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  1. I remember that game against Notts County, when we were outplayed the whole game, conceded two and then pinched a 2-2 draw with one from the Tin Man and a last minute free-kick by Kelly right in front of us away supporters. Daylight robbery. Thought he looked a class player and always wondered why Rudgie let him go. Know we know.
  2. They will do well to survive in L2 for very long, apart from moneybags Salford. They add nothing to proper League football and it should be fun watching them disappear. By way of contrast, the old names we loved to hate - Wrexham, Chesterfield, Stockport, Notts County, Hartlepool, Halifax - are all on their way back, having been taken over by some wealthy people who mean business. You'll soon be back, living in the future!
  3. Top scoring left back fits the bill of goals from all over the pitch but looks like he’s been a bit disappointing when defending.
  4. OVF linking us with David Davis, former Wolves, B’ham and Charlton def mid, just released by Shrewsbury. Impressive wiki entry: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Davis_(footballer) Looks pretty good.
  5. Rob’s latest article has us linked with David Davis, defensive mid released by Shrewsbury. Fine pedigree ex Wolves, B’ham and Charlton. His wiki entry makes great reading: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Davis_(footballer) Looks like he would be a quality signing for us.
  6. Interesting take on Walsall's retained list, their released players (including James Clarke) and a bit about DC taken from their local rag: https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/walsall-fc/2021/05/12/walsall-comment-saddlers-need-balance-in-major-summer-recruitment-drive/
  7. Yes, we have to be patient but even 15-20 games might not be enough. By Boxing Day last year Bolton who got automatic promotion were in the bottom half of the table and Carlisle who didn't even make the playoffs were third. To take another example, Blackpool (one of my mate's a Blackpool supporter) got just 7 points out of their first 9 games and even halfway through they were still in the bottom half or thereabouts before going on an amazing run. Could take a while to bed down.
  8. Well done, Monty. Not surprised, he was one of our better players and I always liked his style of play. Good man off the pitch too with the community work he did. You have left a lot of friends at Vale Park, Monty. Hope it works out well.
  9. Let's hope so - they would be two cracking signings.
  10. Think Bromley are almost out of it now but that would bring Ben Williamson back.
  11. Sinclair is 33 (34 next November). I agree, not sure he fits the remit, looks a real journeyman to me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuart_Sinclair
  12. Wiki has this interesting snippet about Clarke's wages: "Clarke was offered a new contract at Bristol Rovers at the end of the 2018–19 season and despite being offered an improved two-year contract, he opted to follow former boss Darrell Clarke to Walsall having worked under him at Salisbury and Rovers on a deal worth £104,000 per year." And that was two seasons ago!
  13. Great video - and three great goals. Think it was that game when Trevor Francis left the ground saying it was unacceptable to lose to teams like Port Vale. Hopefully, we'll be doing it again 😀👍
  14. If Conlon and Taylor can hit the goals next season as they've done previously at their best, they would be a formidable attacking duo with a solid defensive midfielder behind them and Devante, Wozza and a new striker up front. It's all to play for.
  15. So that's it then: 21 players gone or going...15 out of contract, 2 loan players, Oyeleke transferred, and 3 on the list. Plus a senior coach. Some going! This has been a long time coming and much needed, sweeping away the dross and providing the basis for a complete new build. No longer Port Vale the soft touch where sentiment rules OK...these guys mean business. Next, and much anticipated, announcing our new players...the future is bright 🙂
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