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  1. Yes, assisted by Wozza - the first name on the team sheet for me, the creative engine of the team 🙂
  2. 0-1 Wednesday scored by Iorfa from set piece. DC won't be happy!
  3. Thank goodness we escaped relegation - it would have been a trap door to oblivion. It's all gone mental in the National with rich new owners trying to outspend each other at the prospect of landing a place in the promised land. Always wanted Wrexham and Stockport to get back up but let's hope we get promotion this season because trying to compete with this lot in L2 would make it even more difficult to get out. It's going to be fascinating to watch the National this season - it will be frantic!
  4. Great interview. Comes across as a very intelligent player and a nice bloke. No wonder he was so liked by the Torquay fans. Just hoping he does as well on the pitch.
  5. The amount of money sloshing around in the National is mental. Even the managers are complaining: https://www.thenonleaguefootballpaper.com/latest-news/non-league-paper/394012/fc-halifax-town-boss-pete-wild-shocked-at-national-league-spending/ Thank goodness DC kept us up because getting out would be a nightmare with all those newly rich owners competing for a place in the EFL.
  6. We won or drew every pre-season game in 2007-08 under Tin Foyle but had such a terrible start to the season he was gone by the end of September. I remember thinking what a good season we were going to have. Little did I know - we were relegated. So pre-season tells us a bit but not a lot!
  7. Yes, my thoughts exactly - bit of wishful thinking on my part but we may indeed be able to get one or two Forest players on loan. Today's bunch looked really good and they came over as a very professional outfit. Good work out for us though against a much better side.
  8. I don't suppose there's any chance but the impressive Alex Mighten on loan would surely solve our wide left issue.
  9. That's two cracking saves by their goalie. Wilson and Rodney look very dangerous going forward but, so far, Leon will be playing more games than he or we imagined.
  10. Doesn’t sound ideal, I agree, but who knows how good he will be? Looking forward to seeing him play either against Forest or Wednesday when it should give us a better idea of whether he would be out of his depth at this stage. If he’s training with the first team squad, DC clearly thinks highly of him and he wouldn’t be the first 17 year old to break into league football, would he? We’ll see!
  11. Interesting profile, leaving you wondering why, when he's gone out on loan, he hardly seems to be picked. Summat's up, surely.
  12. Thanks for this constructive piece from your mate Ryan. It’s also well worth reading the link on his preferred NL first eleven. It made me think there must be quite a few gems hidden there who could make good EFL players. Hope the Matrix is on to it 🙂
  13. I’m pretty sure you’re right we’ll sign Solanke and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bailey unexpectedly found himself as the fourth striker. That would just leave a left winger and, given Hurst is also one for the future, perhaps DC has found another top player on that left-hand side. We’ll see but it’s looking good so far.
  14. This should be music to our ears: “Chronicle Live understands that the Valiants fought off competition from clubs in the EFL and in Scotland to secure Cass' signature” 😀
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