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  1. Think you've got the wrong Sutton 😬. I'd add 2 hours onto that...
  2. Nearly 30 years isn't it? Oldham are the only team off the top of my head that could run us close. Cant think of many playoff games with them in.
  3. I keep agreeing with VFIA/Breadwinner's teams. Am I going mad or is he getting more sensible?
  4. Just gone down to start queuing for the Carlisle game. Hopefully I'll be in for kick off.
  5. I forgot my paper ticket for the Sunderland game, I just scanned the QR code on my phone. Worked no problem.
  6. The fixture card that come with the ST is wrong as well.
  7. He's been stealing a wage here since 2016 then
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