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  1. Obviously deserves to break his leg then.
  2. On the Crawley elbow, I thought the keeper was worse. Deliberately planted a foot on Smithy when landing.
  3. I watched the whole game. You got the better deal.
  4. Yep, the one thing we've come to expect from an Askey team is even if we aren't very good, then we will have at least given it all we can. I don't think we did today, especially in the first half. They wanted it more than us and completely nullified us. Second half was better especially when we put some pace and power through the middle with Rodders. We need Gibbo and Monty back at RB and LB as we we have no link up or attacking outlet from those positions currently (Smith was slightly better). I'd also like to see Mckirdy out wide and Rodders up front from the start next week. Hopefully we'll
  5. Not sure on this Rob. When I put the code in and try to post it just gives me a buffering white circle over the post button. It's still taken my tenner as well.
  6. Will be happy with a draw, a win would be brilliant in what I hope is an early 6 pointer. Brown Mills Smith Legge Monty Whitehead Joyce Conlon Wozza Cullen Rodders
  7. Hdmi and usb c adapter from my Lenovo tablet wouldn't work. Same setup from my Samsung phone worked perfectly. Both done on the app. Maybe do a test if you've got an old tablet/phone lying around.
  8. 295 quid is a bit more than "nothing"
  9. Double posting from a man so technologically gifted. Madness.
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