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  1. Yes, and a masterstroke by Askey to bring Montano on and move Rodney to the middle. If he keeps doing that, the only person on the opposition who will be happy is the right back!
  2. Majestic performance - controlled the game from start to finish with one of the hardest working displays I've seen for a long time. The players must be whacked and all credit to JA for resting the first team ahead of this game. All rounded off with two great goals and an astonishing save from Brown in the last five minutes. Looking at the side, we must have the best goalkeeper in L2, the best central defensive pairing and in Cullen and Devante two players that are going to give us a real edge. Well done, JA and the players for sending a strong message to the rest of L2 that we are g
  3. Great first half and a cracking goal giving us a week-deserved lead. Not yet over though and it will be interesting to see how Exeter respond. Our full-backs have done well so far but they need to be on their mettle for when Williams comes on.
  4. I don't think Askey will change it from last week because he simply doesn't change a winning side. It's probably too early for Manny and Monty after that midweek game but it's good to think they will be back soon. It's also good to see that it won't be long before Gibbo and Amoo are back. We've done well so far but there's nothing like being able to field your strongest side with all guns blazing. Fingers crossed for Satdee!
  5. Don't think there's much between Burgess and Whitehead. On tonight and Saturday's performance, I'd say our best midfield three are Manny, Joyce and Conlon.
  6. In defence of Theo, he had little or no service consistent with the type of player he is, apart from the one chance he had. Every Vale striker - Tom, Cullen (as on Saturday when he missed from six yards) and many others - has missed similar chances. It's no good hoofing the ball as we did in the last 20 minutes for a striker that needs the ball played to his feet or through the channels. Not a good performance tonight but it's one game. He will come good during the season, especially when we're at full strength.
  7. Disappointing - we could have won that if we'd made our pressure pay at the start of the second half - and encouraging at the same time with a fine display by our second string against a L1 playoff side. We paid the price though for switching off in the last twenty minutes and then playing the long ball as if we'd had Tom Pope up top instead of Theo. We also wasted three set pieces at the end with poor deliveries. But on the whole an engaging game with some noticeable performances by Hurst, Monty and Manny who was MOM for me. It's probably too soon for him against Exeter but when he's bac
  8. Tight first half where they scored an own goal that Visser, I think, would have saved if it hadn't been deflected. Don't know how Theo missed that chance just 3 yards out. Almost jumped out of my seat! It was a great run by Hurst who's looked very good down the left - except that he needs to track back to help out Montano who's being double teamed. It didn't take them long to work that out! Unsurprisingly they've had the lion's share of possession and our midfield, Manny apart (who's looked a class act), need to step up. Their runners are constantly getting away. Need stopping - especial
  9. Managed to get Vale commentary - think it's Blakeman and Joe Davis.
  10. Wow, JA puts out virtually our reserve side to face an unchanged Fleetwood, one of the best teams in L1. That says two things to me: i) it's a huge vote of confidence in those players and I bet everyone believes they can come away with a win; and ii) it's a strong, determined message to the rest of L1 that this season promotion is our absolute priority. Well done, JA - we're right behind you and the lads this evening. It's going to be a great game!
  11. I don't see why critical assessment of any player's performance should be considered to be a personal attack. We played well today but had plenty of deficiencies that we will need to put right if we're to get promoted. Both commentators at the game commented on how vulnerable we looked on the flanks and a better team (like Exeter for example) will be looking at our weaknesses and planning how to exploit them. It's not just the full backs but the midfield too where we lack the physicality to control the game. I'm comforted by the fact that Askey will be scrutinising our performance in some deta
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