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  1. Just like to let you all know that MASSIVE Swindon would have sold out the home and away end by now.
  2. I went onto the pitch. I sang The Wonder of You. I cried with my mates. I hugged and kissed people I've never met before in my life. I never went near a Swindon player or their fans. Put me in jail officer, I confess to my crimes.
  3. We just don't know when we're <ovf censored> beat do we?! You cheeky whites!!
  4. Never known an atmosphere like that at the Vale. Absolutely brilliant. Every stand didn't stop singing.
  5. Bloody hell Joe, that last paragraph has done me.
  6. You need to have a current buying account or proof of local address I think
  7. Stone Gibbo Smith Hall Benning Pett Taylor Wozza Wilson Breadwinner Proctor Attack, Attack, Attack
  8. Someone has already got me a ticket for the Hamil, but even just trying to have a nose and signing in on my Railway Stand ST details the whole of the Railway Stand is blocked out.
  9. We were also asked to stop whining about the previous owner 🤷‍♂️. No one is above criticism, the ticketing situation is a shambles and should have been sorted after the Man City game. If no one criticises, nothing changes. We can be thankful for everything that is going right and also complain about the things that need change. Vale is the only place I know where they make it difficult to spend money.
  10. I collected for the Vale lottery for a few years.
  11. It'd be brilliant for Mansfield to win, Sutton to win to leave us and Exeter to knock the ball about the centre circle for 45 minutes and finally get those carrot crunching bastards back for 2004
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