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  1. Going from bad to worse, Jacko. The implication of your remark is that my comments are somehow disingenuous when they were intended to point out the flaws in your argument. If you aren't able to evidence your arguments, of course I'm going to point it out. How you respond is of course up to you.
  2. I'll bet you're happy to leave it there. Reading and quoting my research is not doing your own, it's plagiarism, especially when you selectively quote it. My reference to six to twelve weeks was not a selective quote, it was entirely within the context of the article; in fact, it was the point of the article i.e. that sports hernias generally take longer to heal - in the opinion of the medical authority, six to twelve weeks. That is beyond dispute and I don't know why you're trying to make out that I was distorting its conclusion, which is what selective quotation would do. And by your own admission, mistakes are sometimes made and this was clearly another. No amount of sophistry will put that right.
  3. It would have been better before accusing me of selective quotations if a) you had done your own research; and b) you had not been selective in the first place. That's all a bit rich. And it was not selective: it was completely within the context of the article, which set the recovery time for sports injuries over a longer period than Proctor's absence. Proctor may or may not have been unlucky; it was a calculated risk to reintroduce him so early and it resulted in further injury.
  4. Selective quote. From the article I researched, which you quoted: "When you’re on the road to recovery from a sports hernia injury, it can be tempting to shoot ahead or hang back, but taking it step by step will help ensure that you recover fully from your surgery and get back in the game." Clearly we shot ahead.
  5. For normal hernia surgery, one to two weeks; for sports people six to twelve weeks, which was the basis of my comment. Sports Hernia Surgery Recovery Time Frame | SPORTSHERNIA.COM WWW.SPORTSHERNIA.COM So much for crass stupidity
  6. Easy to say in hindsight, I know, but what utter crass stupidity to bring Proctor back so soon. It was an accident waiting to happen and it did. Now it will probably be another four weeks before he's back. Just hope we can find someone to take up the slack or we will have too much ground to make up in January. Gobsmacked.
  7. Four away games in a row now - Rotherham, Burton, Brizzle and Newport (don't forget your passport!) - followed by two difficult home games (Exeter and Salford on Boxing Day) so just as well we'll have Smudger, Conlon and hopefully Proctor back. We always seem to do well when we're up against difficult teams, so this might all be just what we need. We really need 8 points from 12 in those league games if we're going to stay up there so Dazza has a lot of work to do. As for the new year, looks like he's lining up one or two new signings by the sound of it - centre half and centre forward if you ask me given our recent injuries and form. Time to forget this bad run and forge ahead now into the business end of the season.
  8. FT 2-0. Well done, Vale. Depleted squad, confidence low, poor conditions, it's a good three points. Next game, Smudger and Conlon back, Proctor (hopefully) not too far off and we have a break from League action. Starting to look up again.
  9. Why not? We always manage to do it when it's crunch time
  10. On loan Stoke striker comes on - dunner let him score Vale
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