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  1. That's what I thought too but wiki says he is 5'10", so the official Vale website has made a mistake: "His impressive start to his career with the Pools earnt the 6’2” Rodney a move to Salford City in June 2018"
  2. Well done to Carol and all the staff and volunteers at the hub. Work like this will win us many friends and enhance the reputation of the club. And not spin, either - just real community effort. Thanks to everyone involved for putting the pride back into our club - on and off the pitch. Can't wait for the new season!
  3. The devil looks after his own...
  4. Absolutely - think Keith Curle once played for them! Glad they've gone up as they are an absolute pain to play against and we'll do better against footballing sides. Think they'll struggle in League One - most sides will cope with their long ball game and can't see the Cobblers playing enough good football to win many games. Well, we'll see.
  5. Smudger has had long enough. As soon as Askey has found a replacement and agreed potential terms, he will let him know that it's time to decide, whether or not he's signed up for anyone else. Otherwise, he will lose the new recruit and have to start the process all over again. I'd give it a couple of weeks, max. But then I'm not the manager.
  6. For an organisation dedicated to the welfare of its players, the motivation for this is difficult to understand. The proposal for the salary cap was made so that clubs could survive the financial difficulties they face because of the pandemic and, by so doing, safeguard the employment of their staff, primarily the players. The PFA's action will make matters even worse than they are now. Then, on top of it, will the PFA will take clubs to court for alleged unlawful behaviour, further jeopardising their finances?
  7. Yes, welcome back Barrow. It's been a pleasure following them last season, especially as they have one or two Vale players. I'd really like to get over to see them at the Vale, so here's hoping it's a weekend game. Nice away game too, but a bit too far for me these days.
  8. This is the one big reason I'd support a salary cap. Owners who think they can buy football have, are and will be the ruination of the game. Just hope it comes in.
  9. With everything else going on, I have only just seen this letter. What a fantastic response to us fans after this season. These, our owners, are in a class of their own. No wonder they were voted as the best in L2. We may be going through some rough times at the moment but the future is bright after three years of mismanagement and decline. Superb. Well done, Carol (and Kevin) - it has brightened my day.
  10. Really well written piece, which neatly sums up the progress we have made through the eyes of one of our key players. It was a disappointing end to the season but it just gives us hope that the good times will be back. Well done Wozza and well done Carol and Keith. Feels good to be a Vale fan again.
  11. Ian Buxton, midfielder who played cricket for Derbyshire. Scored on his debut for us in December 1969. Remember him as an elegant player. Those were the days.
  12. Terrific, Rob - another fantastic night's entertainment on a lockdown Monday. How many other fans can say they've been to Anfield and out shouted, out sung and out chanted the Kop? I was just ashtonished by the amount of noise we made. You would have thought we were at home. Great performance by the lads too. Dean Glover in particular just dominated central defence and he can't have had many better games. Saunders and Rush, despite his goal, just got more and more frustrated. Our play down the flanks also showed just how important it is to have two specialist full backs. Really good to watch. Watching these performances in the 90s against the likes of Derby, Liverpool, and Everton makes me think that, if we had made the top division under Rudgey, we would have made a good fist of it. Still, who knows?
  13. Another great Monday evening's entertainment. When you look at the Vale team - balanced, quality in every position, full of running and excellent movement and passing, it makes you realise what a genius Rudgey was. There wasn't a weakness in the side. Still, you never know - we're on our way back and who knows how far we can go with the Shanahans and JA in charge. Thanks again, Rob.
  14. Interesting piece about Boyle in wiki: "...made his debut on 21 November 2015 when starting York's 3–2 away to Leyton Orient, in which he struggled to cope with the physicality of opponent striker Ollie Palmer." Maybe we'll get them both.
  15. Crikey, this is a murky story - even more convoluted than it first appeared. Best account I've found so far is here in the local rag: https://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/18463345.swindon-towns-lee-power-taken-court-club-sale/?ref=ar Swindon look in a precarious position and it sounds a bit that way too for Cheltenham. We ain't heard the last of this - might we still make the playoffs if someone drops out?
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