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  1. FT 0-1. Home record gone. The Vale aka Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
  2. Generally agree Sage but there are exceptions. I went to see the Vale at Ipswich in 1996 and first half we played them off the pitch to the point where they were roundly booed off at half time. Unfortunately for us, it was still 0-0 (goodness knows how, think we hit the woodwork twice) and second half they put five past us. Finished 5-1, so I think they were suitably motivated in the second half. Whether it was the crowd or their manager's half-time is anybody's guess but they were left in no doubt what their supporters thought of them!
  3. Crikey, what a draw! They have the most ridiculous squad, even their second string would beat most Premier clubs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manchester_City_F.C.#Current_squad Knew they were good but couldn't believe the names when I saw them. Bet there'll be another melee at the final whistle with the Vale players fighting over the shirts Let's hope they play their U 23's!
  4. The FA website is probably a good place to look. Already, their website headline is Pope Sends Vale Through http://www.thefa.com/news/2019/nov/30/emirates-fa-cup-second-round-301119 PS just found this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/fa-cup/video
  5. Stokies will be glued to the box Mondee evening, terrified that they will get The Mighty Vale at the Bet365
  6. FT 1-3. Well done, Arthur and the lads. Brilliant second half performance and eight minute hat trick by the Pontiff but what on earth did Arthur put in their tea at half time? Genius, whatever it was!
  7. Brisley on for Colon, Arthur is shoring it up at the back. Just a few minutes now. PS FT Stoke are done
  8. Sjoke now losing 1-2, afternoon getting even better
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