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  1. We'll win comfortably tomorrow and make a charge for the play-offs. Dunna werrit.
  2. I dunno. He liked it inside the box as well.
  3. Pep couldn't get the best out of Robinson
  4. Think it's 1.5 million in our league and 2.5 million in League 1.
  5. Transfer market doesn't open until Monday does it?
  6. A lot of people searching for the reason that Robinson is free to leave. He's shíte. Simple.
  7. Visser Clarke Brisley Smith Crookes Monty Manny Joyce Conlon Rodney Pope
  8. Carol Singer would be a worthy yuletide winner.
  9. Phil Parkinson. In the Micky mould and will give us some b⁰locks. Our general play is decent it's just our ridiculously soft underbelly. We're giving away leads with the same mistakes every week. That only comes from the manager for it to happening so often.
  10. I've had enough now. Like Joe said, it's exactly the same mistakes every game. He doesn't react either positively when we're losing or try and close up shop when we're winning. He doesn't react to changes that the opposition make. He doesn't change from four three <ovf censored> three. But he does throw leads away, every single week. It would have been very nasty at the end of today's game if fans were there. I don't think Carol will actually get the full feeling of the fans frustrations because we're not there. My concern with Carol is that she won't be ruthless and has bought into Aske
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