back to the toilets with my pants and trousers around my ankles was a walk I never want to do again.
  5. onestepatatime


    My mother in law lives in Birmingham and alone. She has dementia and we get home help for her 3 or 4 days a week. My wife tries to get to see her as much as possible so my brother in law has been doing what he can too. He got up 3 days now on the trot to purchase neccessities for Mum but found all the local shops were virtually empty. He spent 6 hours trying to get a carton of milk! I have just had to close down my self employed business in the Holiday Travel Industry due to all bookings being cancelled at least until June, but more than likely a lot longer than that. The Government cannot assist me as I am over the age required and self employed. I can't even claim any benefits. My wife and I are fortunate in that we have been prudent over the years with money(other than to pay out watching Vale home and Away) lol. We can cope. Our local shops are similar to the aftermath of a cattle stampede so I sympathize fully with all who are having problems. We all need to look after each other and be sensible(fat chance of that with human nature being as greedy as it is) and keep as healthy as possible. I wish all Valiants worldwide all the beset in these harrowing times. We will all come together again soon, hopefully.
  6. Rob, You do a sterling job for all Valiants and this site keeps a lot of us in touch with each other. A few pesky adverts on the site makes no difference to me and I'm sure many others. If it aids you having the income to continue the fabulous OVF then mate carry on. In these uncertain times we all must pull together and the Vale family can remain intact. To you and all Vale fans the world over look after yourselves please and it will be soon that we can reconvene at Vale Park to continue our lives of support for the Club we love. I too have now had to close down my self employed sole trader business I've held for the past 24 years as the Holiday Travel industry is in a hell of a mess but I'm fortunate enough to be able to financially exist due to prudence over the years with our money. However I realise that there are millions of people, including fellow Valiants that will be in very awkward positions, even after all this virus has blown away. to them I send my heartfelt wishes, keep talking to each other and we are here to help if we can in any little ways.
  7. Absolutely cracking chippie close to the ground, i seem to recall. Northern pies at their best!
  8. I wish him well. took a lot of flak off certain fans but in my opinion did a good job when keeping Tom out of the side. Not a world beater by any means but I appreciated his efforts in a Vale shirt. Probably fed up now sitting on the bench and if Stockport wanted him good luck to them. We will sign better any way for next season.
  9. For me Clark and Conlon were outstanding yesterday. Clark's ability to control a run at the opposing defenders is magical viewing. A testament to our defence too as Brown did not have one save to make all game. Enough has been said about the officials- they were totally abysmal. However it was NOT a penalty in the 1st half. the criticism I would have there is that the ref was close to hand and gave an immediate penalty. for him to ask his linesman, standing over 30 yards away with an interrupted view across the pitch was insane. How on earth could that seriously lacking in any concept of what was happening all match official see better than the ref? We would all have accepted a draw before kick off and actually , as their manager and their forum pointed out, we were by miles the better team and should have got 3 points. We are in touch and keeping a run going, with obvious camaraderie amongst our squad. We'll get there! The only negative, for me, was the performance of Amoo. He was frankly shocking! When Brown came on at least he showed how we could get at them by attempting to beat the defender!
  10. Be good also if a collection could be taken at away games? Do we need permission for just us Vale fans entering the ground chucking in whatever we can to assist the general fund. I'll donate at every game, whatever change I can. Every little helps!
  11. Seems a shame as Vale are selling tickets for the side end as well as behind the goal. That will water down the atmosphere created by SVA., if only 6 or 700 tickets are sold.
  12. I, too, Jean, am a bit disappointed at the response for this game. I understand about fans finances etc but this is an easy stadium to get to and the lads need us behind them more so then ever now if we want to attempt to get a play off place. Cheltenham are a team in form too and this is a ground in a lovely part of the country. Come on Valiants, get yourselves interested, make the effort to back the Team.
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