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  1. Big 6 away. Villa, Everton, Newcastle, Leeds, Wolves at home. (All of them would fill the away end). Not bothered about going through, get some money in to fund a promotion push.
  2. It will be for the shocking challenge right Infront of the Paddock. Ref didn't even give a free kick.
  3. A Norman signing and it might be harsh but he looked it today.
  4. I thought he made some fantastic saves and kept the score from being 5 or 6. I said at the game that I wouldn't be surprised if we gave him a trial after his performance. I was far more impressed with him than the lad we had on the second half.
  5. Andy I know you've been going Vale for years. I'll be missing a couple of games though holidays and work so if you want to borrow my season ticket, you're more than welcome. Think the first game I can't make will be Mansfield at home. Give me a DM closer to the date and I'll sort you out.
  6. He was a <ovf censored> carthorse! Winger had a bit about him. Didn't see much of the right back as I was at the other end. The keeper had nothing about him at all. Zero presence.
  7. Yep, tagged himself into a father's day curry in Keighley. I was waiting for someone to put 2+2 together and get 9. Didn't take long.
  8. No. The bigger picture is far more important.
  9. Because he isn't very good. Conference standard at best. Norman's gone, I'm hoping we can set our sights a little higher than Ryan Lloyd and Dan Turner.
  10. I've read he's moving back to Scotland
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