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  1. Yes, he sounded drained and defeated. I felt truly sorry for the man because alongside the recent defeats we've had some abysmal luck and a fair few referees' decisions that have seriously cost us; and we can't forget how he stabilised the team and took us to the verge of the play-offs last season. We owe Askey a lot and he deserves a few pints from us as Vale supporters for what he's achieved. But every manager reaches his limits and, as we've seen, I think Askey has taken us as far as he can. I could be proved wrong because I don't think the club will sack him yet - at least not until t
  2. Only as a stop gap. Sinclair is a brilliant coach but he's no manager. Have you seen his record?
  3. The nearly men. We huff and puff, fail to take our chances and then switch off. Time after time. All the signs of relegation form. So that's it for me. Askey needs to go for the good of the club. It doesn't matter what side he puts out, what tactics he tries, how he manages the game, it's just not working. As long as he stays we are in for a survival season. Still time to turn things round but it needs a change of management before the January window. So the club needs to take action - and now.
  4. Absolute total rubbish. How can they switch off like that - another far post goal. Speechless.
  5. Awful. Shocking defending. We look there fir the taking. Confidence completely gone
  6. No Montano - so disappointing as he's one of the few players with a goal in him who will power forward. Does Askey want to win this or not? His caution is so frustrating. Fortune favours the brave.
  7. Hoping for a win today but the most important issue for me is how the players perform. If we get a half hearted, couldn't care less performance then it will simply confirm my worries that Askey can no longer motivate the team and, if the players won't play for him, then it's curtains because in that situation you can never win confidence back. On the other hand, if the players give it everything, 100% for ninety minutes, the picture will look very different. Results are one thing - and it would be good to get a win - but if the manager's lost the players I don't think there's any point h
  8. It would be good to finish up with a win today but to me the most important aspect is how we play. Based on the last few performances, my worry is that the players have lost confidence in Askey and have stopped playing for him, so if we get a limp wristed, half hearted, couldn't give a damn performance, we will know that there is something seriously wrong off the pitch. If that's the case, I don't see the point of Askey staying any longer. If, on the other hand, we get a die hard, full on, 100% effort from the players, the picture will look very different, even if we don't win. Results ar
  9. Correct - no real Vale fan - under any circumstances - EVER wants the Vale to lose.
  10. Experience only means that you should have learned from your mistakes. It's not a guarantee of success. Every single experienced manager will have a failure for every success. Yes, I agree - but it's much less of a risk than going with someone who has absolutely no experience of managing a football league side. The last time we tried this was with the hapless Michael Brown - and I'm still in trauma - and previous to that Rebeiro who had no track record of any sort in the EFL. If we try that again, it will show that we never learn from our mistakes! PS how is that lov
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