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  1. Different stratosphere in terms of salaries. Ah,salaries. Think we are going to really struggle to attract a "better class" of player to assist our promotion push on the reported wage structure we have. Have to be bargain basement then and/ or young, inexperienced lads.
  2. Haven't Derby got any bargains we could get? They are so desperate for money can we persuade anyone there to sign for us?
  3. Whoever gave Smith MOM last night must have had far too much juice in the hospitality lounge! Smith a warrior, yes. Smith a battler, yes. Smith a try hard player, yes. Other than that little to say. He has been around for yonks now but his passing, creative, time on the ball attributes have never improved. All those around me last night in Lorne street had their heads in their hands every time he had the ball at his feet. He was ponderous, slow, scared stiff of venturing forward and frankly looked out of depth in a schoolboy parks team whever he was called upon to do anything other than harry their forwards or attempt to head the ball away. I love his enthusiasm and the fact he has played for years and years for Vale but come on he is an out and out destroyer, no more than that. He has not been taught the fundamentals of passing, going forward or joining up play. He is a Valiant and for that I love him BUT come on MOM last night? Never in a million years.
  4. Actually I think Conlon has had more ineffective games this season than effective ones and I love the player! It is a matter of opinions so we all see differing things in games. Don't mean to upset you but I'm Vale through and through so honestly I hate having to offer any criticism against any Vale player. Also it's not the "last few games" that Pett has declined, its beyond that. So you can have your say about me I offer up Garrity as my man of the half season. Although not technically brilliant he has been a beacon amongst so many poor performances around him. A total surprise to many Valiants.
  5. Pett? You have to be joking. His form has hit rock bottom. Last handful of matches he has been totally ineffective and not worthy of the shirt. Sorry mate but you need to watch games more closely.
  6. What do we expect? One of our best players may want to test himself in a higher Division. One other has been offered a chance elsewhere, having seen that he is not 100% part of the plans at Vale Park. Another gets sent off. Others have hit a bad patch of form. We are still in a good position entering the second half of the season. We have fantastic owners who clearly like and are on board with the management structure. Some fans need to get a grip! UTV VTID.
  7. Have we actually signed the players yet that the Matrix said they were actively chasing for January? Or have we yet to see them come in, especially if we are losing both Politic and Gibbons.
  8. I also sit in RowL mate. I too at the time felt McKirdy went in with his foot high and I called for him to be shown a red card. Having seen it now several times it is ABSOLUTELY a red card for Cov. McKirdy did nowt wrong. Those calling for his head are obviously clouded by their "hatred" of the player. It's done now and even DC admitted it so let's leave it. Cov will get his chance to show his sorrow but Stone now has to prove he is a worthy number 1. Good luck to him.
  9. Tend to agree as he is so clearly not ready yet to start. If DC wants to ease him in then surely some minutes off the bench is correct? Replace him from the off with the promising, eager, willing new youngsters.
  10. Whoever plays, please show some passion from the off. Sick to death watching Vale allow the opposition to control games.
  11. Once again there was 30 yards gap infront of Hussey all game. This has been a constant for whoever we play at left back as no midfielder attempts to fill that gap. Cass is not a defensive full back either. He is good going forward but lacking in defence. What has happened to Pett and Conlon? Absolute die both of them yesterday and frankly need a rest on the bench. Wilson got diddeley squat service but even so looked way, way off the pace. It's no wonder we lost with the above in mind! However it was one game, we still have games and time to ressurect our season but honestly now we have to fight for a play off position. To dream that we can now secure top 3 is just that, a dream Reality.
  12. When all we can offer in midfield from the off is a dynamo called Ben Garrity then we are in trouble. He was the only player for me today who gave anything like a performance in midfield. Conlon and Pett were abysmal, non effective and totally out of sorts. We surrender the middle of the park from the 1st whistle. I felt for Hussey, he had absolutely no one near him to assist him.
  13. I'm sure behind the scenes the Matrix and Carol and let's face it the rest of the squad, will be doing everything to convince Politic that he has a future with us in Division 1.
  14. Don't mind what formation/team DC selects. Whoever wears the shirt will give it their all and we will start a run of 3 points. Our bench must be potentially the best in the Division and that simply adds to my confidence.
  15. Bril! Got it straight away, just shows my age too.😄
  16. As a regular attendee of Vale games home and away I wish to say thanks to Leon for his 100% efforts each game. His mercurial power in the air always gave our defence a massive string to their bow. Admittedly recently he has, understandably, lost some of his ability to run or turn as fast as a younger player but his enthusiasm and guidance throughout the club has rubbed off on many professionals here. Wish you well Leon, thanks again for a tremendous 3 and a half years in a Vale shirt.
  17. On Saturday I felt Gibbons and Conlon had poor games so if anyone was watching them they would not have been impressed!
  18. That's something I wondered mate. Simple really....just rip a stub off each ticket, takes seconds to do!
  19. Apparently it's Kevin's birthday today? Happy Birthday Kevin, have a tipple for me.🍷
  20. One thing GLARINGLY obvious yesterday was that by playing Wozza in his rightful ATTACKING right sided position and we are a team to contend with. Please DC don't return him to the defensive role this season you've asked him to play. I accept Worrall's crosses need some attention but boy oh boy when he's in the mood to take on defenders then we have a player. Welcome back Wozza!
  21. Only 1300? Felt there would be a lot more than that coming?
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