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  1. This is going off right now - just knew this would happen. Not good enough.
  2. Bit scrappy but decent half for us with both teams thinking they should be going in ahead. Going forward, we look hopeful but they attack with serious intent and that's the difference between the two sides. Always thinking we would concede when they attack but so far, so good. Would like to see Gibbo come on for the last half hour as they don't look too secure down their left flank. This could go either way and one goals looks as if it will settle it. C'mon, Vale - we can do this!
  3. What a shocking miss! We will pay for that - shd be one up. He'll never have an easier chance.
  4. 433 according to RS. Just noticed that the ref is wearing a shirt that looks very much like Cambridge Blue!
  5. Thought it was bad enough getting Crewe commentary before the game on iFollow but, goodness me, having to listen to Stoke with just 2 minutes to go.
  6. Well, good luck to him and his family. What a pity he hasn't stayed fit because, for me, he is one of the best members of this squad, a force to be reckoned with on his day. Sadly, I can't see him staying next season and he will probably be plying his wares in the National or below on a pay as you play basis. Footballing tragedy, to be honest.
  7. Just seen the starting line up. No Worrall, Joyce, Pope, Gibbons, Amoo or Oyeleke. They must be rubbing their hands with glee in the Cambridge dressing room. Best we can hope for is a draw with today's line up. Some of those players have to deliver today. They owe it to us - and to themselves, if they have any pride. PS And they have Hoolahan, so hope DC has a plan to contain him.
  8. Let's hope so but one thing I noticed was that yesterday Cambridge rested Hoolahan. He will surely play on Saturday so just hoping that Clark has a plan to close him down.
  9. Yes, Southend now winning by three, sending a shiver down our collective spines. If we get a similar set of results on Satdee, then the narrowing gap will become frightening. After these midweek results, we have to start winning. So much for the assumption that teams at the bottom tend to lose their games.
  10. You're right. Football has been declining in entertainment value for many a season and and the premier league, in particular, is beyond parody, which is what you get when big money takes control of a sport. And the pandemic lockdown has made it much worse with players having to compete in empty, soulless stadiums where it's so quiet you can hear the coaches' every word. I think we've missed the crowd more than most because not only do we get great support at home but our travelling support turns many of our away fixtures into home games as in little L2 we make more noise than the sparse home a
  11. I'm not sure we ever will. Something happened after the cup defeat to King's Lynn and we suffered a catastrophic lack of form, never to really recover. Askey himself never looked or sounded himself after that. Some have said Askey was knifed. But by whom? Or that he lost the confidence of the players. But why? So, yes you're right with that question: will we ever know? I doubt it. The only thing we can do now is to get behind DC, hope and pray we survive the relegation battle we're in, and then build for the future.
  12. That was just awful, one of the worst performances I've seen this season with the only redeeming feature that we didn't concede and gained one more point as we scramble to avoid oblivion. The performance to me was a result of the injuries we've had, with players being forced back and playing ninety minutes before they're ready, key players lacking confidence, and a squad lacking any depth or quality. Tonight illustrated how much we need someone like Pope or Guthrie to hold the ball up front. It just wasn't sticking. As a result the midfield was overrun chasing to retrieve the ball rather
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