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  1. Personally I can't wait to lord over the pauper fans with my 'I'm a better fan than you' scarf
  2. Hope TGBoy asks him in the next pre match presser
  3. Do we really need a headline like this at the top of the news/forum feed? While it's upsetting for all, this could also be a trigger for someone suffering from mental health issues. While there is a wider debate needed about men's mental health, I don't think a headline like this helps anyone. (I know it's the Sentinel headline not Rob, but hopefully he can take it down)
  4. 😂 <ovf censored> hell! I thought mine were bad!
  5. I suppose Crookes has only had coming up to 2 and a half seasons. Early days.
  6. Just locking the wife back up in the airing cupboard.
  7. I think a reserve keeper needs to be taken up by someone under 21. There's no use taking up one of the squad places for someone who hopefully will barely feature. If we've seen something in Tom Scott then I'd try to keep him as a potential to be the next first choice.
  8. Feed the Pope and he will score. Dead easy, lads.
  9. I know he's not very good, but that's a bit harsh.
  10. That's the one. Speaking to a Wrexham fan a few years a go in Hamburg. He said "last time I was this close to a Vale fan, I was throwing a plant pot at him". 😃
  11. I'm 34 and it was always hammered into me that we hate Walsall from the old man. I don't despise them, but I don't like them and it's a brilliant day out, being so easy on the train from Birmingham. So I'd prefer them to stay up. Obviously I grew up with us playing (and beating) Stoke, so that will always the big one for me. I will always hate the bastards, even if we never play again. It's the only game that I'm truly bothered if we win or lose. The game would bother me for days before and it makes or break your next 6 months at school/work until you play again. I don't hate Crewe,
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