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  1. Blind faith loyalty from some fans surely should not now mask the ever growing reality that we are in for yet another disappointing season. The many years a substantial lot of us have experienced supporting Vale have hardened us to expecting so many ups and downs, false horizons, shattered dreams and so on. It's a new era now though that should have commenced an upturn in Vale's exploits on the field. With our fantastic new Owners laying the foundations for a hopefully successful and progressive time in our history it's increasingly obvious that we have yet to match the Owners targets and e
  2. I'll donate my tenner for a taxi to take Askey out of the Club.
  3. He has far too much creativity in him when fit. Something Askey doesnt recognise in his plan. Even half a game would allow McKirdy to do his business but hey I'm not manager, just a fan watching slow, predictable tippey tappey Vale!
  4. For a start off they didn't panic. Vale give everyone the jitters when attempting to defend in those circumstances.
  5. Question..... Does anyone really believe that if by a miracle we get promoted, then we will do anything other than struggle in division 1 with this squad? A big turn around of players would be needed in my opinion along with obviously a different outlook on how we play. Therefore as it looks likely that Askey will remain here, we need to resign ourselves to another division 2 escapade next season because we cannot change. Are fans going to accept that in view of the fantastic feel good factor generated by the new owners? I suspect not. Solution must be therefore to change now and see if
  6. GOALS win games. We haven't got the capacity or personnel to score enough goals. Blatantly obvious last season. Nowt has changed this. We can play all the "nice" tippey tappey football we like BUT we will NOT score enough to get us out of this Division.
  7. Yet another waste of breath up front. Robinson, joke.
  8. For christ's sake legge. Prat. Again we shoot ourselves in the foot. All was going ok but this is now getting me down. Vale beat themselves.
  9. Yes. We usually only get clowns but this one is a bully, needs to be obeyed, gobby individual. I can see him gifting them a penalty somewhere in the 2nd half.
  10. If only we could afford a proper, recognised scoring centre forward. All our play cries out for a player to finish off the moves.
  11. So you feel this season this Division is of good standard? I disagree entirely with you. I know you are comparing this to Stafford Rangers standard so I agree we are better than that. However what is panning out so far is not of a quality of any sorts. So many "ordinary" teams are made to look better by opponents lack of skill, quality or tactics.
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