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  1. Back to a neat 1 0 victory to restore the confidence in the squad again.
  2. Absolutely. The police actually just stood there and clearly saw their players goading the fans and what could be described as inciting them. They should have spoken to the ref, who also was totally pathetic in doing diddley squat with the Sutton players who were a disgrace to their Club. It's always easy to blame fans for "having a go at players" but there is NO place in football for idiot, irresponsible players in running to opposing fans and inciting trouble.
  3. I've calmed down a little now. Fellow Valiants, this is Division 2! Vale can and do frequently, look very good footballing wise but we, like other teams , have a "soft" belly and a few wobbles. In the main, in a very open Division, we are capable of reaching the play offs but we do have to add a nasty and "hard" streak to our performances. To get out of this god forsaken horrid Division tenacity and some of the darker arts are required in addition to the footballing side. In my opinion we do not possess the former in sufficient terms, yet. We can open teams up and look likely to score goals now but we still have this undercurrent of sitting back and being incapable of defending without panicking. Lots to like about the current squad but when we come up against giants and rough and ready football we have to be able to withstand the pressures. We aren't going to win every game but when you travel great distances to support your favourites it is so, so frustrating to throw games away that in hindsight we surely should have closed down. Up and down season but it's in our own hands that we secure promotion this time round.
  4. Just woke up. Decided I cannot put in print what I felt about yesterday other than to ask...anyone know why Proctor was taken off?
  5. I'm driving down so there had better not be protesters on m25!🤞
  6. Well done Dazzer and co. thoroughly deserved. Now break a hoodoo of losing the next match after such award!
  7. Yes, noticed last couple of games, in warm up and during game, that we are now pinging the ball into the danger penalty areas a lot more often.
  8. We should be roared on by a large Valiant contingent. I understand almost all, if not all, our allocation has now been sold. Well d0ne folks. Long travel but our first visit in league there. Can't see us losing.
  9. A thoroughly entertaining game with Rochdale playing their part. Abysmal conditions but the 1700 plus there didn't mind. Young lad Jones looks a find. Politic is slowly confirming he is a danger. 10 grand banked, fans happy, the Vale steamroller bounds on. Conner wait for Saturday.
  10. Bleeding awful conditions. Vale playing some nice stuff and running at them. Goal needed and it will open the flood gates. Get it? Flood in these conditions. Haha.
  11. Will be interesting to see state of pitch. It was beautiful Saturday(thanks Speedy) but now all this incessant rain may give a few headaches.
  12. As has been said, what a game! It really does stir the old heart seeing and witnessing such manic scenes at the end. Lost my voice and hugged so many other fans that I do not know. Fantastic. To also see Harry Smith slide away down the tunnel after the ridiculous attitude he portrayed to the Lorne Street previously was worth the entrance fee alone! At times our play is superb and I don't think I'm alone in saying that pretty soon a Team is going to get the mother of a massacre when all our players find the top form in unison. A shout out to Smithy( our Smith!)- he was absolutely outstanding yesterday. I said before the kick off he was in for a hell of an afternoon and seriously felt he may get a red card from some refs if he "mauled" their forwards the way he can sometimes. He was immaculate in the way he saw them off in every move, header, sliding tackle etc, etc. Good on yer Smithy, your latest form is again reaching the dizzy heights we all know you are capable of. That said I have to bring Garrity into the thoughts as again he was majestic in the first half. He honestly does all the hard graft and space making look so easy. I sincerely hope his injury is not serious. All the squad have to be congratulated, as well as the management. What a joy to watch Clarkey bounce around like a juvenile infront of Lorne Street at the final whistle. Magic, Vale. A day honestly that will remain with us fans for many years to come. The Phoenix has risen. Watch out Division 2. We are very serious contenders. It's an honour this morning to be a Valiant. Long may it continue. VTID.
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