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  1. Tickets being unavailable to buy online is different to tickets being sold. The"full" seats will mostly be seats that are reserved for season ticket holders that might want to buy a ticket in their ST seat.
  2. Season tickets first. One per ticket.
  3. Looks like an old pub's net curtains
  4. We can all stand on the grass bank behind the home end.
  5. Of the players we've got now, this would be my team for Northampton.
  6. I didn't know if we'd have a look at Powell. Played most of his football in League 1 and got promoted with Crewe a couple of years a go.
  7. yOu cAn'T pLaY oNe uP fROnT aT hOmE. tOo nEgAtIVe
  8. No it's at their training ground, but still sold tickets to fans. Bit weird.
  9. Been on their YouTube channel and they seem to stream all their youth games but there's nowt on there about tomorrow. Shame
  10. Noticed a few of their fans have been allowed to attend this. Does anyone know if it is being streamed?
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