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  1. Stole a point tonight. How we missed Proctor - when he's out nowt sticks, we continually come under pressure not to mention struggling to score. The draw keeps us up there but we have an awful lot of work to do - a better side than Mansfield would have won that. Anyway, onwards and upwards, still on the heels of the automatic places.
  2. I could be wrong but, as NCs teams tend to like to play out from the back, perhaps DC thinks that Lloyd, as a ratter, is more suited to effect the high press than both you mention, particularly so Amoo Could be - their centre backs are 6'3" and 6'4" so perhaps they'll struggle against a smaller, quicker forward. Fingers crossed it's another DC stroke of genius!
  3. Can't believe he's gone for Lloyd ahead of Amoo and Politic, very surprising. We'll see!
  4. In previous years we seem to have developed the appalling habit of becoming the Port Vale Benevolent Society and giving struggling teams the benefit of three points just when they need them. It always seemed to happen just when we were picking up so just hoping that DC has toughened us up mentally for tonight. If Harrogate slip up, we stand to go second and ready for an assault on top place. So come on Vale, time to ditch Mr Nice Guys and put these away!
  5. The club site Match Centre has an option to buy a match pass, so I guess we can 🙂
  6. Another difficult fixture methinks, this time against a side that is woefully underperforming. The one thing I noticed from the side they put out on Saturday is their height with their centre backs coming in at 6'4" and 6'3" and Hawkins up front at 6'5" - no wonder they managed to get a scoreless draw at Sutton if height is anything to go by. This time, just hoping that we have a plan to combat it. They also have the experienced Lapslie in midfield and Danny Johnson up front who scored 20 in 48 last season for Orient but has so far only bagged 3 in 8. So another difficult game but I guess there are going to be no easy ones! UTV!
  7. My guess is we'll need Amoo on as well - on the hour when Wilson goes off.
  8. Fair enough BPV but I wouldn't leave Class out after his recent form and would go Gibbons/Cass/Smith/Jones. And if it's going to be a physical battle, I'd definitely hope Garrity is fit rather than Taylor who, while he is getting back to his previous excellent form, still isn't quite there. Of course, as you say, this ain't gonna happen!
  9. Yes, great fight, one of the best I've seen for a long time. What surprised me was how many punches Wilder threw that failed to connect, which must have told on his stamina, whereas Fury connected a lot and his close up work with shots to the body and uppercuts was relentless, again really sapping. That punch in the third was devastating and really rocked Wilder. I would have expected it to finish earlier but Wilder found a way to keep going until, inevitably, in the tenth and eleventh he looked dead on his feet. No doubt after that. Fury is a class act, both in boxing and sportsmanship, in contrast to Wilder who, I'm afraid, did his reputation no good at all.
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